1st Edition

U.S.-Panama Relations, 1903-1978 A Study In Linkage Politics

By David N Farnsworth Copyright 1984

    This book traces relations between the United States and Panama from 1903 to 1978, focusing especially on the Panama Canal dispute. It emphasizes the extent to which the domestic politics of each country influence decisions about foreign policy and about the canal treaty negotiations.

    Problem and Framework -- Genesis of the Canal -- Riots and Aftermath -- The Two Panamas -- Points of Conflict -- Search for an Alternative -- Internationalizing the Conflict -- Efforts Toward Settlement -- The Canal and U.S. Domestic Politics -- The Fight for Ratification -- Aftermath and Possibilities -- Treaty Concerning the Permanent Neutrality and Operation of the Panama Canal -- Panama Canal Treaty


    David Farnsworth is professor of political science at Wichita State University James McKenney is department chairman.