1st Edition

Understanding Dreams and Other Spontaneous Images The Invisible Storyteller

By Erik D. Goodwyn Copyright 2018
    182 Pages
    by Routledge

    182 Pages
    by Routledge

    Understanding Dreams and Other Spontaneous Images: The Invisible Storyteller applies a contemporary interdisciplinary approach to dream interpretation, bringing cognitive anthropology, folklore studies, affective neuroscience, and dynamic systems theory to bear on contemporary psychodynamic clinical practice. It provides a practical guide for working with dreams that can be used by both individuals on their own and therapists working with clients.

    Erik D. Goodwyn invites us to examine key features of reported dreams, such as the qualities of the environment depicted, its familiarity or unfamiliarity, the nature of the characters encountered, and overall themes. This method facilitates an understanding of the dream in the full context of the dreamer’s life, rather than interpreting individual, isolated elements. Goodwyn also introduces the mental process which orchestrates dreams, conceptualised here as the ‘Invisible Storyteller’, and explores how understanding it can positively impact satisfaction in waking life. As a whole, the book provides a collection of tools and techniques which can be referred to time and again, as well as a wealth of examples.

    Exploring dreams as a natural source of clinical insight, The Invisible Storyteller will appeal to Jungian psychotherapists and analytical psychologists, other professionals working with dreams with clients, and readers looking for a scientific approach to dream interpretation.

    1- Foundations

    2- The Imagination: A No-Nonsense Look.

    3-Dreams, Myths and Everyday Life

    4-Nuts and Bolts of Understanding Dreams: Order out of Chaos.

    5-Traumatic Dreams: Fighting Iron Forests of Dragons.

    6-Lucid Dreams…And Soaring to Asgard.

    7-From Suffering to Integration: The Storyteller’s Map.

    8-The King of Annwn



    Erik D. Goodwyn is an assistant professor and director of psychotherapy training at the University of Louisville, USA. He has published on the dreams of soldiers in combat zones, on archetype theory and cognitive anthropology and folklore studies, on the psychology of rituals around the world, on combining depth psychology with symbolic anthropology, and the application of ritual theory to grief and mourning in clinical practice. His previous books include Healing Symbols in Psychotherapy: A Ritual Approach, The Neurobiology of the Gods and, with Susan Greenwood, Magical Consciousness: An Anthropological and Neurobiological Approach (all Routledge).

    "Understanding Dreams and Other Spontaneous Images is a significant contribution to understanding and befriending dreams, those nightly visitors which inform and connect us to the greater realms of nature and the cosmos. Dr. Goodwyn has a gift for integrating a vast range of research and boiling it all down to digestible and useful concepts - the best dreamwork manual since Robert A. Johnson’s Inner Work."
    - Jerry M. Ruhl, Ph.D., psychologist, teacher, and co-author of Living Your Unlived Life and Balancing Heaven and Earth.

    "Drawing on a wide range of dream theorists and researchers, the author explores dream interpretation (Jungian concepts, etc.) in light of anthropology, folklore, mythology, neuroscience, dynamic systems theory, and other disciplines. Created as a practical guide for working with dreams, the book will appeal particularly to Jungian therapists as well as to a broader audience.This contemporary and creative text brings a renewed interest to the exploration of dreams."
    -J. Bailey, Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute, CHOICE