2nd Edition

Understanding Medical Terms A Guide for Pharmacy Practice, Second Edition


    The need for a thorough understanding of medical terminology has not diminished in the least for pharmacists and other health care practitioners in the five years between the publication of the first edition of this book and this second edition. If anything, it has become greater. The pharmacy profession has further solidified its clinical role in patient care, and pharmacists are more entrenched than ever before in the role of counselor and advisor to both patients and practitioners alike. For more than a few pharmacists, what not long ago was an occasional question from a physician about appropriate drug therapy has become regular consultation concerning the interaction of drugs with the patient, his life, and the many other therapies he may be facing. Pharmacy chains, which not long ago installed glass walls to separate the pharmacist from customers, have asked technicians to count pills while pharmacists are in continuous contact with the patient.
    Such practice changes have increased the demand for clinical knowledge among pharmacists, including a knowledge of medical terminology, and those demands have been passed on to the authors in preparation of the second edition of this book. While the role of the text is still to help pharmacists be more effective interpreters and counselors, some changes have been made in response to reader requests.

    Preface to the Second Edition o Preface to the First Edition

    Part I: The Basics of Medical Terminology

    o Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of Medical Terms o Chapter 2 - The Health Care System Structure o Chapter 3 - Translating the Medical Record o Chapter 4 - Abbreviations, Eponyms, and Lay Terms

    Part II: Therapeutic Terminology

    o Chapter 5 - The Cardiovascular System and Its Disorders o Chapter 6 - The Digestive (Gastrointestinal) System and Its Disorders o Chapter 7 - The Musculoskeletal System and Its Disorders o Chapter 8 - The Integumentary (Dermatologic) System and Its Disorders o Chapter 9 - The Respiratory System and Its Disorders o Chapter 10 - The Reproductive System and Its Disorders o Chapter 11 - The Urinary System and Its Disorders o Chapter 12 - The Nervous System and Its Disorders o Chapter 13 - The Special Sense Organs and Their Disorders o Chapter 14 - Psychiatric Disorders o Chapter 15 - The Endocrine System and Its Disorders o Chapter 16 - The Hematologic System and Its Disorders o Chapter 17 - The Lymphatic/Immune System and Its Disorders o Chapter 18 - Oncology o Chapter 19 - Trauma and Poisoning o Chapter 20 - Nutritional Disorders/Alternative Medicine
    Appendix A: Medical Abbreviations o Appendix B: Study Examinations o Bibliography


    Walter F. Stanaszek, Mary J. Stanaszek