1st Edition

Typological Studies Word Order and Relative Clauses

By Guglielmo Cinque Copyright 2013
    400 Pages
    by Routledge

    410 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this book, Cinque takes a generative perspective on typological questions relating to word order and to the syntax of relative clauses. In particular, Cinque looks at: the position of the Head vis à vis the relative clause in relation to the position of the verb vis à vis his object; a general cross-linguistic analysis of correlatives; the need to distinguish a sentence-grammar, from a discourse-grammar, type of non-restrictives (with languages differing as to whether they possess both, one, the other, or neither); a selective type of extraction from relative clauses; and a tentative sketch of a more ample work in progress on a unified analysis of externally headed, internally headed, and headless relative clauses.

    Introduction  1. Word Order Typology: A Change of Perspective 2. The Antisymmetric Programme: Theoretical and Typological Implications  3. Greenberg’s Universal 20 and the Semitic DP  4. Deriving Greenberg’s Universal 20 and Its Exceptions  5. Again on Tense, Aspect, Mood morpheme order and the Mirror Principle  6. Mapping Spatial PPs: An Introduction  7.  The Fundamental Left-Right Asymmetry of Natural Languages 8. Are all languages ‘Numeral Classifier Languages’?  9. Greenberg’s Universal 23 and SVO Languages  10. On Keenan and Comrie's Primary Relativization Constraint  11. A Note on Verb/Object Order and Head/Relative Clause Order  12. A Note on Linguistic Theory and Typology  13. More on the Indefinite Character of the Head of Restrictive Relatives  14. Two Types of Nonrestrictive Relatives  15. Five Notes on Correlatives  16. On a selective "violation" of the Complex NP Constraint  17. On Double-Headed Relative Clauses


    Guglielmo Cinque is Full Professor of General Linguistics at the University of Venice. He also taught, as a visiting professor, at the Universities of Vienna (1985/86), Geneva (1989/90) Harvard (1997/98), UCLA (2002/03), Brussels (2010/2011). He is co-editor of the Rivista di grammatica generativa, and is in the editorial board of various linguistics journals (among which, The Linguistic Review and Studia Linguistica), and linguistics book series (among which Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Dordrecht, Kluwer, Linguistik Aktuell, Amsterdam, Benjamins). He is honorary professor of the University of Bucharest and honorary member of the Linguistic Society of America. He has worked, and continues to work, in the fields of syntactic theory, romance linguistics, and comparative syntax, and has published volumes in these areas with MIT Press, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press.