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    US Foreign Policy since 1945 is an essential introduction to postwar US foreign policy. It combines chronologic and thematic chapters to provide an historical account of US policy and to explore key questions about its design, control and effects.  

    New features of this second edition include:

    • expanded coverage of the Cold War
    • new chapters on the post-Cold War era
    • a chronology and a new conclusion that draws together key themes and looks to the future.

    Covering topics from American foreign policy-making, US power and democratic control, through to Cold War debates, economic warfare, WMDs and the war on terrorism, US Foreign Policy since 1945 is the ideal introduction to the topic for students of politics and international relations.

    1. US Foreign Policy: Evolution, Formulation and Execution   2. The US and the Cold War: Explanation and Containment, 1945–61  3. Superpower Collaboration and Confrontation US Containment Policy, 1950–91  4. Economic Statecraft 1945–1989  5. The US and Europe, 1950–89  6. Hegemony and the Western Hemisphere  7. The US and Asia, 1945–89   8. The US, Africa and the Middle East, 1945–89  9. Power and Purpose: The End of the Cold War and New Challenges for American Foreign Policy 10. The US and Post-Cold War Europe  11. The US and Post-Cold War Africa and the Middle East  12. The Western Hemisphere and Asia in the Post-Cold War World  13. Conclusion 


    Alan Dobson, Alan P. Dobson, Steve Marsh, Steve Marsh

    'Those in quest of a comprehensive and empirically rich treatment of American foreign policy since the ending of the Second World War... can stop searching, for this is their book.' - International Journal