1st Edition

Ubiquitous Music Ecologies

    258 Pages 35 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    258 Pages 35 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Ubiquitous music is an interdisciplinary area of research that lies at the intersection of music and computer science. Initially evolving from the related concept of ubiquitous computing, today ubiquitous music offers a paradigm for understanding how the everyday presence of computers has led to highly diverse music practices. As we move from desktop computers to mobile and internet-based multi-platform systems, new ways to participate in creative musical activities have radically changed the cultural and social landscape of music composition and performance. This volume explores how these new systems interact and how they may transform our musical experiences.

    Emerging out of the work of the Ubiquitous Music Group, an international research network established in 2007, this volume provides a snapshot of the ecologically grounded perspectives on ubiquitous music that share the concept of ecosystem as a central theme. Covering theory, software and hardware design, and applications in educational and artistic settings, each chapter features in-depth descriptions of exploratory and cutting-edge creative practices that expand our understanding of music making by means of digital and analogue technologies.

    1 The Ecologies of Ubiquitous Music
    2 Everyday Musical Creativity
    3 DIY Electronics for Ubiquitous Music Ecosystems
    4 A Brief Report from the Land of DIY
    5 Interactive Systems and their Documentation
    6 Questions and Challenges in Ubiquitous Creativity
    7 Ubiquitous Music Research in Basic-Education Contexts
    8 Computational Thinking in Ubiquitous Music Ecologies
    9 Ubiquitous Music and the Internet of Musical Things
    10 The Browser as Platform for Ubiquitous Music
    11 Adaptive and Crossadaptive Strategies
    12 The Analogue Computer as a Musical Instrument


    Victor Lazzarini is Professor of Music, Music Department, Maynooth University, Ireland.

    Damián Keller is Associate Professor at the Federal University of Acre, Brazil, where he coordinates the Amazon Center for Music Research.

    Nuno Otero is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology at Linnaeus University, Sweden.

    Luca Turchet is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science of University of Trento, Italy.