1st Edition

Understanding Homeland Security Foundations of Security Policy

By Ehsan Zaffar Copyright 2020
    592 Pages
    by Routledge

    592 Pages
    by Routledge

    Understanding Homeland Security is a unique textbook on homeland security that blends the latest research from the areas of immigration policy, counterterrorism research, and border security with practical insight from homeland security experts and leaders such as former Secretaries of the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and Janet Napolitano.

    The textbook also includes:

    • A historical overview of the origins of the homeland security enterprise as well as its post-9/11 transformation and burgeoning maturity as a profession
    • In-depth descriptions of the state, local, and federal government entities, such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, that enforce and carry out the nation’s homeland security laws and policies
    • Detailed discussion of relevant, contemporary topics such as asylum and refugee affairs, cybersecurity and hacking, border security, transportation and aviation security, and emergency management policy
    • A chapter on homeland security privacy and civil liberties issues
    • Unique current affairs analysis of controversial topics such as the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program, Edward Snowden, the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Russian cyberhacking efforts, and Black Lives Matter
    • Advice, guidance, and insight for students through interviews with homeland security leaders as well as terrorism experts such as Bruce Hoffmann and biowarfare specialists such as Dr. Rebecca Katz

    The target audience for this text is advanced undergraduate or entry-level graduate students in criminology, intelligence analysis, public policy, public affairs, international affairs, or law programs. This textbook meets requirements for entry-level introductory courses in homeland security.


    Chapter 1: Homeland Security Before 9/11

    Chapter 2: The Formation of the Homeland Security Enterprise After 9/11

    Chapter 3: Immigration

    Chapter 4: Border Threats, Border Security, and Risk Assessment

    Chapter 5: Intelligence

    Chapter 6: Transportation

    Chapter 7: Emergency Management and Hazards

    Chapter 8: Cybersecurity

    Chapter 9: Infrastructure Protection and Technology

    Chapter 10: Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Privacy


    Ehsan Zaffar is a civil rights lawyer, educator, and homeland security policymaker. He primarily studies the impact of homeland security law and policy on civil rights, human rights, and civil liberties and has taught courses on these issues at George Mason University and George Washington University. Read his blog posts on current developments at Ehsan.com.

    "Understanding Homeland Security is an important contribution to the literature on homeland security, providing a rich overview written by a highly knowledgeable author with firsthand experience working on the issues the book details. The book is further strengthened by the detailed interviews with former Secretaries Ridge and Napolitano, among others, and is warmly recommended as an essential text on this immensely complex and timely issue." —Professor Bruce Hoffman, Georgetown University, and author of Inside Terrorism

    "Policies and strategies focused on protecting the United States from threats known and unknown, managing the movement of people and goods across borders, and securing domestic infrastructure against cyberattacks, terrorism and natural disasters, require a thorough understanding of numerous government apparatuses and actors. Today, more than ever before, our policymakers, officials, and law enforcement professionals need to have a comprehensive understanding of homeland security. In this book, Ehsan Zaffar—a seasoned and highly competent homeland security expert with experience across all aspects of this field—gives readers the practical insights they need to balance a free-moving economy with the need to ensure the security of the United States. This textbook is the first of its kind in its practical and comprehensive approach to modern homeland security law and policy—it is an essential resource for students, policymakers, and practitioners." —Dr Kevin Fandl, former Chief of Staff for International Trade and Intellectual Property at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and author of Law and Public Policy

    "The unaccompanied minor issue is another reflection of the failure of political leadership from both political parties to grasp the national implications of an immigration system that is in need of overhaul." —From Zaffar’s interview with Tom Ridge, Former Secretary of Homeland Security (2003–05) in Chapters 1 and 2

    "…[T]hat is immigration…you have a system that no longer matches reality, our economic needs, nor our moral values." —From Zaffar’s interview with Janet Napolitano, Former Secretary of Homeland Security (2009–13) in Chapter 4

    "Ehsan Zaffar presents a broad-based and intelligent overview of homeland security in the United States throughout his book Understanding Homeland Security: Foundations of Security Policy. The book is well-organized, well-written, and easy to follow."—Security Management Magazine, September 2020