1st Edition

Unsaturated Soil Mechanics - from Theory to Practice Proceedings of the 6th Asia Pacific Conference on Unsaturated Soils (Guilin, China, 23-26 October 2015)

    In the past decades advances have been made in the research and practice on unsaturated soil mechanics. In 2000 the first Asia-Pacific Conferences on Unsaturated Soils was organized in Singapore. Since then, four conferences have been held under the continued support of the Technical Committee on Unsaturated Soils (TC106) of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). The conferences provided an excellent forum for researchers and practitioners in the region and beyond to present the latest developments and to exchange ideas on the subjects related to unsaturated soils.

    Unsaturated Soil Mechanics - from Theory to Practice collects more than 140 technical papers, and 10 invited and keynote lectures presented at the sixth Asia-Pacific Conference on Unsaturated Soils (Guilin, China, 23-26 October 2015). The first Asia-Pacific distinguished lecture, launched at the conference, is also included. The contributions address the fundamental behavior of unsaturated soils, and present theoretical and numerical modeling and engineering applications. The topics of concern span the full spectrum from theory to practice, with strong relevance to the problems in the region and beyond such as collapse/swelling, freezing/thawing, desiccation shrinkage, rainfall-induced slope failure, contaminant transport, shale gas extraction and so on, largely representing the latest developments in unsaturated soil mechanics.

    Invited and Keynote papers
    Relationship between the laboratory SWCCs and field stress state
    D.G. Fredlund
    Tensiometer techniques for determining soil water retention curves
    D.G. Toll, J.D. Asquith, A. Fraser, A.A. Hassan, G. Liu, S.D.N. Lourenço,
    J. Mendes, T. Noguchi, P. Osinski & R. Stirling

    Capillary barrier as a slope protection
    H. Rahardjo
    Evolution of mesoscale structures of unsaturated expansive soil and intact loess under various
    stress and hydraulic paths
    Z.H. Chen, Z.H. Yao, J.F. Guo & Q.Q. Miao
    Slope stability analysis methods and application to 1 g failure model tests
    Y. Kohgo
    Investigation of mechanical and physio-chemical coupling through swelling pressure
    Y.J. Cui
    Testing of the hydro-mechanical behaviour of shales
    L. Laloui, A. Ferrari &V. Favero
    Desiccation crack depth and tensile strength in compacted soil
    G.A. Miller, A. Hassanikhah & M. Varsei
    Monotonic and cyclic shear stiffness of unsaturated soil at different temperatures
    C.W.W. Ng, C. Zhou & J. Xu
    Moisture and gas flow properties of compacted loess final covers for MSW landfills in Northwest China
    L.T. Zhan
    Experimental study on characteristics of the collapsibility of Ili loess
    A.J. Zhang, Y.C. Xing, X.L. Hu, M.X. Guo & B. Zhang
    Unsaturated soil behaviour
    Analysis on microstructure and water retention properties of lime-treated soil
    Y.J.Wang, Y.J. Cui, A.M. Tang, C.S. Tang & N. Benahmed
    The microstructure information of natural loess in different areas, China
    H.J. Hu, K. Zhou, Y.S. Luo,W.P. Zhao, Q. Hu & Z.Y. Zhang
    Understanding the collapsible behavior of loess from microstructure information
    P. Li, S.K. Vanapalli &T.L. Li
    Microstructure change of loess soil during wet collapsing
    X.X. Shao, H.Y. Zhang & J.W. Liu
    Research on evolution of meso-structure of Q2 loess during plastic and brittle
    failure in triaxial tests
    X.W. Fang, C.N. Shen, Z.H. Chen & J. Li
    Research on wetting-induced microstructure change of Q2 loess
    C.H. Li, X.W. Fang, C.N. Shen &Y.X. Ou
    Structural damage properties of loess under loading and moistening
    S. Shao, S.J. Shao &A.Z. Luo
    The microstructure and soil-water characteristic of unsaturated loess
    D.R. Hao, H.J. Liao, C.M. Ning & X.P. Shan
    Hydraulic behaviors of unsaturated expansive soils
    L.C. Miao, Y. Cui & H. Zeng
    Discussion on cushion material strength after freezing-thawing cycle based on pore
    size distribution model
    J.P. Yuan, Q.L.Wang, C.L. Han & K.B. Li
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance assay of carbon dioxide hydrate in silt
    H.H. Tian, C.F.Wei, X.L. Xia & H.Wang
    Evolution of soil water in silt soils based on NMR technique
    P. Chen, C.F.Wei, J. Liu &W.J. Xue
    Point of Zero Charge of two highly plastic expansive soils
    B. Lin &A.B. Cerato
    Stress-strain and strength characteristics
    Influence of unsaturated state variables on small strain elastic behaviour
    A.M. Hasan & S.J. Wheeler
    Some remarks on the mechanical yielding of unsaturated soils
    M. Lloret-Cabot, J.A. Pineda, D. Sheng & M.P. Cordão Neto
    Deformation and yielding for intact Q3 loess under various stress paths
    D.F. Zhang, C.L. Chen, D.B. Yu, Y.T. Shu & P. Gao
    An experimental method to study the drying-wetting behaviour of a sand
    M. Milatz
    Characterizing soil mechanical response induced by drought climate using
    a novel micropenetrometer
    D.Y.Wang, C.S. Tang, S.K. Xu, K.Q. Sun, P.Wang & B. Shi
    Investigating the volume change characteristics of bentonite/sand mixture
    under hydro-mechanical coupling condition
    Z.G. Chen, C.S. Tang, D.Y.Wang, P.Wang, K.Q. Sun & B. Shi
    Deformation characteristics and permeability of saturated bentonite-sand mixtures
    W.J. Sun, Z.F.Wei, S.Q. Liu, C. Chen, L. Zhang & D.A. Sun
    Investigation on swelling-shrinkage behavior of compacted expansive soils during
    wetting-drying cycles
    N.F. Zhao,W.M. Ye, B. Chen &Y.G. Chen
    Cracks’ evolution characteristics of remolded expansive soils in the soaking
    and loading process
    Z.H. Yao, Z.H. Chen,W. Li, L.H. Su, Q.Q. Miao & J.H. Zhang
    Resilient modulus – soil suction correlations for two subgrade soils from China
    Z. Han & S.K. Vanapalli
    Wetting collapse at high degree of saturation during shearing for unsaturated sand
    B.J. Shwan
    Development of a new cyclic simple shear apparatus and test verification on loess
    S.J. Shao, Q.Wang & S. Shao
    Consolidation behavior of unsaturated Chuanxi compacted soil with soil suction
    control oedometer
    D. Lu &W. Li
    Experimental study of mechanical behavior of unsaturated silty clay in different
    loading sequences under constant water content condition
    A.M. Rasool, K. Jiro & T. Shinya
    Change in shear behavior of unsaturated volcanic coarse-grained soil due to fine
    particles run off
    X.Y. Zheng, T. Ishikawa &T. Tokoro
    Effect of fine grain contents on the unsaturated mechanical characteristics of
    embankment materials
    B.S. Kim, Y. Takeshita, S. Kato & S.W. Park
    Research on physical and mechanical properties of Xinjiang Daxigou loess
    Z.Q. Hu, S. Lin, Z.J. Li & H.R. Li
    Study on dynamic modulus and deformation characteristics of loess under
    bidirectional cyclic loads
    X.D. Zhang, Y.S. Luo, P.C.Wang & L.X. Hu
    Shear strength of a swelled soil examining influence of swelling boundary conditions
    B.F. Lim & G.A. Siemens
    Strength behaviors of the unsaturated silty clay based on ring shear test
    W.J. Xue, P. Chen & C.F.Wei
    Influence of matric suction on shear strength behavior of remolded unsaturated
    basalt residual soil
    J. Chen, X.W. Lei, F.Z. Cheng & Q.S. Meng
    Study on shear strength characteristics of the remolded laterite soil in Guilin
    X.J. Chen, X. Huang, G.Y. Xiao, H.B. Chen &Y.L. Qi
    Experimental analysis on tensile strength of unsaturated sandy clay under
    different initial densities and water contents
    R.J. Che, G.Q. Cai & C.G. Zhao
    Water retention and hydraulic behavior
    A non-linear hysteresis model for soil-water retention behaviour
    A.N. Zhou
    Common mistakes in determination of air entry value from gravimetric water
    content based Soil-Water Characteristic Curve
    A.Y. Pasha, A. Khoshghalb & N. Khalili
    Non-isothermal water retention curve and volume change equation for unsaturated soils
    A.N. Zhou, J. Li & D. Sheng
    A simplified method to estimate the Soil-Water Characteristic Curve
    Y.T. Fan & E.C. Leong
    Effect of specimen preparation on water retention and deformation behaviour
    of unsaturated soils
    D.A. Sun, Y. Gao &A.N. Zhou
    A research of affect factor on hysteresis behavior for Soil-Water Characteristic Curve
    J. Li & F.Y. Liu
    Soil water retention of a compacted sandy clay with sub-critical water repellency
    S.D.N. Lourenço, N. Jones, C.P. Morley, S.H. Doerr & R. Bryant
    Measurement of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of expansive soil using
    filter paper method
    H. Li, L.C. Li & Z.Q. Huang
    Drying-wetting Soil-Water Characteristic Curves of highly expansive soil
    A.M. Al-Mahbashi, T.Y. Elkady & M.A. Alshamrani
    Measurement of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve with a continuous pressurization method
    S. Kato, M. Hatakeyama, H. Abe, B.S. Kim &Y. Takeshita
    Hydraulic properties for soils that undergo volume change as soil suction is increased
    F. Zhang, D.G. Fredlund & G.W.Wilson
    Role of unsaturated permeability function in seepage analyses
    A. Rahimi, H. Rahardjo & E.C. Leong
    Effects of variability of unsaturated hydraulic properties on stability of residual soil slopes
    Q. Zhai, H. Rahardjo &A. Satyanaga
    Measurement of hydraulic properties of unsaturated permeable polyurethane
    bound asphalt materials
    L. Renken, M. Oeser, M. Milatz & J. Grabe
    Hydro-mechanical behaviour of shot-clay bentonite
    A. Ferrari, A. Seiphoori & L. Laloui
    Effect of heating to Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of compacted bentonite
    T. Nishimura
    Development of test-bed and model test for one-dimensional heat and
    moisture transfer in soils
    Z.T. Zeng, Y.L. Zhao, H.B. Lu, C.F.Wei &Y. Zhang
    Thermal conductivity of unsaturated mixtures of loess soil with granulated rubber
    Z.H. Li, H.Y. Zhang &Y.M. Sheng
    Laboratory study on drainage-seepage controlling of fine/coarse structure in
    unsaturated expansive soil slope
    Q.H.Wu, J.F. Zhang, G.S. Zhu, H.D. Cui & X.Y. Liu
    Water retention properties of unsaturated coarse-grained soils: The experimental
    study of the effect of Microbialy Induced Calcite Precipitation
    R. Saffari, G. Habibagahi, E. Nikooee &A. Niazi
    Effect of grain size on soil moisture evaporation process
    S.K. Xu, C.S. Tang, K.Q. Sun & P.Wang
    Osmotic suction of two highly plastic expansive soils
    B. Lin &A.B. Cerato
    Fundamentals and constitutive modelling
    Rate effects in inter-granular capillary bridges
    Y. Zhang, D. Hanaor &Y.X. Gan
    Interaction force between pore water and soil skeleton
    L.T. Shao & X.X. Guo
    Development of a hydro-thermal coupled model for unsaturated soils
    N. An, S. Hemmati, Y.J. Cui &A.M. Tang
    Nonlinear analysis of stress-strain relations of unsaturated soils
    J.H. Zhang, Z.H. Chen, D. Chen, Q.Q. Miao & Z.H. Yao
    Problems associated with determination of yield curves for unsaturated soils
    X. Zhang
    Structural and mechanical behavior of expansive soil with pore damage
    M.S. Cheng, S.J.Wang, Y.Q. Zhang, S.H. Jiang & Z.H. Chen
    Prediction of 1-D heave of a natural expansive soil slope of Zao-yang in China
    using the SWCC-based and water content-based models
    H.Y. Tu & S.K. Vanapalli
    Potential of surfactants for clay improvement
    N. Jones, S.D.N. Lourenço & A. Paul
    Cam-clay model applicable to unsaturated clayey sand
    Q.Q. Miao, Z.H. Chen, Q.Q. Zhu, Z.H. Yao & J.H. Zhang
    Analysis, improvement and evaluation of the generalized Soil-Water Characteristic Curve
    Z.H. Chen & J.H. Zhang
    A fractal-based Soil-Water Characteristic Curve model for deformable soils
    A. Khoshghalb, A.Y. Pasha & N. Khalili
    The formulation of the water retention curve with deformation and hysteresis
    Q.D. Huang, C.G. Zhao & G.Q. Cai
    Validity of the bimodal equations for fitting the Soil-Water Characteristic Curve
    behavior of cracked expansive soils
    X.Wang & S.K. Vanapalli
    A model for thermal influence on water retention curve in high suction range
    B. Qin, Y. Lu, F.Z. Zhang & Z.H. Chen
    Evaluation of Soil-Water Characteristic Curves of sand-cement mixtures
    A.O. Al Shenawy, S.H. Al-hadama &T.Y. Elkady
    Study on the absorbed suction of unsaturated soil based on the Horsfield
    close packing model
    L.S. Tang, Y.L. Sun, Z.W. Deng & H.T. Sang
    Effective stress for volume change of unsaturated soils
    Y.F. Xu, Z.R. Cao, H.G. Zhu & F.F. Chu
    Failure of divide-and-conquer approach in the characterization of unsaturated soils
    X. Zhang
    Reanalysis on shear strength of unsaturated soils
    L.T. Shao, G.F. Zheng & X.X. Guo
    Influence of sodium chloride on evaporation and cracking of earthen heritages
    Y. Zhang,W.M. Ye, B. Chen &Y.G. Chen
    Prediction of swelling by effective stress of bentonite in salt solution
    G.S. Xiang, Y.F. Xu, T. Chen & H. Jiang
    An elastoplastic constitutive model for chalk with considering chalk-fluid
    physicochemical interaction
    T.T. Ma, C.F.Wei & X.L. Xia
    An elastoplastic constitutive model for gas hydrate-bearing soils with
    hydrate dissociation
    R.T. Yan & C.F.Wei
    An intelligent back analysis optimization method of constitutive parameters
    for surrounding rock
    Y. Zhang, B.C. Liu, Y.N. Hou & Z.T. Zeng
    Predicting liquefaction of unsaturated sands using a coupled hydro-mechanical
    elastoplastic constitutive model
    B. Zhang, K.K. Muraleetharan & C. Liu
    Numerical modelling
    Numerical modelling of swelling/shrinkage behaviour of unsaturated soils for
    buried pipe stress analysis
    D.Weerasinghe, J. Kodikara & H. Bui
    Numerical study on expansive soil slope stability considering the cracks and
    coupling effects
    S.C. Qi & S.K. Vanapalli
    A numerical model for heat and moisture migration in unsaturated freezing soil
    J. Teng, D. Sheng, S. Liang & S. Zhang
    Effective stress based numerical modelling of shallow foundations on unsaturated soil
    Y. Tang & H.A. Taiebat
    Development of a fully coupled thermo-hydro-chemical simulator for gas
    hydrate extraction
    W.T. Li, C.F.Wei & T.T. Ma
    Three-dimensional DEM simulation of constant-water-content triaxial tests
    on the unsaturated remolded loess
    T. Li & M.J. Jiang
    Simulation of particle crushing using Discrete-Element Method (DEM)
    Y. Xi &Y.F. Xu
    A new numerical method for one-dimensional compression test of crushable
    particles based on DEM
    Y.D.Wang & Y. Xi
    Sensitive THM coupled analysis of buffer-rock barriers for nuclear waste storage
    Y.F. Qiao, A. Ferrari, L. Laloui &W.Q. Ding
    Engineering applications and case histories
    Field testing
    Monitoring of a suburban environment: Soil-plant-atmosphere and clay movements
    D.A. Cameron, S.J. Vorwerk & G. Keppel
    Field monitoring of suction distribution in Coarse-Grained and Fine-Grained residual soil
    N. Gofar, H. Rahardjo & M.L. Lee
    Determining volume of failed soil mass in a landslide from satellite images
    B.J.M. Lim, E.C. Leong & K.S. Low
    Field monitoring to study the effect of rainfall on tree stability
    N. Amalia, H. Rahardjo, T.T. Lee, E.C. Leong &Y.K. Fong
    The impacts of climate change on expansive soil movements in Australia
    X. Sun, J. Li, A.N. Zhou & G. Ren
    A study on the feasibility of using centrifugal model test to simulate in-situ
    soaking test on loess
    S.L. Jin, Y.C. Xing,W.Q. Zhao, A.J. Zhang & P. An
    Model test on lateral earth pressure of highly expansive soil
    S.A. Khattab, M.K. Al-Shamam & K.A. Al-Juari
    Experimental study on the saturation changes of dredged fills during vertical
    vacuum preloading
    J.J. Ma, J.Wang, P.Wang, Y.Q. Cai & H.T. Fu
    Stress evolution in THMC GMZ-bentonite China-Mock-up for geological disposal
    of high level radioactive waste in China
    Y.M. Liu, S.F. Cao, J.Wang, J.L. Xie, L.K. Ma, X.G. Zhao & L. Chen
    Selection and analysis of enclosure structure of deep foundation pit in Lanzhou metro
    N. Guo, Z.H. Chen & X.H. Yang
    Design and installation of comprehensive instrumentation system of high-fill
    foundation in mountainous airport
    Y.P. Zhu, X.H. Yang, Z.B. Shi,W.X. Cai & H.J. Jiang
    Engineering applications
    Comparisons between the measured and predicted resilient modulus of subgrade Red
    clay using a SWCC based model
    W.L. Zou, J.F. Zhang, Y.L. Li, S.K. Vanapalli, H.Y. Tu & J. Zhang
    Application of MPK framework to interpret volume change behavior of compacted
    unsaturated soils
    A. Abeyrathne, T. Islam, J. Kodikara & H. Bui
    Behaviour of pipes subjected to fault movements in unsaturated soils using spring analysis
    D.J. Robert & K. Soga
    Engineering characteristics of granite residual soils of landslide inWuzhou,
    Guangxi, China
    Z.B.Wang, K. Li, C.F.Wei & Z.Q. Xu
    Cavity expansion in unsaturated silty sand exhibiting hydraulic hysteresis for
    three drainage conditions
    H. Yang & A.R. Russell
    Translational slip failures on slope incorporating unsaturated soil mechanics
    W. Huang, E.C. Leong & H. Rahardjo
    Investigation on the failure mechanisms of unsaturated high loess slope triggered
    by irrigation
    X.T. Zhang, T.L. Li &W.H. Liu
    Estimation of soil shrinkage curve
    M.Wijaya & E.C. Leong
    Effect of infiltration characteristics of soil on tree stability
    A. Rahimi, H. Rahardjo, E.C. Leong, T.T. Lee, A.W.K. Law &Y.K. Fong
    An analysis of plain strain deformation and strength characteristics of loess with
    vertical structure
    Y. Zhang, S.J. Shao & L.J.Wang
    Engineering properties of lead contaminated expansive soil
    X.Q. Zhang, F.S. Zha, J.J. Liu & K.R. Cui
    Feasibility investigation of a local weathered soil as final cover material for a landfill
    in south China
    J. Liu, R. Chen, T.L.T. Zhan, Z.Q. Li & C.W.W. Ng
    Modelling of transport and erosion of bentonite in the fracture
    T. Chen &Y.F. Xu
    Water-rock interaction for marly rocks of Badong group in the Three
    Gorges Reservoir Area
    X.J. Chen, L.L. Xia, Z.Y. Zhao, Y. Song, B. Chai, J. Tong & B. Jiang
    Feasibility analysis of electromagnetic field in geotechnical engineering research
    B.X. Shi, S.S. Chen, G.R. Zhang & C. Zhou
    Improvement of soil stability along rail corridors through native vegetation
    M. Pallewattha, B. Indraratna & C. Rujikiatkamjorn
    Mechanism of new anchored reinforced vegetation system for strengthening
    swelling rock and soil slope
    Y. Xu, S. Xian & S. Pei
    Research on the electrical resistivity of early solidified soil composing of dredged clays
    F.Z. Cheng, X.W. Lei, Y.S. Liao, Q.S. Meng & J. Chen
    The hydrological mechanism of a residual soil slope underwent deformations
    during rainfall
    C.C. Fan & S.H. Liu
    Comparative analysis on flexible supporting technology of different types of
    expansive soil cutting slope in the south and the north of China
    H.P. Yang, J.S. Lin & J. Xiao
    Effect of sodium chloride solution on adsorbed water content of clays
    X.L. Xia, C.F.Wei, T.T. Ma & H.H. Tian
    Swelling of GMZ bentonite with saline solutions and its prediction
    L. Zhang, D.A. Sun &Y.M. Liu
    Geo-Barrier System as a retaining structure
    H. Rahardjo, Q. Zhai, A. Satyanaga, E.C. Leong, C.L.Wang & L.H.Wong
    Numerical stimulation of geogrid reinforced flexible supporting treating
    expansive soil cut slope
    J. Xiao, H.P. Yang & S.Y. Zhu
    The effect of traffic loading to buried water mains in partially saturated soils
    C. Randeniya, D.J. Robert & C.Q. Li
    Effect of water content on long-term cyclic behaviour of railway track-bed materials
    F. Lamas-Lopez, Y.J. Cui, J.C. Dupla, A.M. Tang, J. Canou, N. Calon & S. Costa D’Aguiar
    Analogy study on surface deterioration of earthen monuments
    Y. Chen, J.F.Wang, H.Y. Zhang &Y.X. Gai
    Analysis of the failure of a polluted red clay foundation in the north Guilin karst area
    C.M. Mu, K.L. Han &Y. Liu


    Chen, Zhenghan ; Wei, Changfu ; Sun, De´an; Xu, Xongfu