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Understanding Social Change: An Introduction to the Social Sciences

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The Natural and the Social Uncertainty, Risk, Change

The Natural and the Social: Uncertainty, Risk, Change

2nd Edition

Edited By STEVE HINCHLIFFE, Kathryn (Kath) Alison Woodward
April 01, 2004

The age in which people in the West have treated society and nature as essentially separate matters is at an end. Environmental change and degradation impinge on all our lives, and even our genes are increasingly seen by employers and insurers as commodities.The Natural and the Social draws on ...

Ordering Lives Family, Work and Welfare

Ordering Lives: Family, Work and Welfare

2nd Edition

Edited By Gordon Hughes, Ross Fergusson
August 26, 2004

Taking as its focus three familiar and profoundly influential social institutions, the family, work and welfare, this accessible and exciting text looks at their role in maintaining social order and promoting social change in Britain from the 1950's to the beginning of the twenty first century. It ...

A Globalizing World? Culture, Economics, Politics

A Globalizing World?: Culture, Economics, Politics

2nd Edition

Edited By David Held
April 01, 2004

Today's news media is full of references to 'globalization' - a buzz word that is quickly becoming ubiquitous. But what exactly is globalization? What are its main driving forces? Does it truly embrace all aspects of our lives, from economics to cultural developments? A Globalizing World...

Knowledge and the Social Sciences Theory, Method, Practice

Knowledge and the Social Sciences: Theory, Method, Practice

2nd Edition

Edited By David Goldblatt
April 08, 2004

Knowledge and the Social Sciences takes as its point of departure the claims that all forms of knowledge, the social sciences included, must be seen and understood in their social context. It argues that the social sciences both describe and transform their object of study, though rarely in ways ...

Questioning Identity Gender, Class, Nation

Questioning Identity: Gender, Class, Nation

2nd Edition

Edited By Kath Woodward
April 01, 2004

Our world is an increasingly unstable place, but current changes offer new opportunities as well as new challenges. This key volume provides an accessible exploration of identity as a contemporary concern in everyday life and as a key concept in social science. Drawing on work from a range of ...

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