1st Edition

Understanding Spectrum Liberalisation

    300 Pages
    by CRC Press

    300 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Until the 1990s, almost all spectrum licenses were given away practically for free—even the first mobile licenses which laid the foundation for multi-billion dollar companies that dominate stock markets around the world. In the past fifteen years, there has been a concerted attempt to liberalise the sector and make it more open to market forces. This book examines this attempt.

    Exploring the new frontier for spectrum policy, Understanding Spectrum Liberalisation identifies the successes and failures of the main policy initiatives of the past decade. It explains, in layman’s terms, the technical and policy background needed to understand these debates.

    For those already working in the field, the book provides a lively analysis of recent policy initiatives along with an authoritative interpretation of the latest developments in spectrum policy. It examines individual liberalisation initiatives in detail and explains the logic behind moves towards spectrum sharing, which is seen as the next policy phase.

    This book will help non-specialists climb the formidable learning curve quickly. It is ideal for those who have just become involved in the spectrum field, whether in industry, government, or as a regulator, as well as those with expertise in one area of spectrum management who want to learn more about the other areas.

    History is about the concerns of the present, so the saying goes, and the authors hope that their interpretation of the very recent past will stimulate debate about future policy and help you make substantive contributions to ongoing policy debates.

    Setting the Scene. Liberalization in Action. The Limits of Liberalization. The New Agenda.


    Martin Sims is the founder and managing director of PolicyTracker, the spectrum management newsletter. He is also a consultant on spectrum policy issues, particularly relating to auctions.

    Toby Youell
    is a journalist on PolicyTracker and has a degree in politics and Eastern European studies from University College London, London, United Kingdom.

    Richard Womersley
    is director of Spectrum Consulting at LS telcom and has over 20 years of experience in spectrum management