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Understanding Feminist Philosophy

About the Series

This major new series of feminist philosophy textbooks is intended for undergraduates from second level upwards, who have typically completed an introductory course in philosophy, but will be equally appropriate to students approaching philosophy for the first time. Each book introduces a prominent general subject in contemporary philosophy from a feminist perspective, and offers students an accessible transition to higher level work on that subject.

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Feminism and Philosophy of Science An Introduction

Feminism and Philosophy of Science: An Introduction

1st Edition

By Elizabeth Potter
May 15, 2006

Reflecting upon the recent growth of interest in feminist ideas of philosophy of science, this book traces the development of the subject within the confines of feminist philosophy. It is designed to introduce the newcomer to the main ideas that form the subject area with a view to equipping ...

Feminism and Modern Philosophy

Feminism and Modern Philosophy

1st Edition

By Andrea Nye
September 02, 2004

A feminist approach to the history of modern philosophy reveals new insights into the lives and works of major figures such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and David Hume, and is crucial to an appreciation of the advent of feminist philosophy. Feminism and Modern Philosophy introduces students to the main...

Gender and Aesthetics An Introduction

Gender and Aesthetics: An Introduction

1st Edition

By Carolyn Korsmeyer
March 26, 2004

Feminist approaches to art are extremely influential and widely studied across a variety of disciplines, including art theory, cultural and visual studies, and philosophy. Gender and Aesthetics is an introduction to the major theories and thinkers within art and aesthetics from a philosophical ...

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