1st Edition

Unlocking Quantum Information Technology Opportunities for Business and Management

Edited By Davide La Torre, Faisal Shah Khan Copyright 2025
    138 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book explores the dynamic intersection of quantum computing and management strategy, offering an exploration of this cutting-edge technology's potential impact.  From its inception to its current state, the book traces the evolution of quantum computing, providing readers with a contextual understanding of its development. It illuminates the transformative power of quantum computing and its implications for business and management practices. Through case studies and expert analysis, readers gain insights into how quantum computing can revolutionize data analysis, optimization, and cybersecurity. The chapters in this book equip managers and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and foresight needed to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the quantum computing era.

    Unlocking Quantum Information Technology will be beneficial to a mixed audience of specialists, analysts, scholars, researchers, academics and students in fields of business and management, especially those interested in quantum computing and technology, machine learning and artificial technology.

    The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Technology Analysis & Strategic Management.


    Faisal Khan and Davide La Torre


    Introduction: Quantum Information Technology for Business Transformation

    Faisal Shah Khan and Davide La Torre


    1. Quantum-sapiens: the quantum bases for human expertise, knowledge, and problem-solving

    Steve J. Bickley, Ho Fai Chan, Sascha L. Schmidt and Benno Torgler


    2. Temporal work by consultants in nascent market categories: constructing a market for knowledge in quantum computing

    Oona Hilkamo, Anne-Sophie Barbe, Nina Granqvist and Amber Geurts


    3. Exploring landscapes of quantum technology with Patent Network Analysis

    Syuan-Yi Jiang and Shin-Liang Chen


    4. The centrality and innovation performance of the quantum high-level innovation team: the moderating effect of structural holes

    Yue Yang, Yi She, Jin Hong and QingQiu Gan


    5. A bibliometric analysis of quantum computing literature: mapping and evidences from scopus

    Jiaxing Wang, Lihua Shen and Wuyuan Zhou


    6. Asleep at the wheel? Responsible Innovation in quantum computing

    Philip Inglesant, Carolyn Ten Holter, Marina Jirotka and Robin Williams


    7. Reading the road: challenges and opportunities on the path to responsible innovation in quantum computing.

    Carolyn Ten Holter, Philip Inglesant and Marina Jirotka



    Faisal Khan and Davide La Torre


    Davide La Torre is Full Professor in Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence at SKEMA Business School, Université Côte d'Azur, France. Affiliated with prestigious institutions worldwide, he holds national professorship qualifications in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics. With over 220 publications, his research spans mathematics, artificial intelligence, economics, and medicine, influencing academia globally. Throughout his career, he has held various leadership roles, including Departmental Chair, Program Director, and Associate Dean, in numerous institutions across the globe.


    Faisal Shah Khan is a Mathematical Scientist with a global track record in advancing quantum computing and quantum communication technology across academia, government, and industry. He has authored 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers on topics that include quantum logic circuits,  quantum game theory, and optimization using quantum computers, and has been an invited speaker at international conferences including the Arab-American Frontiers Symposium sponsored by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. He is proficient in mathematical modelling across various domains in science and engineering, including game theory and operations research, and applies his expertise to solving industry problems. He has served as a Senior Consultant to the Dubai-based multinational DP World. He is passionate about artificial intelligence and data science and is actively engaged in the quantum computing and AI startup ecosystem, demonstrating a strong entrepreneurial interest. He is an adjunct Professor at SKEMA Business School USA and a member of the North Carolina Coalition for Global Competitiveness.