1st Edition

Understanding Sexual Violence A Study of Convicted Rapists

By Diana Scully Copyright 1994
    218 Pages
    by Routledge

    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    Understanding Sexual Violence examines the structural supports for rape in sexually violent cultures and dispels a number of myths about sexual violence--for example, that childhood abuse, alcohol, and drugs are direct causes of rape.

    Acknowledgements A Glimpse Inside; Androcentric Bias in the Sciences; The Need for Feminist Research on Men's World; Are Convicted Rapists the Best Targets?; Lasting Impressions: A Women's view of Life Inside Men's Prisons; In the Company of Rapists; The Interview: A Social Encounter; Protecting the Rights of Participants; Do Convicts Con?; Trials and Tribulations of Prison Research; Notes Rape is the Problem; Rape as Women's Problem; The Medicalization of Rape; Is Rape a Disease?; Blaming the Victim? Why Isn't Rape Men's Problem?; Culture's Contribution; The All-American Crime; The Boy Next Door; Pornography and the Normalization of Rape; Rape as Learned and Rewarding Behaviour; Notes Profile of Convicted Rapists; History and Background: Childhood and Parental Relationships: Family Violence and Child Abuse: Sexual Experiences and Relationships with Women: Psychiatric History and Alcohol/Drug Use: Careers in Crime; Attitudes and Beliefs: Women on a Pedestal: Men Who Rape and Masculinity; Myths, Stereotypes and Definitions of Rape; Summary Profile of Convicted Rapists; Notes Nothing is Rape: Justifying Sexual Violence; Learning to Rape; Denying Rape: Women as Seductresses: Women mean Yes when they say No: Women eventually relax and enjoy it: Nice Girls don't get Raped: Only a Minor Wrongdoing: Macho Man Image; Imperceptiveness and Distorted Self Image; Just Something I Wanted to do; Justifying Rape; Notes No One is a Rapist: Excusing Sexual Violence; Admitting Rape: The Role of Alcohol and Drugs in Sexual Violence: The Sick Role: Nice Guy; A Dangerous and Vicious Animal; Dirty and Degraded; Excusing Sexual Violence; Notes Rape: A Low Risk, High Reward Crime; What Men Gain from Sexual Violence: Revenge and Punishment: An Added Bonus: Sexual Access: Impersonal Sex, Rape Fantasy and Pornography: Recreation and Adventure: Feeling Good; Rape: Some Men's Pleasure; Notes Isn't Rape Men's Problem?; Cultural Origins of the Motivation to Rape; Types of Men who Rape; Pedestal Values and Other Dangerous Attitudes; Patriarchy and the Inevitability of Sexual Violence; Notes Afterword: Defending Against Rape; Fear of Rape; What Would a Rapist Do?: Stranger Rapes: Group Rapes: Acquaintance Rapes; Defending Against Rape; Notes Bibliography


    Diana Scully

    "In discussing the role of alcohol in accounts of violence, Scully offers important insights for research on violence in general." -- Women's Review of Books