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    The full French text is accompanied by vocabulary explanations. Notes and a detailed introduction in English put the work in its social and historical context.

    Introduction; 1940-44 The general background: from collaboration to resistance; Les Compagnons de France; From emancipation to concentration camp: anti- Jewish measures; Christian reactions to antisemitism; Joseph Joffo and Un Sac de Billes; Joseph Joffo's life and works; Characters; Autobiographical writing and retrospection Style; Symbols and structure; Humour; An assessment of Joffo's novel; Optimism and pessimism: from novel to life; NOTES TO THE INTRODUCTION; UN SAC DE BILLES; Chapters I-XI; NOTES TO THE TEXT


    Joseph Joffo, Paul Brooke

    `... the annotations are judicious and the comments persuasively on the literary, linguistic and documentary qualities of writing which is both humorous and depreciatory, retrospectively indulgent towards the conventions of the genre ... and lucid about persistent ideological realities.' - French Studies

    `This edition, with its thorough introduction and notes, will make an excellent set text for sixth-year pupils.' - Forum for Modern Language Studies