1st Edition

Unsaturated Soils: Research & Applications

    1872 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Unsaturated Soils: Research and Applications contains 247 papers presented at 6th International Conference on Unsaturated Soils (UNSAT2014, Sydney, Australia, 2-4 July 2014). The two volumes provide an overview of recent experimental and theoretical advances in a wide variety of topics related to unsaturated soil mechanics:

    - Unsaturated Soil Behavior
    - Experimentation
    - Modelling
    - Case Histories
    - Geotechnical Engineering Problems
    - Multidisciplinary and New Areas

    Unsaturated Soils: Research and Applications presents a wealth of information, and is of interest to researchers and practising engineers in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering.

    These proceedings are dedicated to Professor Geoffrey E. Blight (1934-2013), who passed in November 2013.

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    Organization xxi
    Obituary xxiii

    VOLUME 1

    Plenary lectures

    Possible frost heave mechanisms in an unsaturated high-speed railway formation
    D. Sheng, G. Zhao, S. Zhang & F. Niu

    Highly expansive granular mixtures
    E.E. Alonso, N. Pinyol & C. Hoffmann

    Validating the effective stress principle in unsaturated soil using non-failure tests
    N. Lu

    Semi plenary lectures

    Some issues in hydro-mechanical behaviour of unsaturated soils and its modelling
    De’an Sun, Y. Gao & J. Zhang

    Raw earth construction: Is there a role for unsaturated soil mechanics?
    D. Gallipoli, A.W. Bruno, C. Perlot & N. Salmon

    Expansive clays, collapsing sands, unbound pavement materials and unsaturated soil theory
    D.A. Cameron

    Use of the yield pressure to interpret pressuremeter results in unsaturated soil
    G.A. Miller

    Characterization of unsaturated properties of recycled materials
    H. Rahardjo, A. Satyanaga, E.C. Leong & J.-Y. Wang

    Response of intermediate unsaturated soils under suction-controlled plane strain conditions: A preliminary investigation
    J.A. Cruz, L.R. Hoyos & A. Lizcano

    Unsaturated issues in claystones
    P. Delage

    Matrix suction and shear strength of unsaturated clay
    S. Frydman & R. Baker

    On the hydro-mechanical behavior of unsaturated soils in railway sub-structures
    Y.J. Cui


    Role of matric suction on wetting-induced collapse settlement of silty sand
    A.T.M.Z. Rabbi, D.A. Cameron & M.M. Rahman

    Investigation of the directional dependence of soil resistivity in cracking clays
    A.A. Hassan & D.G. Toll

    Physical effects of liquid-vapor water transition in unsaturated soils
    B. Pelizzari, J. Monnet, B. Loret, D. Mahmutovic, O. Plé, L. Boutonnier & J.-F. Daïan

    Research on stress state variables of unsaturated soil
    B. Qin & Z.H. Chen

    Study on mechanical behavior of non-wettable sands
    B.S. Kim, Y. Takeshita, S. Kato & S.W. Park

    The principle of effective stress in unsaturated soil mechanics and its limitations
    C.G. Zhao, Z.Z. Liu & G.Q. Cai

    Necessary conditions for the critical state of unsaturated soils
    C.G. Zhao, S. Asreazad, J. Li & G.Q. Cai

    Exploiting suction to reduce embodied carbon in geotechnical structures
    D. McIntyre & A. Tarantino

    Projections of climate change on the behaviour of clays in the UK
    D. Clarke & J.A. Smethurst

    Interpretation of stresses and strains in unsaturated fine-grained soils
    E.J. Murray, D.G. Toll & V. Sivakumar

    Pore-water pressure development of a quasi-saturated compacted residual soil
    G.G. Carnero & F.A.M. Marinho

    Examination of effective stress and determination of state surface of unsaturated clayey silt by using suction controlled consolidometer test
    H. Suzuki & Y. Okano

    On controlling influence of the line of optimums on the compacted clayey soil behavior
    J. Kodikara, T. Islam, S. Wijesooriya, H. Bui & B.C. Burman

    A modified form of Terzaghi’s effective stress principle of unsaturated expansive clays
    J. Mainka, C. Moyne, M.A. Murad & S.A. Lima

    Effects of wetting on mechanical behavior and particle crushing of a mudstone particle mixture
    J.-J. Wang, M.-W. Liu, H.-P. Zhang, D.-Y. Wang & W.-J. Deng

    Principle of effective stress for unsaturated soils
    L.T. Shao, G. Zheng, X.X. Guo & G. Liu

    Experimental study on the relationship of mechanic and hydraulic state variables, and the dielectric properties of clays
    M. Schwing, Z. Chen, A. Scheuermann, D.J. Williams & N. Wagner

    Characterization of time-dependent contact angles for oleic acid mixed sands with different particle size fractions
    Y.N.S. Wijewardana, K. Kawamoto, T. Komatsu, S. Hamamoto, S. Subedi & P. Moldrup

    Characterization of the effect of disturbance on the hydro-mechanical behavior of a highly collapsible loessial soil
    S. Mohsen Haeri, A. Khosravi, S. Ghaizadeh, A. Akbari Garakani & C.L. Meehan

    Fundamental concepts of the mechanics of unsaturated soils
    V.Y. Katte & G.E. Blight

    Hydro-mechanical behaviour of unsaturated soils
    V. Sivakumar & N. Vimalan

    Effect of confining pressure and degree of saturation on damping ratios of sand
    Z.Y. Cheng & E.C. Leong

    Constitutive modelling

    Influence of compaction procedure on elastic anisotropy
    A.M. Hasan & S.J. Wheeler

    An improved modeling of hydro-mechanical behavior of unsaturated compacted soils
    C. Yang, C.S. Yang & X.F. Liu

    Swelling of compacted expansive clays interpreted in terms of Tezaghi effective stress
    D. Mašín & N. Khalili

    A model for weakly unsaturated soils taking into account the three phases (air, water and soil)
    D. Mahmutovic, J. Monnet, B. Loret, O. Plé, B. Pelizzari, L. Boutonnier & B.T. Lai

    Inception of strain localization in variably saturated soils
    D. Perić, G. Zhao & N. Khalili

    Elastoplastic framework for the volumetric behavior of unsaturated soils
    E. Rojas, H. Arroyo & M.L. Pérez-Rea

    Elastoplastic framework to simulate the collapse of soils
    E. Rojas, H. Arroyo & M.L. Pérez-Rea

    A multiphase constitutive modeling framework for unsaturated soil behavior
    G.D. Nguyen & Y. Gan

    A simple model for prediction of the modulus of elasticity of unsaturated expansive soils
    H.H. Adem & S.K. Vanapalli

    Bounding Surface Plasticity (BSP) approach to model behaviour of unsaturated soils using a non-associative flow rule
    H. Wong, B.T. Lai, A. Fabbri, D. Branque & M. Morvan

    Modelling wetting collapse behaviour in unsaturated granite residual soil
    M.J. Md. Noor & I.B.M. Jais

    A constitutive model of unsaturated expansive soils considering influences of capillary and adsorptive components of matric suction
    J. Li, C.G. Zhao, Y. Liu & G.Q. Cai

    Influence of stress variables on constitutive modeling for unsaturated soils
    J.S. Li, J.F. Yang, G.L. Ye, A.M. Liu & Y.C. Xing

    Patterns of cracking in soils due to drying and wetting cycles
    J. Cordero, A. Cuadrado, A. Ledesma & P.C. Prat

    Nonlinear ground response analysis of unsaturated soil deposits
    M. Biglari, I. Ashayeri & F. Fouladi

    Incremental stress-strain and suction-degree of saturation formulation in unsaturated soils
    M. Lloret-Cabot & D. Sheng

    A new model adapted for unsaturated soils taking cyclic loading into account
    M. Morvan, B. Chevalier & P. Breul

    Discussion on the introduction of suction in an existing model
    M. Morvan, B. Chevalier, H. Wong & D. Branque

    Discussion on the integration of the complex hydromechanical coupling in a model adapted for unsaturated soils
    M. Morvan, B. Chevalier, P. Breul, H. Wong & D. Dranque

    Prediction of stress strain response by rotational multiple yield surface framework for unsaturated granite residual soil
    M.J. Md. Noor & I.B.M. Jais

    An elasto-plastic model for unsaturated soils with evolving anisotropy
    M.A. Al-Sharrad & D. Gallipoli

    Multi-scale analysis of the swelling and shrinkage of a lime-treated expansive clayey soil
    O. Cuisinier, F. Masrouri, G. Stoltz & G. Russo

    A compressibility framework to describe the volume change behaviour of unsaturated clayey soils
    P. Sitarenios & M. Kavvadas

    Directional plastic flow and stress increment dependencies: Experimental study on variably saturated soils
    S. Zargarbashi & N. Khalili

    Stress integration schemes for unsaturated soils
    W.T. Sołowski & S.W. Sloan

    Model predictions of hydro-mechanical coupling in unsaturated crushable soils
    Y.D. Zhang & G. Buscarnera

    Numerical modelling

    Multi-objective management of unconfined aquifer considering the unsaturated flow zone
    A.A. Javadi & M.S. Hussain

    Modelling benchmark of a laboratory test on hydro-mechanical behavior of bentonite
    A. Millard, J.D. Barnichon, N. Mokni, K.E. Thatcher, A. Bond & R. Blaheta

    Modeling the thermo-mechanical triaxial shearing behavior of unsaturated soils using EPR
    A. Ahangar-Asr, A.A. Javadi & N. Khalili

    Modeling density effect on hydro-mechanical behavior of unsaturated soils
    A.N. Zhou & D. Sheng

    Coupling between deformation and flow models in deformable unsaturated soils
    A. Khoshghalb & N. Khalili

    A preliminary meso-mechanical analysis of effective stress in unsaturated soil
    G. Zhao & N. Khalili

    Modeling rainfall infiltration through coarse and fine-grained unsaturated geomaterials
    G. Rotisciani, A. Desideri, G. Sciarra & F. Casini

    Numerical analysis of unsaturated excavation by using suction stress
    J. Zhou, B. Liu & X.-Y. Xie

    Modelling soil water redistribution in unsaturated zone during evaporation process
    J. Teng, N. Yasufuku, R. Ishikura & Z. Jiang

    Compaction simulation with soil/water/air coupled FEA code and parametric study
    K. Kawai, V. Phommachanh, S. Sakamoto & A. Iizuka

    Obtaining factors of safety from a finite element analysis of unsaturated soils
    L. Zdravković, D.M. Potts & A. Tsiampousi

    Equivalent linear site response analysis of partially saturated sand layers
    M. Ghayoomi & M. Mirshekari

    Modeling the formation and propagation of desiccation cracks in soils
    M. Sánchez, O. Manzoli & L. Guimarães

    Consolidation analysis of unsaturated double porosity media
    S. Salimzadeh & N. Khalili

    EFG mesh-less method for coupled hydro-mechanical analysis of unsaturated porous media
    S. Samimi & A. Pak

    Numerical simulation of mechanical behavior of a triaxial silty soil under undrained and various controlled air boundary conditions
    T. Yoshikawa & T. Noda

    Three-phase coupled analysis of unsaturated embankment subjected to rainfall infiltration and seismic motion
    T. Matsumaru & R. Uzuoka

    The influence of time unit and element size with the numerical result of soil-water-air coupled unsaturated seepage analysis
    T. Mori, M. Kazama, J. Kim & R. Uzuoka

    Verification of a new soil-water-air coupled analysis based on a rate-type equation of motion through realization of uniform deformation of an unsaturated soil specimen
    T. Noda & T. Yoshikawa

    Application of soil/water/air coupled F.E. code to predict seepage and deformation on sandy slope
    V. Phommachanh, N. Matsuo, K. Ienaga, K. Kawai, A. Iizuka & B. Tiwari

    Mesh size dependent process of wetting front advancing in unsaturated soil column
    X. Zhao, X. Li, J. Liu & X. Chen

    A FE analysis on slope failure in unsaturated ground based on soil-water-air fully coupling theory
    Y.L. Xiong, F. Zhang, X.H. Bao & B. Ye

    A constitutive model for coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical analysis of multiphase flow in local thermal non-equilibrium in fractured media
    Y. Bai & N. Khalili

    Numerical evaluation for performance of a capillary barrier system
    Y. Sugiyama, S. Nomura, K. Kawai & M. Mimura

    Numerical evaluation of a multiple soil barrier system preventing water infiltration
    Y. Takayama, Y. Ikuta, A. Iizuka, K. Kawai, T. Taki, R. Sakao & Y. Ichikawa

    Micro and macro structure

    Microstructural analysis of water retention property for a cemented dredged material
    A.C.F. Chiu & X. Hu

    An X-Ray CT imaging of water absorption process of soft rocks
    A. Sato & Ö. Aydan

    Influence of microfabric evolution on the retention behaviour of compacted clayey soils
    A.C. Dieudonné, G.D. Vecchia, R. Charlier & C. Jommi

    An approach to detect micro- and macro-porosity from MIP data
    B.C.F.L. Lopes, M.P. Cordão Neto & A. Tarantino

    Sand mixture density 691
    E. Imre, M. Hazay, M. Juhász, J. Lőrincz, K. Rajkai, T. Schanz, Y. Lins & Zs. Hortobágyi

    Qualitative and quantitative investigation of soils and porous rocks by using very high resolution X-ray micro-CT imaging
    G. Zacher, T. Paul, M. Halisch & P. Westenberger

    An investigation into unsaturated states of granular media using X-ray computed tomography
    S. Salager, G. Khaddour, J. Desrues & P. Charrier

    Experimental and modelling issues in unsaturated soils mechanics: Role of microstructure
    J.M. Pereira, J.F. Bruchon, M. Vandamme, N. Lenoir, P. Delage & M. Bornert

    The use of XRCT to investigate highly unsaturated soil mixtures
    J.C. Smith, C.E. Augarde & C.T.S. Beckett

    Macro and microstructure of Guadalquivir blue marls in cyclic suction-controlled drying and wetting test
    M. Vázquez-Boza, J.L. Justo, P. Durand & A. Morales-Esteban

    Observation of soil curling using 2D laser scanner
    M. Zielinski, M. Sanchez, E. Romero & A. Atique

    Microstructural interpretation of compression behaviour of compacted kaolin clay
    M. Pedrotti & A. Tarantino

    Small strain and dynamic response

    Role of the compaction energy level on the small strain stiffness of a silty sand soil subjected to wetting and drying
    A. Heitor, B. Indraratna & C. Rujikiatkamjorn

    Large deformation dynamic analysis of unsaturated soils
    B.S. Khan, G.A. Esgandani & N. Khalili

    Constitutive model for unsaturated fine-grained soils incorporating small strain stiffness
    K.S. Wong & D. Mašín

    Small-strain shear stiffness of compacted clays: Initial state and microstructural features
    J. Suriol, E. Romero, A. Lloret & J. Vaunat

    Effect of wetting and drying paths on the resilient modulus of a compacted soil
    R.C. Weber, W.Y.Y. Gehling & W.P. Núñez

    Effect of pore air pressure on cyclic behavior of unsaturated sandy soil
    R. Uzuoka, T. Unno, N. Sento & M. Kazama

    Influence of seepage event on cyclic triaxial behavior of a compacted, unsaturated soil
    T. Nishimura

    Semi-empirical model for predicting the resilient modulus of unsaturated fine-grained soils
    Z. Han & S.K. Vanapalli

    Thermal effects—desiccation

    Refinements in the theory to predict actual evaporation
    D. Tran, D.G. Fredlund, D.H. Chan & W.G. Wilson

    Temperature effect on the mechanical parameters of a clayey compacted soil
    H. Eslami, S. Rosin-Paumier, A. Abdallah & F. Masrouri

    Crack formation in clayey geomaterials subjected to tensile (total) stress
    I. Murray, A. Tarantino & F. Francescon

    Desiccation cracking in clay forms subjected to non-uniform hydraulic and mechanical boundary conditions
    I. Murray, A. Tarantino, P. Gérard & F. Francescon

    Unsaturated soil mechanics in geothermal energy applications
    J.S. McCartney, C.J.R. Coccia, N.A. Alsherif, M.A. Stewart, T. Baser, T. Traore & J.C. Goode III

    Water retention and thermal properties of nearly saturated Boom Clay
    L.Q. Dao, P. Delage, Y.J. Cui, A.M. Tang, X.L. Li & X. Sillen

    Variation of total suction of a clayey soil with temperature
    M.A. Ali, R.M. Singh, A. Bouazza, W.P. Gates & R.K. Rowe

    Behaviour of a bentonite barrier under thermal and hydraulic gradients: FEBEX mock-up test, 16 years of operation P.L. Martín, J.M. Barcala & M.V. Villar

    Numerical investigation of desiccation cracking in fine-grained soil using a lattice spring model
    Y. Gui, G. Zhao & N. Khalili


    Laboratory tests on swelling due to crystal growth in sulphate bearing rocks
    A. Deu, E. Romero, À. Plaza & I.R. Berdugo

    Crystal growth and soil expansion: The role of interfacial pressure and pore structure
    A. Ramon & E.E. Alonso

    Multi-scale study of desiccation shrinkage in granular soils
    H. Bista, L.B. Hu, B. Mielniczuk, M.S. El Youssoufi, L. Laloui & T. Hueckel

    Relationship between swelling pressures determined by constant volume and consolidation-swell oedometer tests
    J.D. Nelson & K.C. Chao

    Effect of coal addition on the swelling potential of a weathered claystone
    J. Johnston, S. Fityus & O. Buzzi

    Wetting induced volume change behavior of compacted expansive soil with different initial state
    J. Zhang & W.L. Zou

    Quantifying shrink-swell capacity of soil using soil moisture sorption isotherms
    L.D. Rivera, D.R. Cobos, C.S. Campbell, C.L.S. Morgan & W.J. Likos

    Biological treatment of swelling soils using microbial calcite precipitation
    M. Sadjadi, E. Nikooee & G. Habibagahi

    Deformation of compacted bentonite due to changes in relative humidity
    T. Nishimura & J. Koseki

    Influence of stress-volume path on swelling behavior of an expansive clay
    X.F. Liu, O.P. Buzzi & J. Vaunat

    Author index

    VOLUME 2

    Water retention characteristics

    Voids ratio dependent soil-water characteristic curves: Theoretical derivations using fractals
    A.R. Russell

    Study of SWCC modeling parameters with variation in swelling behavior and mineralogy of four compacted expansive clays
    A. Pedarla, A.J. Puppala, L.R. Hoyos, C.E. Zapata & B. Chittoori

    Generating accurate soil water characteristic curves over the full range of soil suction by combining the Wind-Schindler and dewpoint hygrometer techniques
    C.S. Campbell, D.R. Cobos, L.D. Rivera & G.S. Campbell

    Development of a hysteretic soil-water retention model using an optimisation technique
    D.M.G. Taborda & A. Tsiampousi

    SWCC measurement of two types of iron ore fines
    H. Wang, J. Koseki & T. Nishimura

    On the effects of density on water retention properties of expanded perlite
    M. Caruso & D. Sterpi

    Retention curves of bentonite under a microstructural perspective
    M.V. Villar, R. Gómez-Espina, R. Campos, L. Gutiérrez-Nebot & I. Barrios

    Soil water retention curves of a compacted soil used as liner of a sanitary landfill
    M.A.G. Leme & M.G. Miguel

    Evaluation of a geosynthetic clay liner water retention curve using vapour equilibrium technique
    M.A. Rouf, R.M. Singh, A. Bouazza, W.P. Gates & R.K. Rowe

    The water retention properties of the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone
    M. Wan, P. Delage, A.M. Tang & J. Talandier

    Effect of adding natural clay on the water retention curve of sand-bentonite mixtures
    M.A. Dafalla & A.M. Al-Mahbashi

    Effects of hydration fluid on moisture-suction relationships for geosynthetic clay liners
    N. Yesiller, J.L. Risken, J.L. Hanson & J.B. Darius

    Variability in Soil-Water Characteristic Curve associated with fitting parameters
    Q. Zhai & H. Rahardjo

    Water retention behavior of deformable soils—experiment and modeling
    S. Salager, M. Nuth, A. Ferrari & L. Laloui

    Unsaturated flow and hydraulic conductivity

    A conceptual model for water-limited evapotranspiration taking into account root depth, root density, and vulnerability to xylem cavitation
    A. Amabile, B. Balzano, M. Caruso & A. Tarantino

    Dynamics of water movements with reversals in unsaturated soils
    A. Scheuermann, S.A. Galindo-Torres, D.M. Pedroso, D.J. Williams & L. Li

    Characterisation of the hydraulic behaviour of coarse-grained flood embankment materials
    A. Pozzato & A. Tarantino

    Hydration kinetics of compacted low-density bentonite1
    A.C. Dieudonné, R. Charlier & E. Romero

    Underlying parameters affecting estimation of unsaturated permeability of soils
    A. Rahimi, H. Rahardjo & E.C. Leong

    Rate of capillary rise in a column of uniform sized spheres
    E.C. Leong & W. Huang

    Comparison of 1D and 2D infiltration results using unsaturated transparent soil
    G.A. Siemens & C.P. Oldroyd

    Predicting the dependency of a permeability function on initial density for unsaturated soils
    G.Q. Cai, A.N. Zhou & D. Sheng

    Probabilistic model to predict soil-water characteristics on unsaturated soils
    H. Arroyo, E. Rojas, M.L. Pérez-Rea, J. Horta & J. Arroyo

    Hydraulic conductivity from soil-water characteristic curves with hysteresis
    H. Yang, A. Khoshghalb & A.R. Russell

    Inverse analysis to estimate hydraulic properties of unsaturated soil
    S. Hosung

    Assessment of soil texture influence on nitrates leachability in unsaturated soils
    I. Popescu, Gy. Deák & G. Dorobantu

    Experimental study of brown coal hydraulic behavior at low confining stress
    K. Liu, R. Mackay, J. Xue & A. Tolooiyan

    An experimental study on pore-air behavior during water seepage process in unsaturated soil
    K. Kamiya & S. Yamada

    Determination of unsaturated permeability function for clayey silt
    N. Ebrahimi-Birang & D.G. Fredlund

    Evaluation of the method of determining unsaturated hydraulic conductivity based on the pore size distribution curve
    T.T.H. Nguyen, Y.J. Cui, A.M. Tang, G. Herrier, V. Ferber, C. Mauduit & F. Plier

    Experiences with unsaturated flow modeling and unsaturated flow property determination for expansive clays
    S. Houston & B. Welfert

    Determination of the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of clayey soil columns using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    S. Rosin-Paumier, S. Leclerc, A. Abdallah & D. Stemmelen

    Gas flow in variable permeability porous media
    S. Olivella, J. Alcoverro & E.E. Alonso

    The modified van Genuchten-Mualem model on Hydraulic Conductivity to improve reliability and numerical stability near saturation
    S. Oh & Y.K. Kim

    Derivation of mass transfer model for unsaturated soil and its applications
    S. Nomura, Y. Sugiyama, K. Kawai & A. Iizuka

    Evaluation on air-permeability of unsaturated soils subjected to freeze-thaw action
    T. Ishikawa, T. Tokoro, D. Nakamura & S. Yamashita

    Estimation and observation of water diversion in capillary barrier of soil
    T. Morii, K. Kobayashi, K. Matsumoto & K. Taguchi

    Influence of Fredlund-Xing-Kunze hydraulic models for the prediction of flow through unsaturated soils
    T.V. Bharat

    Swelling characteristics and permeability of bentonite
    W.J. Sun, S.Q. Liu, D.A. Sun & L. Fang

    Discrete microbubbles flow in transparent porous media
    Y. Ma, G. Yan, A. Scheuermann, L. Li, S.A. Galindo-Torres & D. Bringemeier

    Slope stability

    Effect of dual-porosity material on stability of slope during rainfall
    A. Satyanaga, H. Rahardjo, E.C. Leong, Y.H. Chia & J.-Y. Wang

    Evaluating slope stability with respect to pore-water pressure and suction variation with rainfall: A case study of fill granitic slope in northern Thailand
    A. Jotisankasa, K. Mahannopkul & A. Sawangsuriya

    Infiltration and stability of soil slope with vetiver grass subjected to rainfall from numerical modeling
    A. Jotisankasa, W. Mairaing & S. Tansamrit

    A numerical study of hydrological effects of vegetation on slope stability
    B. Balzano, A. Amabile, M. Caruso & A. Tarantino

    The mechanism of soil moisture contents in a slope gully during rainfall
    C.-C. Fan & H.-Z. Wang

    Stability analysis of high steep saturated-unsaturated loess slope
    H.J. Liao, C.M. Ning, X.P. Shan, Z.Y. Ma & F.Y. Liu

    Implementation of coupled finite element analysis for partially saturated soil slope stability
    J. Kim, S.W. Park & R.A. Regueiro

    Slope stability analysis by considering unsaturated seepage force in unsaturated slope
    K. Sako, M. Tabata, R. Kitamura & M. Niisaka

    Reliability analysis of rainfall induced slope instability of unsaturated soil slopes
    M.K. Sahis, G. Bhattacharya & R. Chowdhury

    Experimental study on the initiation of debris flow
    W. Hu, Q. Xu & T.W.J. van Asch

    Shear strength

    Unsaturated shear strength prediction of highly expansive soil
    A.M. Al-Mahbashi & T.Y. Elkady

    Modification of relative humidity and soil resistance at ground surface
    D. Tran, D.G. Fredlund & D.H. Chan

    The relationship between unconfined compressive strength and matric suction of compacted Khon Kaen Loess
    R. Nuntasarn

    Matric suction and shear strength of dynamically compacted soils
    R. Kizza, E.C. Leong & H. Rahardjo

    Generalized sensitivity for unsaturated cohesive soils
    S.J. Shao, Q. Wang & W. Zheng

    Unsaturated shear strength of coal mine spoil
    S. Fityus, H. Robertson, L. Bradfield & J. Simmons

    Experimental study and evaluation of shear behavior of unsaturated soil-steel interfaces
    Y. Liang, C.-X. Wang, G.-C. He & S.-L. Zhou

    Shearing behavior and modeling of disturbed volcanic cohesive soil considering dependence of hydraulic hysteresis on void ratio
    Y. Kiyohara & M. Kazama

    Field studies

    Field monitoring of seasonal ground movements in expansive soils in Melbourne
    A.M.A.N. Karunarathne, S. Sivanerupan, E.F. Gad, M.M. Disfani, J.L. Wilson & J. Li

    Analysis of the effects of the partial saturation on the Adige river embankment stability
    A. Pozzato, A. Tarantino & F. De Polo

    Effects of grass on induced soil suction during Evapotranspiration and ponding
    A.K. Leung, K.X. Woon & C.W.W. Ng

    Improvement of expansive soil of East Java, Indonesia by using the industrial solid waste
    A. Rachmansyah

    Excavation damaged zone modelling including hydraulic permeability evolution in unsaturated argilaceous rock
    B. Pardoen, S. Levasseur & F. Collin

    Himes and Johnson Street subgrade soil analysis
    C.R. Clarke, J.B. Nevels Jr. & A.S. Cabrera

    Soil moisture profile of a water-shedding cover design in central Queensland
    C. Gonzales, T. Baumgartl, A. Scheuermann & A. Soliman

    Soil-atmosphere interaction in a slope affected by shallow landslides: An example in Northern Italy
    C. Meisina, M. Bordoni, D. Zizioli, S. Chersich, R. Valentino & M. Bittelli

    On the role of geotechnical properties on the response of shafts realized by the sequential excavation method in unsaturated soils
    C.C. Dias, A.T. Gomes & J. Vaunat

    In-situ and laboratory measurements of coal matrix and cleat permeability
    J. Busse, A. Scheuermann, S.A. Galindo-Torres, D. Bringemeier & L. Li

    The change of matric suction due to heavy vehicle crossing
    J. Grabe & M. Milatz

    Field monitoring of an experimental embankment constructed with two treated fine-grained soils
    K.V. Bicalho, L.C. Araujo, B.T. Dantas, Y.J. Cui, A.M. Tang, M. Froumentin & D. Mercadier

    Studies on the inhibitory effect by various adaptation measures for red soil runoff from farmland on field tests
    K. Araki, K. Okumura, N. Yasufuku & K. Omine

    Fully coupled flow-deformation analyses of infiltration and matric suctions within a tropical soil slope
    M.S. Md. Rahim & D.G. Toll

    Rainfall-induced landslides: Development of a simple screening tool based on rainfall data and unsaturated soil mechanics principles
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    Author index


    Nasser Khalili, Adrian Russell, Arman Khoshghalb