1st Edition

Understanding the Geological and Medical Interface of Arsenic - As 2012 Proceedings of the 4th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment, 22-27 July 2012, Cairns, Australia

    The congress "Arsenic in the Environment" offers an international, multi- and interdisciplinary discussion platform for arsenic research aimed at practical solutions of problems with considerable social impact, as well as focusing on cutting edge and breakthrough research in physical, chemical, toxicological, medical and other specific issues on arsenic on a broader environmental realm. The congress "Arsenic in the Environment" was first organized in Mexico City (As 2006) followed by As 2008 in Valencia, Spain and As 2010 in Tainan, Taiwan. The 4th International Congress As 2012 was held in Cairns, Australia from July 22-27, 2012 entitled Understanding the Geological and Medical Interface of Arsenic.

    The session topics comprised:
    1. Geology and hydrogeology of arsenic;
    2. Medical and health issues of arsenic;
    3. Remediation and policy;
    4. Analytical methods for arsenic; and
    5. Special topics on "Risk assessment of arsenic from mining", "Geomicrobiology of arsenic", "Geothermal arsenic", "Rice arsenic and health perspectives", "Sustainable mitigation of arsenic: from field trials to policy implications", and "Biogeochemical processes of high arsenic groundwater in inland basins"

    Hosting this congress in Australia was welcome and valued by the local scientific communities. Australia is a mineral rich country where mining has generated significant economic benefit to its people. Unfortunately historical mining for base metals, gold and arsenic had led to environmental contamination of arsenic. Locally produced arsenical compounds were widely used as pesticides and in timber preservation. It is known that there are several thousands of cattle- and sheep-dip sites contaminated with arsenic in Australia. However, commonly observed symptoms of chronic arsenic poisonings such as those found in endemic-blackfoot areas are seemingly absent from these types of environmental contamination due to good quality of potable water supply. Does this fall in the classic argument of "the dose makes the poison"? This congress theme of "understanding the geological and medical interface of arsenic" will advance our knowledge in minimising the risk posted by this so-called number one prioritised contaminant – arsenic.

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    Foreword (Vice-Chancellor and President, USQ)
    Foreword (Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor UQ)
    Scientific committee
    Editors’ foreword
    List of contributors

    Plenary presentations

    Bioavailability and bio-accessibility of arsenic for ecological and human health risk assessment: The geological and health interface
    R. Naidu

    Health hazards and susceptibility biomarkers of arsenic in the environment: Gene-environment interactions
    C.-J. Chen

    Arsenic in the geosphere meets the anthroposphere
    D.K. Nordstrom

    Section I: Geology and hydrogeology of arsenic

    I.1 Geogenic and anthropogenic sources of arsenic: Significance and characterisation

    Arsenic mobilization during seawater inundation of acid sulfate soils—hydrogeochemical coupling at the tidal fringe
    S.G. Johnston, E.D. Burton, A.F. Keene, R.T. Bush & L.A. Sullivan

    Seasonal hydrological connectivity and arsenic dynamics across an acid sulfate soil affected coastal wetland
    B. Nath, C.E. Oldham, L.C. Ellis, D.D. Boland & A.M. Lillicrap

    Arsenic concentrations and speciation in acid sulfate environments
    J.L. Stroud & R.N. Collins

    The impact of microbial sulfate-reduction on subsurface arsenic mobility
    E.D. Burton & S.G. Johnston

    Natural arsenic in groundwater of Indus delta in the province of Sindh, Pakistan
    V. Husain, S. Naseem, A. Khan, P. Bhattacharya & G.M. Arain

    Sediment and hydrogeochemical contrasts between low and very high arsenic affected areas west and east of river Bhagirathi, West Bengal, India
    S. Datta, M.S. Sankar, C. Hobson, A. Neal, K. Johannesson, T.J. Mohajerin, K. Telfeyan & N. Yang

    Evolution of arsenic and groundwater isotopes along a sharp gradient in arsenic concentrations in Van Phuc, Vietnam
    R. Kipfer, C. Stengel, M. Berg, B.C. Bostick, A. van Geen, M.O. Stahl, P. Oates, C.F. Harvey, V.T.M. Lan, N.-N. Mai, P.T.K. Trang & P.H. Viet

    Arsenic and other heavy metal contamination in central India
    K.S. Patel, B. Ambade, N.K. Jaiswal, R. Sharma, R.K. Patel, B. Blazhev, M. Lautent & P. Bhattacharya

    Regional soil arsenic inputs and loading rates from animal manure
    Y.X. Li, X.L. Zhang, F.S. Zhang & Z.L. Zhao

    Arsenic pollution of the Ganga Plain and its impact on the most populated region of the world: Uttar Pradesh and its geo-environment
    V. Rai

    Relationship of arsenic contamination and ecology environment
    Y.L. Zhang, J. Sun & G. Huang

    Arsenic contamination in groundwater of Surma basin of Assam and Mizoram, North Eastern India
    P. Thambidurai, D. Chandrasekharam, A.K. Chandrashekhar & S.H. Farooq

    Floodplain morphology and relation to the spatial distribution of arsenic in the aquifers of Matlab, Southeastern Bangladesh
    N.S. Rashid, K.M. Ahmed, M.Z. Rahman, M.A. Hasan, P. Bhattacharya & M. Hossain

    Biogeochemical relationships of arsenic in the Haor Basin of Bangladesh
    M.T.A. Chowdhury & A.A. Meharg

    Groundwater arsenic chemistry and redox process comparison in three physiographic settings of deltaic West Bengal, India
    S. Bhowmick, B. Nath, D. Halder, S. Chakraborty & D. Chatterjee

    I.2 Hydrogeolocial / sedimentological control on arsenic distribution / heterogeneity

    Arsenic binding onto phyllosilicates and glutathione: Soil immobilisation and human excretion mechanisms
    L. Charlet, F. Bardelli, C. Parsons, J. He, S. Chakraborty & J. Gailer

    Arsenic in groundwaters of the central Gangetic plain regions of India
    AL. Ramanathan, P. Tripathi, M. Kumar, A. Kumar, P. Kumar, M. Kumar & P. Bhattacharya

    Spatial heterogeneity of arsenic in a deltaic groundwater environment of West Bengal, India
    D. Chatterjee, S. Majumder, A. Biswas, S. Sarkar, A.K. Kundu, A. Mukherjee, S. Bhowmick, G. Roman-Ross, H. Neidhardt & Z. Berner

    Potentiality of shallow brown sand aquifers as an alternative safe drinking water source in Bengal Basin
    A. Biswas, P. Bhattacharya, D. Halder, G. Jacks, B. Nath, A. Mukherjee, A.K. Kundu, U. Mandal & D. Chatterjee

    Monsoonal influence on stable isotope signature and arsenic distribution in groundwaters of rural West Bengal: A spatio-temporal study
    S. Majumder, S. Datta, B. Nath, Z. Berner, S. Sarkar & D. Chatterjee

    Potentiality of intermediate depth aquifer as a source of arsenic and manganese safe tubewells in Bangladesh
    M. Hossain, A. Haque, S. Alam, M. Rahman, M.R. Uddin, S.G. Sarwar, M.G. Kibria, R. Hasan, K.M. Ahmed, M.A. Hasan, J. Alam, P. Bhattacharya, G. Jacks & M. von Brömssen

    Hydrogeology of an arsenic-mineralized fractured phyllite, and implications for groundwater arsenic dispersion
    M. Gasparon, V. Ciminelli, G. Duarte & J.C. Ng

    Generalization of results from a pilot study by numerical modeling
    T. Krüger, H.M. Holländer, H. Prommer, P.-W. Boochs & M. Billib

    Vertical distribution and mobilization of arsenic in shallow alluvial aquifers of Chapai-Nawabganj, Northwestern Bangladesh
    A.H.M. Selim Reza & J.-S. Jean

    Flow paths and travel time of groundwater from arsenic contaminated zone to deeper aquifer units under different development stresses
    A. Zahid, M.Q. Hassan & K. Jahan

    Geological origin of arsenic groundwater contamination in Bihar, India
    A.K. Ghosh, N. Bose, R. Kumar, H. Bruining, S. Lourma, M.E. Donselaar & A.G. Bhatt

    Groundwater arsenic from parts of the Middle Ganga Plain, India: Influence of fluvial geomorphology and Quaternary morphostratigraphy
    B.A. Shah

    An overview of arsenic occurrence in the groundwater of Mexico
    F.I. Arreguín-Cortés, R. Chávez-Guillén, P.R. Soto-Navarro & P.L. Smedley

    Characterization of subsurface sediments and its implication on arsenic mobilization in Gangetic plain
    S. Kar, J.-S. Jean, C.-C. Liu, J.P. Maity, B. Nath & J.-F. Lee

    The relationship between the concentration of arsenic and the hydraulic gradient along the shallow groundwater flow-path of Hetao plain, Northern China
    W.G. Cao & Y.L. Zhang

    I.3 Mobility and transport of arsenic (geochemical modelling, environmental fate and risk assessment)

    Arsenic biotransformation and transfer from rhizosphere to plant
    L.Q. Ma, B. Rathinasabapathi, X. Wang, S. Mathews & P. Ghosh

    Phytoremediation of arsenic—does it work?
    M. Greger

    Effect of organic fertilization practiced in paddy soils in Bangladesh on arsenic dynamics
    M. Hossain, A. Mestrot, G.J. Norton, C.M. Deacon & A.A. Meharg

    Microbial involvement in the dynamics of arsenic in irrigated agricultural systems of Bangladesh
    S. Sanwar & S.M. Imamul Huq

    Air-filled porosity controls on dissolved arsenic and cadmium concentrations in paddy soils
    K. Nakamura, H. Katou, K. Suzuki & T. Honma

    The effects of organics on the transformation and release of arsenic
    W.M. Al Lawati, B.E. van Dongen, D. Polya, J.-S. Jean, T.R. Kulp & M. Berg

    Human exposure to arsenic and manganese in groundwater in the Red River Delta, Vietnam
    P.T.K. Trang, V.T.M. Lan, P.H. Viet, M. Berg, D. Postma & F. Larsen

    Adsorption of arsenic to different natural solids: Soils, stream sediments and peats
    B. Doušová, S. Krejčová, M. Lhotka, F. Buzek & J.J. Rothwell

    Occurrence, distribution, and release mechanism of arsenic in aquifers of Yinchuan Plain in China
    F.C. Zhang, S. Han, H. Zhang, Y. An, C. Wang, X. Cheng & X. Wang

    Arsenic, selenium and antimony adsorption behavior in different soil types
    S. Krejčová & B. Doušová

    Arsenate adsorption onto two-line ferrihydrite for abandoned mine drainage
    S.J. Choi, Y.J. Choi, I.J. Kim, B.T. Lee & K.-W. Kim

    Leaching test for arsenic mobilization assessment from vanadium mining samples
    L. Santos Jr., J.W.V. Mello, J. Silva, L. Poyares, R.W. Veloso & B.R. Figueiredo

    Arsenic bioavailability and mobility in contaminated soils and mine tailings
    P.J.C. Favas & J.M.S. Pratas

    Characteristics of potential arsenic leaching in paddy field soils
    M.S. Azam & M. Shafiquzzaman

    Distribution and mobility of geogenic arsenic in the shallow aquifers of the northeast of La Pampa, Argentina
    A. Aullón Alcaine, A. Sandhi, P. Bhattacharya, G. Jacks, J. Bundschuh, R. Thunvik, C. Schulz & C.M. Mörth

    Naturally occurring arsenic and metals in coastal streams and intertidal sediments and biota
    L. Morrison & B.M. Petrunic

    Section II: Medical and health issues of arsenic

    II.1 Chronic arsenic effects and epidemiological studies

    The importance and validity of ecologic studies concerning arsenic in drinking water
    A.H. Smith, J. Liaw, Y. Yuan, C. Steinmaus, G. Marshall & C. Ferreccio

    Clinical trial involving selenium supplementation to counter arsenic toxicity among rural population in Bangladesh
    M. Alauddin, T. Wheaton, M. Valencia, E. Stekolchik, J.E. Spallholz, P.F. La Porte, S. Ahmed, B. Chakaraborty, M. Bhattacharjee, A.B.M. Zakaria, S. Sultana, G.N. George, I.J. Pickering & J. Gailer

    Ingested inorganic arsenic, cigarettes smoking and risk of urinary cancer in Taiwan
    C.-L. Chen, H.-Y. Chiou & C.-J. Chen

    An update of findings on arsenic exposure and respiratory outcomes from the Health Effects of Arsenic Longitudinal Study (HEALS)
    F. Parvez, V. Slavkovich, J.H. Graziano, Y. Chen, M. Yunus, R. Hasan, A. Ahmed, T. Islam, C. Olopade, M. Argos & H. Ahsan

    The association between arsenic exposure from drinking water and arterial embolism and thrombosis in Northeastern Taiwan: Preliminary results
    L.-I. Hsu, C.-J. Chen & H.-Y. Chiou

    Arsenic metabolism, lactate dehydrogenase and electrocardiogram abnormality among residents in the arseniasis-endemic areas of southwestern Taiwan
    Y. Liao, C.J. Chen, W. Chen, W. Li, H.Y. Chen & S.L. Wang

    Arsenic exposure in pregnancy increases the risk of adverse birth outcomes of newborn in Taiwan
    W.C. Chou, C.Y. Chuang, P.C. Huang, C.J. Wang, H.Y. Chen, Y.D. Chuang, S.L. Wang & Z.H. Yu

    Chronic exposure to arsenic and prevalence of diabetes in Mexico
    C. Gonzá lez-Horta, B. Sá nchez-Ramírez, M.L. Ballinas, C. Ishida-Gutiérrez, L.M. Del Razo, G. García-Vargas, D. Loomis, Z. Drobná & M. Stýblo

    Ground water arsenic contamination in West Bengal, India: Health effects, genetic susceptibility and its mitigation
    P. Bhattacharjee, M. Banerjee, N. Banerjee, A.K. Bandyopadhyay & A.K. Giri

    An update of findings on arsenic exposure and cardiovascular disease outcomes from the Health Effects of Arsenic Longitudinal Study (HEALS)
    Y. Chen, F. Wu, M.L. Liu, S. Segers, H. Ahsan, F. Parvez, V. Slavkovich, D. Levy, J.H. Graziano, A. van Geen, T. Islam, A. Ahmed, M. Rakibuz-Zaman, R. Hasan & S.G. Sarwar

    Mental health burden and neuropsychiatric deficits of chronic arsenic exposure: First results of the Vietnamese field study
    C. Norra, D.T.M. Ngoc, P.T.K. Trang, V.T.M. Lan, P.H. Viet, S. Norra & H.J. Kunert

    Arsenic methylation pattern and its association with oxidative stress status in populations exposed to arsenic in drinking water in China
    G.F. Sun, Q.M. Zheng, Y.Y. Xu, B. Li & X. Li

    Effects of early-life arsenic exposure on child health and development
    M. Vahter, R. Gardner, S. Ahmed, M. Kippler, J.D. Hamadani, F. Tofail & R. Raqib

    Toxicological significance of arsenic in groundwater: A case study from India
    S.K. Sharma

    Arsenic toxicity scenario and challenges for Bangladesh
    M.H.R. Mian, K.H. Imran, M.A. Hosain, S.A. Mamun, M. Miah & M.S. Islam

    II.2 Recent advances in arsenic toxicology / biochemistry and food web transfer

    Pathways of arsenic biotransformations: The arsenic methylation cycle
    B. Rosen, K. Marapakala, A.A. Abdul Salam, C. Packianathan & M. Yoshinaga

    Arsenic-protein binding: A quantitative overview
    S. Shen, X.F. Li, X.C. Le, M. Weinfeld & W.R. Cullen

    Using X-ray absorption spectroscopy and microprobe synchrotron radiation-X-ray fluorescence imaging for understanding the mode of action of arsenic anti-leukaemia agents
    K.L. Munro, C.T. Dillon, H.H. Harris, Z. Cai, B. Lai, S. Vogt & M. Cheah

    Effects of arsenite on macropinocytotic and autophagic activities in CHO-K1 cells
    S. Hirano, T. Watanabe, Y. Kobayashi & S. Kanno

    Synergistic toxic effects among arsenic, chromium and copper associated with chrome copper arsenate-treated wood
    L. Hu, Y. Cai, J.B. Greer, H. Solo-Gabriele & L.A. Fieber

    Arsenic exposure in cows from a high contaminated area in the Chaco-Pampean plain, Argentina
    A.L. Pérez-Carrera & A. Fernández-Cirelli

    Bilirubin oxidative metabolites: Novel biomarkers for acute arsenite exposure?
    A. Abu-Bakar, D.M. Arthur & J.C. Ng

    Arsenic trioxide enhances radiation sensitivity of androgen-dependent and -independent human prostate cancer cells
    Y.-J. Wang, H.-W. Chiu, Y.-A. Chen & S.-Y. Ho

    The arsenic stress defense mechanism of Corynebaterium glutamicum revealed
    L.M. Mateos, B. Rosen & J. Messens

    Non-invasive linear polarized light irradiation on the stellate ganglion improves skin blood flow in patients with Blackfoot disease
    C.-H. Lee & H.-S. Yu

    Exogenous alpha lipoic acid supplementation modulates sodium arsenite induced functional and structural alterations in developing rat cerebellum
    P.K. Gupta, P. Dhar & R.D. Mehra

    ABCA1 reducing cellular arsenic accumulation in mammalian cells
    X.H. Tan, C.H. Di, Y.F. Cao, L. Yang, L.L. Xian & J. Huang

    Genome-wide DNA methylation pattern of urothelial carcinoma with arsenic exposure
    T.Y. Yang, C.-J. Chen, L.-I. Hsu, A.W. Chiu, Y.S. Pu & S.H. Wang

    Mitigating symptoms of chronic arsenic toxicity in rats using high selenium lentil diets
    S. Sah, A. Vandenberg & J.E.G. Smits

    Health risk assessment for inorganic arsenic in seafood from a polluted lagoon in Italy
    M. Schintu, A. Marrucci, B. Marras, P. Meloni, A. Contu & S. Degetto

    Arsenic and fluoride in groundwater in northern Santa Fe province, Argentina
    L. Gallo-Mendoza, A.L. Pérez-Carrera & A. Fernández-Cirelli

    Arsenic content and source of food in “coal-burning” endemic fluorosis area of Zhaotong City, eastern Yunnan
    K.L. Luo, Y.X. Xu & C.X. Niu

    Arsenic toxicity in local cultivars of rice (Oryza sativa L.) In Bihar, India
    N. Bose, R.N. Singh, A.K. Ghosh & R. Kumar

    Transfer concentrations of arsenic in the structures of barley (Hordeum vulgare)
    A. Saldaña-Robles & R.J. Guerra-Sánchez

    Section III: Remediation and policy

    III.1 Arsenic in soils, plants and food chain: Bioavailability, bioaccessibility, uptake and toxicity

    Incidental ingestion of arsenic contaminated soil and dust: Refining exposure through bioavailability and bioaccessibility assessment
    A.L. Juhasz, E. Smith, J. Weber & R. Naidu

    “Arsenic in rice is not a problem because everybody eats it”: The past, present and future of regulation of arsenic in drinking water and food 239
    D. Polya, J. Gibson, N. Russell & J. Sauer

    Organic matter and water regime management to mitigate arsenic toxicity in rice
    S.M. Imamul Huq, S. Roy, M.T.A. Chowdhury & S. Ahmed

    Arsenic from groundwater into soils, plants and the food chain: Complementary case studies from West Bengal, Inner Mongolia and the Red River Delta, Vietnam
    S. Norra, Z. Berner, I. Boie, E. Eiche, E.C. Kellermeier, M. Kizcka, U. Kramar, H. Neidhardt, P. Agarwala, D. Chandrasekharam, R. Rout, H. Guo, X. Tang, V.T.M. Lan, P.T.K. Trang & P.H. Viet

    Arsenic and its bioavailability in surface waters in a black schist area in northern Sweden
    G. Jacks, M. von Brömssen, Z. Slejkokovec & E. Nilsson

    Bioavailability and toxicity of arsenic to earthworms in three soils
    M.A. Ayanka Wijayawardena, M. Megharaj & R. Naidu

    Content of arsenic and heavy metals in the soils around the Novocherkassk Power Station
    T.M. Minkina, S.S. Mandzhieva, G.V. Motuzova & O.G. Nazarenko

    Effect of diet on bio accessibility and biotransformation of arsenic
    P. Alava, G. Du Laing, F. Tack & T. Van De Wiele

    Effect of biochar amendment in reducing the availability of arsenic uptake by sweet corn (Zea Mays L.)
    A.S. Norazlina, I. Che Fauziah & A.B. Rosenani

    III.2 Remediation and water treatment

    Arsenic removal from groundwater by small-scale reverse osmosis unit in rural Bihar, India
    J. Hoinkis, M. Hermann, S. Schmidt, E. Gukelberger, A. Ghosh, D. Chatterjee & J. Bundschuh

    Emerging options for solving the arsenic problems of rural and periurban areas in Latin America
    M.I. Litter & J. Bundschuh

    Fate of arsenate adsorbed on nano-titanium dioxide with sulfate reducing bacteria
    C. Jing, T. Luo & S. Liu

    Application of mine sludge for arsenic adsorption from mine drainage and comparison of removal efficiency by reactor design
    K.R. Kim, M.-S. Ko, J.-Y. Kim, A. Lee, I.J. Kim, K.-W. Kim, H.S. Park & Y.S. Shim

    The strangely simple effect of silicic acid on arsenic sorption by ferrihydrite
    P.J. Swedlund, R. Dol Hamid & H.K. Christenson

    Arsenic removal by subsurface flow constructed wetlands
    K. Lizama Allende, T.D. Fletcher & G. Sun

    Role of phosphate in mobilizing arsenic from soil to groundwater in West Bengal: Experimental investigation
    G. Vinay, D. Chandrasekharam, B. Nair, G. Trupti & S.H. Farooq

    Arsenic removal from natural groundwater using cupric oxide
    K.J. Reddy & T.R. Roth

    Arsenic uptake by aquatic macrophytes: Possibilities for phytoremediation of arsenic-contaminated waters
    P.J.C. Favas, J.M.S. Pratas & M.N.V. Prasad

    Room temperature synthesized granular adsorbent for arsenic removal from drinking water
    T. Pradeep, S.M. Maliyekkal, M.U. Sankar, A. Chaundhury & Anshup

    Evaluation of arsenic removal potential of few indigenous materials through batch study
    C. Mahanta, S. Mondal & P. Bhattacharya

    Removal of arsenic and selenium with rehydrated clay minerals
    M. Lhotka, B. Doušová & V. Machovič

    Monitored natural attenuation for an arsenic contaminated industrial site with sulfate reducing aquifer conditions: A twelve year case study
    S. Stauder & P. Werner

    Biological filtration applied in Vietnam to remove arsenite from well water without a pre-oxidation step
    Y. Fujikawa, Ph.D. Hung, M. Sugahara, H. Iwasaki, M. Wei & T. Hamasaki

    Removal of arsenic from aqueous solution by granular modified natural siderite: Characterization and behavior
    K. Zhao & H. Guo

    Peat based sorbents for arsenic removal
    L. Ansone, M. Klavins & L. Eglite

    Arsenite (bio) immobilization using Sulfur Reducing Bacteria (SRB)
    M. Moreira, P.F. Costa & M.C. Teixeira

    Natural arsenic occurrence and its removal from drinking water using a tubular photo-reactor enhanced with a solar concentrator in Cochabamba, Bolivia
    M. Ormachea, L. Huallpara, J. Quintanilla, O. Ormachea, R. Escalera & P. Bhattacharya

    Arsenic removal from water by bio-iron produced from bacterial precipitation
    M.A. Hossain, W. Verstraete, M. Verloo & T. Hennebel

    Removal of arsenic from water using modified highly selective adsorbents
    S.H. Lee, J.-Y. Kim, H.A. Kim, K.-W. Kim, H. Kim, C.H. Kim, H. Kang & S. Bang

    Removal of arsenic from drinking water using non-hazardous natural citrate sources
    S. Majumder, B. Nath, S. Sarkar, Sk.M. Islam & D. Chatterjee

    Fate of arsenate adsorbed on nano-titanium dioxide with sulfate reducing bacteria
    C. Jing, T. Luo & S. Liu

    III.3 Risk assessment and management of environmental arsenic

    Bioremediation of arsenic contaminated water: Prospects and recent advances
    M. Megharaj, M.M. Bahar & R. Naidu

    Agronomic treatments enhance growth and arsenic uptake by Chinese brake fern (Pteris vittata L.)
    N. Ashwath, S. Hanggi, D.J. Midmore & J.C. Ng

    Immobilisation of arsenic in landfilled soil using amendments
    J. Kumpiene

    Phytostablization of arsenic: Is it possible by growing Salix spp. in the contaminated sites?
    A. Sandhi & M. Greger

    Phytoremediation of arsenic contaminated mined soils: Combination of fern species and arbuscular mycorrizhal fungi
    H.V. Nguyen, H.M. Nguyen, D.T. Vu, A. Fletcher & L.P. Bui

    Arsenic response in roots of Eucalyptus spp.
    J.T. Sanchez-Palacios, D. Callahan, A.J.M. Baker, I.E. Woodrow, A.I. Doronila, Y.D. Wang & R.N. Collins

    Arsenic fractionation in soils in mining region of the Bolivian Altiplano
    O.E. Ramos, J. Quintanilla, J. Chambi, G. Jacks, P. Bhattacharya, R. Choque, S. Valdez & I. Quino

    Discontinuity in arsenic slope factor based on SW Taiwan data
    S.H. Lamm, S. Robbins, B. Goodrich, R. Chen, J. Lu, C. Zhou & M. Feinleib

    Geogenic arsenic attributable health risks in Europe
    D. Polya, D. Mondal, C. Sovann, W. Bradford, M. Watts & A.K. Giri

    Exposure of goby fish to manganese and arsenic mobilized from sediment in Lake Biwa under hypoxia
    T. Itai, Y. Hyobu, D. Hayase, S. Tanabe, S.H. Hirata & M. Kumagai

    Arsenic sorption onto (oxy) hydroxide in comparison with antimony and phosphorus
    L. Čanecká, M. Bujdoš & S. Čerňanský

    In-situ remediation of an anthropogenic arsenic contamination
    T. Krüger, H.M. Holländer, J. Stummeyer, B. Harazim, P.-W. Boochs & M. Billib

    Effect of arsenic on Hibiscus cannabinus L. (kenaf) behaviour and evaluation of its use in phytoremediation
    R. Manzano, J. Peñalosa & E. Esteban

    Effect of phosphate fertilizers on arsenic mobility in arsenic-contaminated soil: Possible assistance in phytoremediation
    T. Fresno, J. Peñalosa & R.O. Carpena

    Oxidation of arsenic (III) by a Stenotrophomonas sp. isolated from soil
    M.M. Bahar, M. Megharaj & R. Naidu

    Uptake of arsenate and arsenite by two Pteris vittata ecotypes
    X. Wan, M. Lei, T.B. Chen & G. Zhou

    Health, labor supply and productivity: An econometric study of Cambodian farm households and arsenic consumption
    J. Gibson, N. Russell, D. Polya, C. Sovann & J. Sauer

    Section IV: Analytical methods for arsenic

    IV.1 Analysis: Recent advances and challenges

    Arsenic in marine organisms: New species and new analytical approaches
    W.A. Maher, S. Foster, F. Krikowa, E. Duncan, G. Raber & K.A. Francesconi

    Arsenic mobilization in sediments: An investigation using in situ sampling techniques
    W.W. Bennett, P.R. Teasdale, J.G. Panther, D.T. Welsh, H. Zhao & D.F. Jolley

    Homogeneity and stability testing of a candidate reference material for the determination of total arsenic in tuna fish sample
    T.A. Koesmawati, Buchari, K.A. Francesconi & J.C. Ng

    Arsenic and other metals in rice
    A.M. Shraim

    Concentration of arsenic, cadmium and lead in home garden vegetables of Bangladesh
    M.M. Rahman, M. Asaduzzaman & R. Naidu

    Investigation of biogeochemical interactive reaction processes of arsenic in Choushui river alluvial fan and Lanyang plain using isotopic methods, Taiwan
    Y.H. Kao, C.W. Liu & S.W. Wang

    Evidences of arsenic (III) precipitation on iron (III) oxy-hydroxides from the combination of Raman spectroscopy, density functional theory calculations, and extended X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy
    G. Duarte, V. Ciminelli, M.S.S. Dantas, I.F. Vasconcelos, K. Osseo-Asare, J.D. Kubicki & H. Watts

    Arsenic speciation in rice using liquid chromatography and flow injection atomic fluorescence spectrometry (FI-HPLC-HG-AFS)
    B. Chen, W.T. Corns & J.-H. Huang

    Arsenic cycling in marine phytoplankton: The importance of representative experiments
    E. Duncan, W.A. Maher, S. Foster & F. Krikowa

    Speciation of inorganic arsenic in marine waters by stripping analysis at a gold microwire electrode
    P. Salaün, K. Gibbon-Walsh & C.M.G. Van Den Berg

    Arsenic species in soils: Ecological aspects
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    Section S1: Special Topic 1: Risk assessment of arsenic from mining
    Conveners: Jochen Bundschuh (AU, SE), Ma. Teresa Alarcón Herrara (MX), Luiz Roberto Guimarães Guilherme (BR), Virgínia Ciminelli (BR), Beverley Hale (CA), Sandra Leticia Rodríguez (MX), Jack Ng (AU) & Barry Noller (AU)

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    Integrated remediation and development of an arsenic contaminated site
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    Section S2: Special Topic 2: Geomicrobiology of arsenic
    Conveners: Thomas Kulp (US), Joanne Santini (UK), Jochen Bundschuh (AU, SE) & Jiin-Shuh Jean (TW)

    Microbial arsenic metabolism and the impact on arsenic bioremediation
    J.-S. Jean, S. Das, C.-C. Liu, S. Kar & J. Bundschuh

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    Section S3: Special Topic 3: Geothermal arsenic
    Conveners: Jochen Bundschuh (AU, SE), Thomas Pichler (DE), Jenny Webster-Brown (NZ) & D. Kirk Nordstrom (US)

    Biological processes affecting geothermal arsenic in a lowland river
    J.G. Webster-Brown, A.F. Hegan & N.J. Wilson

    Arsenic in geothermal and mine drainage waters of the world
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    Arsenic in Yellowstone’s thermal waters: Trends and anomalies
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    Section S4: Special Topic 4: Rice arsenic and health perspective
    Conveners: Jack Ng (AU) & Yongguan Zhou (CN)

    Potential strategies for mitigating arsenic contamination in rice grain
    H. Li, C. Wu & M.H. Wong

    Arsenic in soil-rice systems: Microbial ecology perspectives
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    Arsenic concentration in soil, rice and straw in central India 508
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    Section S5: Special Topic 5: Sustainable mitigation of arsenic: From field trials to policy implications
    Conveners: Kazi Matin Ahmed (BD), Prosun Bhattacharya (SE), Abhijit Mukherjee (IN) & Ravi Naidu (AU)

    Groundwater arsenic mitigation in Bangladesh: Mission achievable or impossible?
    K.M. Ahmed

    Tubewell platform color: Assessment of a tool for rapid screening of arsenic and manganese in well water
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    Development of a successful institutional mechanism for arsenic screening in the Brahmaputra Floodplain in Assam
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    Making economic sense for arsenic mitigation: A case study of Comilla District, Bangladesh
    S.V. Flanagan & Y. Zheng

    Section S6: Special Topic 6: Biochemical processes of high arsenic groundwater in inland basins
    Conveners: Huaming Guo (CN) & George N. Breit (US)

    Groundwater contamination by arsenic in a suburban setting in Perth, Western Australia: Geochemical changes and management implications
    S.J. Appleyard & S. Wong

    Arsenic distribution in the vadose zone of arid basins
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    Distribution and enrichment of groundwater arsenic in shallow and deep aquifers of Yinchuan Plain, China
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    Arsenite oxidizing bacterium isolated from high arsenic contaminated groundwater aquifers from Datong Basin, Northern China
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    Comparison of hydrogeochemical processes controlling arsenic enrichment between shallow and deep aquifers in the Hetao Basin, Inner Mongolia
    Y.F. Jia & H. Guo

    Author index


    Jack C. Ng, Barry N. Noller, Ravi Naidu, Jochen Bundschuh, Prosun