1st Edition

Unitization of Oil and Gas Fields in Texas A Study of Legislative, Administrative, and Judicial Policies

By Jacqueline Lang Weaver Copyright 2011

    By 1985, every oil and gas-producing state but Texas had passed a 'unitization' statute requiring cooperation among the various owners of oil and gas reserves. Using interviews, legislative transcripts, and statistical data, Jacqualine Lang Weaver attempts to explain why Texas failed to enact such a statute – aimed at encouraging the most efficient recovery of resources – and how Texas has managed to achieve substantial unitization nonetheless. Originally published in 1986.

    1: Introduction and Overview; 2: The Setting for Unitization; 3: The Texas Legislature and Unitization: The Early Years; 4: The Texas Legislature and Unitization: The Later Years; 5: The Railroad Commission and Unitization: Field Rules and Statewide Orders; 6: The 1949 Voluntary Unitization Statute and the Railroad Commission; 7: Unitization and the Courts: The Common Law; 8: Judicial Review of Railroad Commission Orders; 9: Statistical Assessment of the Degree of Unitization Achieved in Texas; 10: Conclusions and Proposals for Reform


    Jacqueline Lang Weaver