1st Edition

Underground Infrastructure of Urban Areas 4 Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Underground Infrastructure of Urban Areas (UIUA 2017), October 25-26, 2017, Wrockław, Poland

    Underground infrastructure undoubtedly constitutes one of the most important engineering equipments of urbanized areas. It includes energy distribution, communications and water, carry away sewage, transportation systems of goods and people, storage facilities of articles, liquids and gases, and commercial, recreational and research activities and other functions.

    Underground Infrastructure of Urban Areas 4 is dedicated to the research, design, implementation and maintenance of infrastructure systems, as well as communication tunnels and building structures (garages, tanks, etc.) in urbanized areas. The book collects contributions from several countries, presenting current scientific and technical issues associated with this area of the building industry. Both theoretical issues and cases studies on the design, execution and testing of underground infrastructures at expertise and scientific levels are included in the book.

    Presenting the state-of-the-art in underground infrastructure of urbanized areas, Underground Infrastructure of Urban Areas 4 aims at academics, designers and builders of structures, producers and suppliers of building materials, equipment, and underground structures, and also to those managing and maintaining these structures.

    Basic diagnostics and analysis of the safe use and repair of large diameter steel technical pipelines located in industrial areas
    T. Abel

    Slag cement CEM III/B 42,5L-LH/SR/NA as a component of durable concrete
    Z. Giergiczny, M. Batog, K. Synowiec & M. Ostrowski

    Geotechnical interaction in underground space – theory and practice
    W. Bogusz & T. Godlewski

    Comparison of global liner design codes
    B. Falter

    The influence of bedding conditions on the safety state of sewage conduits
    Z.A. Fyall

    New trenchless technology for small diameters and long drives: Jet pump in HDD, E-Power and direct pipe
    M. Lubberger & D. Petrow-Ganew

    Large tunnel boring machine diameters for today’s infrastructure systems
    M. Herrenknecht, K. Bäppler & D. Petrow-Ganew

    Interaction of buried flexible pipelines with soil
    B. Kliszczewicz

    Subway line optimization through risk management
    D. Kolic

    The development of CIPP sleeves used in the renovation of sewage conduits
    A. Kolonko

    Performance and structural design of liners in non-circular sewage pipelines
    J. Kozubal & A. Szot

    Dents in the walls of PVC-U sewers in the initial phase of their operation
    E. Kuliczkowska

    Development of renewal of water supply networks in Poland in years 2011–2015
    M. Kwietniewski, K. Miszta-Kruk & J. Szmulewicz

    Evaluation of the effect of ribbed road plate foundation conditions on subgrade durability
    P. Mackiewicz, Cz. Machelski & A. Szydło

    The assessment of the durability of a post-tensioned reinforced concrete tank
    C. Madryas, A. Moczko, R. Wróblewski & L. Wysocki

    On designing underground extensions in existing heritage-listed buildings
    H. Michalak & K. Kościńska-Grabowska

    Sewer damage and its consequences with regard to issues relating to plastic sewers
    B. Przybyla

    Three-parameter metering method for diversification of water supply
    J. Rak & K. Boryczko

    The impact of the channel retention before the tank on its retention capacity
    M. Starzec & J. Dziopak

    Designing a retention sewage canal with consideration of the dynamic movement of precipitation over the selected urban catchment
    M. Starzec, J. Dziopak & D. Słyś

    The impact of land use and urbanization on drainage system
    A. Stec & D. Słyś

    Mechanized tunneling technologies for weak rocks of Middle East, revisited.
    J.B. Stypulkowski, F.G. Bernardeau & T.D. Sandell


    Cezary Madryas, Andrzej Kolonko, Beata Nienartowicz and Arkadiusz Szot work at the Department of Civil Engineering of Wrocklaw University of Science and Technology in Wrocklaw, Poland.