1st Edition

Understanding the Process of Aging The Roles of Mitochondria: Free Radicals, and Antioxidants

Edited By Lester Packer Copyright 1999
    384 Pages
    by CRC Press

    384 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This innovative reference explores a wide selection of topics associated with aging, providing a solid understanding of the significance and molecular basis of the aging process and charting the course of future research in the area.
    Stresses the interplay of mitochondria, mitochondrial DNA, oxidants, and antioxidants!
    Featuring the research of over 55 experts in the area, Understanding the Process of Aging

  • covers the functions of nitric oxide and peroxynitrite in mitochondria
  • integrates several views on the role of mitochondria in the development of apoptosis
  • gives a quantitative analysis of mutations of mitochondrial DNA during human aging
  • highlights mitochondrial free radical production
  • introduces new roles of ubiquinone in mitochondrial functions
  • offers new antioxidant-based complementary therapeutic strategies
  • details aspects of intact cells and whole organisms in health and disease
  • and more!
    Featuring over 1800 references, tables, drawings, and photographs, Understanding the Process of Aging benefits nutritionists and dieticians, geriatricians, cell and molecular biologists, chemists and biochemists, pharmacologists, biotechnologists, neurologists, cardiologists, oncologists, dermatologists, and graduate and medical school students in these disciplines.
  • The Mitochondrial Production of Oxygen Radicals and Cellular Aging, Alberto Boveris, Lidia E. Costa, and Enrique Cadenas
    Walking a Tightrope: The Balance Between Mitochondrial Generation and Scavenging of Superoxide Anion, David M. Guidot and Joe M. McCord
    The Biochemistry of Nitric Oxide and Peroxynitrite: Implications for Mitochondrial Function, Rakesh P. Patel, Trudy Cornwell, and Victor M. Darley-Usmar
    Oxygen-Dependent Regulation of Biological Functions by Nitric Oxide, Kozo Utsumi, Yoshiki Takehara, Yoko Inai, Munehisa Yabuki, Tomoko Kanno, Manabu Nishikawa, Eisuke F. Sato, and Masayasu Inoue
    Production of Reactive Oxygen Species in Mitochondria and Age-Associated Pathophysiology: A Reality Check, Henry Jay Forman and Angelo Azzi
    Functional Roles of Ubiquinone, Jeffery R. Schultz and Catherine Freitag Clarke
    Mitochondrial Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species and Oxidative Damage During Aging: Roles of Coenzyme Q and Tocopherol, Rajindar S. Sohal, Achim Lass, Liang-Jun Yan, and Linda K. Kwong
    Mitochondria and Aging: The Mouse's Tale, Steve Esworthy
    Mitochondria and Apoptosis, Bernard M. Babior, Roberta A. Gottlieb, and Christoph Richter
    Role of Mitochondria in Oxidative Stress Associated with Aging and Apoptosis: Studies in Intact Cells, Juan Sastre, Federico V. Pallardó, José García de la Asunción, Miguel A. Asensi, Juan M. Esteve, and José Viña-Ribes
    The Role of Iron and Mitochondria in Aging, Patrick B. Walter, Kenneth B. Beckman, and Bruce N. Ames
    The Mitochondrial-Lysosomal Axis Theory of Cellular Aging, Ulf T. Brunk and Alexei Terman
    Quantitative Analysis of Mutations of Mitochondrial DNA During Human Aging, Jörg Napiwotzki, Annette Reith, Andreas Becker, Sandra Leist, and Bernhard Kadenbach
    Oxidative Damage and Fragility of Mitochondrial DNA, Takayuki Ozawa
    Mitochondria in Cellular Aging and Degeneration, Gino A. Cortopassi and Alice Wong
    Mitochondrial Alteration in Aging and Inflammation: A Possible Site of A


    Enrique Cadenas, Lester Packer