1st Edition

Two Volume Set: In the Shadows of Glories Past and The Rise of Science in Islam and the West

ISBN 9781032095769
Published June 30, 2021 by Routledge
1068 Pages 9 Color & 20 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This is a study of science in Muslim society. The first volume starts at the rise of science in the eighth century and explores the efforts of nineteenth century Muslim thinkers and reformers to regain the lost ethos that had given birth to the rich scientific heritage of earlier Muslim civilization. The second volume reveals the undermining effect of European imperialism on western-oriented religious reformers and secular intellectuals, for whom science and political reform went together, and concludes with a chapter on the state of science in contemporary Muslim societies and the efforts to institutionalize science today.

Table of Contents

Volume 1


Part I Islam in Ascendance


1 Historical Setting of the Great Age

2 The Record of Original Achievement

3 Science in a Religious Society

4 Al-Ghazali at the Crossroads

Part II The Latin Connection: From Greco-Arab Classical to European Modern

5 The Latin Connections: Translation and Transmission

6 Latin Assimilation and Ascendancy

7 Renaissance and Revolution

Part III From Muslim Empires in Rise and Fall to Western Ascendance

8 Military Ascendancy: 1258-1600

9 Prologue to Decline: The Past as Future

10 Military Misfortune and the Beginning of Scientific and Technical Transfer 1600-1722

11 The Tulip Period

12 Toward a New Order

13 The New Order

Part IV Catching Up to the West: Science Assimilation in Cairo and Istanbul under Autocratic Reformers

14 The West’s Continuing Progress

15 Bonaparte’s Expedition: Savants, Shaykhs and the Institute d’Egypte

16 Muhammad Ali’s Militarization of Modernization and Educational Reform

17 Foreign Missions

18 Assessment of Muhammad Ali’s Reforms

19 Azharite Shaykhs and Modern Science

20 Intensification of Ottoman Reform under Sultan Mahmud II

21 Absolutist State Reformers vs. Young Ottoman Constitutionalists: The Young Turks and End of Empire


Volume 2


Part I Copernicus, Darwin and Islamic Intellectual Reform in the 19th Century

1 Post Muhammad Ali Reform in Egypt: Ali Mubarak’s Dar al-Ulum and Rawdat al-Madaris

2 Beirut: The American College and the Popularization of Science

3 Muqtataf, Rawdat al-Madaris and the Fikri Treatise on a Moving Earth

4 Darwin between Muqtataf and the American Evangelists

5 From Copernicus to Darwin

6 Shibli Shumayyil’s Darwin: A Theory for Everything Progressive

7 Scientific Interpretation: Shaykh Husayn al-Jisr and Darwin

8 Darwin between Sayyid Ahmad Khan’s Natcheriyya and Jamal al-Din al-Afghani’s Refutation

9 Muhammad Abduh

10 Abduh’s Legacy

Part II Science, Society and Government in the Modern Muslim World

11 Overview of the 20th Century

12 Darwin at the Center of Debate

13 Inverse Appropriation: Science by Quran

14 Scientific Interpretation

15 Scientific Interpretation and Evolution

16 The Place of Al-Azhar and the Ulema

17 Science and the Contemporary State




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John W. Livingston is Associate Professor of History at the William Paterson University of New Jersey, USA