1st Edition

Under Pressure Essays on Urban Housing

Edited By Hina Jamelle Copyright 2022
    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    Under Pressure is about instigation and design in urban housing. Urban housing is a bellwether for economic, social, and political change. It varies widely in quality, typology, and audience and lies between the formal systems of urban infrastructure and the informal systems of daily life. Housing’s complexity offers unique and exciting opportunities to architects. Its entwinement with private equity and public agencies presents important challenges amplified by urbanization. This book gathers and contextualizes relevant conversations in urban housing unfolding today across architecture through four topics: Learning from History, Changing Domesticities, Housing Finance and Policy, and Design and Material Innovation. The result is a multi-disciplinary amalgam of research and design intelligence from thought leaders in the fields of architecture, real estate, economics, policy, material design, and finance.


    00. Urban Housing Under Pressure
    Hina Jamelle

    Part 1: Learning from History

    01. Future Histories
    Kutan Ayata

    02. Living Off the Land
    Scott Erdy

    03. The Value of a Home: A Critical Approach to Local Practice
    Brian Phillips

    04. Tectonics and Urban Identity
    Neil Denari

    Part 2: Changing Domesticities

    05. New Domesticities, New Realities
    Clifford Pearson

    06. Empowering Entrepreneurship
    Simone Tarantino

    07. Micro–Macro Living
    Mimi Hoang with Zachary Weimer

    Part 3: Housing Finance and Policy

    08. Confronting Affordable Housing Challenges: The Local Role
    Mark A. Willis and Benjamin Heller

    09. Urban Housing and the Value of the Architect
    Martha Kelley

    10. Ten Points on a Projective Economy and Architecture
    Michael Bell and Eunjeong Seong

    Part 4: Design and Material Innovation

    11. Voids and Other Invisible Objects
    Marcelo Spina

    12. (Re)Configuring Typology
    Hina Jamelle

    13. Material Speculation: A Science and Craft
    Laia Mogas-Soldevila

    14. Speculating with Constraints
    Nader Tehrani

    15. The Architect’s Agency in a Developers’ Market
    Patrik Schumacher


    Hina Jamelle teaches Architectural Design at the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design, where she is the Director of Urban Housing and teaches final year Graduate Option Studios.