1st Edition

University-Community Partnerships Universities in Civic Engagement

    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    274 Pages
    by Routledge

    Examine how your university can help solve the complex problems of your community

    Community Outreach Partnership Centers (COPC) sponsored by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have identified civic engagement and community partnership as critical themes for higher education. This unique book addresses past, present, and future models of university-community partnerships, COPC programs, wide-ranging social work partnerships that involve teaching, research, and social change, and innovative methods in the processes of civic engagement. The text recognizes the many professions, schools, and higher education institutions that contribute to advancing civic engagement through university-community partnerships. One important contribution this book makes to the literature of civic engagement is that it is the first publication that significantly highlights partnership contributions from schools of social work, which are rediscovering their community roots through these initiatives.

    University-Community Partnerships: Universities in Civic Engagement documents how universities are involved in creative individual, faculty, and program partnerships that help link campus and community-partnerships that are vital for teaching, research, and practice. Academics and practitioners discuss outreach initiatives, methods of engagement (with an emphasis on community organization), service learning and other teaching/learning methods, research models, participatory research, and “high-engagement” techniques used in university-community partnerships. The book includes case studies, historical studies, policy analysis, program evaluation, and curriculum development.

    University-Community Partnerships: Universities in Civic Engagement examines:

    • the increasing civic engagement of institutions of higher education
    • civic engagement projects involving urban nonprofit community-based organizations and neighborhood associations
    • the developmental stages of a COPC partnership
    • problems faced in evaluating COPC programs
    • civic engagement based on teaching and learning
    • how pre-tenure faculty can meet research, teaching, and service requirements through university-community partnerships
    • developing an MSW program structured around a single concentration of community partnership
    • how class, race, and organizational differences are barriers to equality in the civic engagement process
    University-Community Partnerships: Universities in Civic Engagement is one of the few available academic resources to address the importance of social work involvement in COPC programs. Social work educators, students, and practitioners, community organizers, urban planners, and anyone working in community development will find it invaluable in proving guidance for community problem solving, and creating opportunities for faculty, students, and community residents to learn from one another.

    • Preface (Armand Carriere)
    • University-Community Partnerships: An Introduction (Alice K. Johnson Butterfield and Tracy M. Soska)
    • Understanding Contemporary University-Community Connections: Context, Practice, and Challenges (Robert Fisher, Michael Fabricant, and Louise Simmons)
    • University Civic Engagement with Community-Based Organizations: Dispersed or Coordinated Models? (Elizabeth A. Mulroy)
    • Connecting a University to a Distant Neighborhood: Three Stages of Learning and Adaptation (Margaret Bourdeaux Arbuckle and Ruth Hoogland DeHoog)
    • The Role of Evaluation in Developing Community-Based Interventions: A COPC Project (Sondra SeungJa Doe and Daniel Lowery)
    • Seven Ways of Teaching and Learning: University-Community Partnerships at Baccalaureate Institutions (Steven R. Timmermans and Jeffrey P. Bouman)
    • University-Community Partnership Centers: An Important Link for Social Work Education (Mary E. Rogge and Cynthia J. Rocha)
    • Community Partnerships: An Innovative Model of Social Work Education and Practice (Mindy R. Wertheimer, Elizabeth L. Beck, Fred Brooks, and James L. Wolk)
    • The Collaborative Research Education Partnership: Community, Faculty, and Student Partnerships in Practice Evaluation (Marla Berg-Weger, Susan S. Tebb, Cynthia A. Loveland Cook, Mary Beth Gallagher, Barbara Flory, and Ashley Cruce)
    • A University-Community Partnership to Change Public Policy: Pre-Conditions and Processes (Roni Kaufman)
    • Partnerships and Processes of Engagement: Working as Consultants in the US and UK (Jeremy Kearney and Denys M. Candy)
    • Community and University Participation in Disaster-Relief Recovery: An Example from Eastern North Carolina (Stephanie Farquhar and Noelle Dobson)
    • Addressing Barriers to University-Community Collaboration: Organizing by Experts or Organizing the Experts? (Donna J. Cherry and Jon Shefner)
    • Engaged Research in Higher Education and Civic Responsibility Reconsidered: A Reflective Essay (David P. Moxley)
    • Confluence: An Afterword (Tracy M. Soska and Alice K. Johnson Butterfield)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Tracy Soska, Alice K Johnson Butterfield