1st Edition

Unsaturated Soils, Two Volume Set

Edited By Eduardo E. Alonso, Antonio Gens Copyright 2010

    In recent decades the development of unsaturated soil mechanics has been remarkable, resulting in momentous advances in fundamental knowledge, testing techniques, computational procedures, prediction methodologies and geotechnical practice. The advances have spanned the full spectrum of theory and practice. In addition, unsaturated materials exhibiting complex behaviour such as residual soils, swelling soils, compacted soils, collapsing soils, tropical soils and solid wastes have been integrated in a common understanding of shared behaviour features. It is also noteworthy that unsaturated soil mechanics has proved surprisingly fruitful in expanding to other neighbouring areas such as swelling rocks, rockfill mechanics, and freezing soils. As a consequence, geotechnical engineering involving unsaturated soils can be now approached from a more rational and systematic perspective leading towards an improved and more effective practice.

    Unsaturated Soils contains the papers presented at the 5th International Conference on Unsaturated Soil (Barcelona, Spain, 6-8 September 2010). They report significant advances in the areas of unsaturated soil behaviour, testing techniques, constitutive and numerical modelling and applications. The areas of application include soil-atmosphere interaction, foundations, slopes, embankments, pavements, geoenviromental problems and emerging topics. They are complemented by three keynote lectures and three general reports covering general issues of modelling, testing and applications.

    Unsaturated Soils is a comprehensive record of the state-of-the art in unsaturated soil mechanics and a sound basis for further progress in the future. The two volumes will serve as an essential reference for academics, researchers and practitioners interested in unsaturated soils.

    VOLUME 1

    Keynote lectures

    Design of stiffened slabs-on-grade on shrink-swell soils 
    J.-L. Briaud, R. Abdelmalak & X. Zhang

    Geotechnical and environmental models involving unsaturated soils and rocks
    S. Olivella

    Energy geotechnology: Implications of mixed fluid conditions
    J.C. Santamarina & J. Jang

    General reports

    Geotechnical problems and case histories from the perspective of unsaturated soil mechanics
    C.W.W. Ng & A.K. Leung

    Constitutive modelling of unsaturated soils: Discussion of fundamental principles
    D. Sheng

    Unsaturated soils: Compacted versus reconstituted states 
    A. Tarantino

    Unsaturated soil behaviour


    Development of microstructure in compacted earthen building materials 
    C.T.S. Beckett & C.E. Augarde

    Evolution of meso-structure of intact loess during triaxial shear test 
    X.-W. Fang, C.-N. Shen, Z.-H. Chen & Z.-B. Zhou

    A model for capillary pressure in unsaturated granular soils within the pendular saturation regime 
    J.L. Justo & M. Vázquez

    An insight into role of clay-fluid molecular interactions on the microstructure and macroscale properties of swelling clays 
    D.R. Katti, K.S. Katti, P.M. Amarasinghe & S.M. Pradhan

    Volume changes of swelling clayey soils at microscopic scale level 
    T. Maison, F. Laouafa & J.-M. Fleureau

    Influence of the microstructure on the hydro-mechanical behaviour of a natural silty clay 
    M.M.A. Mascarenha, M.P. Cordão-Neto & E. Romero
    Stress-strain and strength characteristics

    Hydro-mechanical response of an expansive silt-bentonite mixture 
    M. Ajdari, H. Nowamooz, F. Masrouri, G. Habibagahi & A. Ghahramani

    Deformation behavior in unsaturated soils 
    R. Baltodano-Goulding

    Collapse potential of a compacted weathered serpentinite from Skiros Island, Greece 
    M. Bardanis & S. Grifiza

    Collapsibility study for tropical soil profile using oedometric tests with controlled suction 
    J.C.B. Benatti, M.G. Miguel, R.A. Rodrigues & O.M. Vilar

    Stress path effects on shear stiffness, damping ratio and volumetric behaviour of normally consolidated unsaturated compacted clay 
    M. Biglari, A. d’Onofrio, C. Mancuso, M.K. Jafari & A. Shafiee

    Shrinkage during wetting of fine-pored materials: Does this accord with the principle of effective stress?
    G.E. Blight

    Shear strength of an unsaturated silty sand 
    F. Casini, P. Minder & S.M. Springman

    Dilatancy and shear strength of an aged compacted fill 
    A.C.F. Chiu & X. Zhao

    An experimental study on the cyclic behavior of natural loess 
    Y.-J. Cui, A.-M. Tang, J.P. Karam & J.M. Terpereau

    Inundation collapse strain and creep measurements for two Campanian pyroclastic soils 
    P. De Simone

    Simple shear tests on unsaturated undisturbed specimens containing a weak layer 
    J.L. Deng, H. Kameya, Y. Tsutsumi, J. Koseki & J. Kuwano

    Volume change behaviour due to moisture variation in vertisoil from a semiarid region in Pernambuco, Brazil 
    S.R.M. Ferreira

    Constant water content triaxial compression tests with a compacted soil 
    G.B. Georgetti & O.M. Vilar

    The relationship between the critical state shear strength of unsaturated soils and the soil-water characteristic curve 
    J.A. Infante Sedano & S.K. Vanapalli

    Unsaturated shear strength parameters of tropical volcanic residual soils 
    R. Karlinasari & P.P. Rahardjo

    Direct shear test under constant volume state for unsaturated soil 
    S. Kato, B.S. Kim & S. Shibuya

    Effects of matric suction on elastic shear modulus for three unsaturated soils 
    S. Kawajiri, S. Shibuya, S. Kato & T. Kawaguchi

    Mechanical behaviors and water retention characteristics of micro-porous ceramic particles produced by burning sludge 
    J. Kawazu, K. Kawai, S. Kanazawa & A. Iizuka

    Effect of suction hysteresis on the shear strength of unsaturated soil interfaces 
    C.N. Khoury & G.A. Miller

    Critical state behaviors of unsaturated soil in the direct shear test under constant pressure 
    B.S. Kim, S. Kato & S. Shibuya

    The decrease of the strength of unsaturated silty sand and the Bishop’s parameter
    J.C. Leal, G. Gallegos & E. Rojas

    Study on gas phase in unsaturated soils 
    Y. Liu, C.G. Zhao & Q. Fang

    A new unsaturated direct shear apparatus for measuring shear strength of unsaturated soils
    Part 2: Results and comparison between plane strain and triaxial loading conditions 
    A. Mirzaii, S.S. Yasrebi & E. Hefzi

    A constitutive relationship for collapsible soils in terms of stress state variables 
    J.D. Nelson, C.N. Hatton & K.C. Chao

    Direct shear strength of compacted bentonite under different suctions 
    T. Nishimura, H. Rahardjo & J. Koseki

    Investigation of the behavior of an unsaturated sand using a cyclic direct shear device 
    T. Nishimura, I. Shahrour & H.B. Bian

    Pore pressure under undrained condition for compacted unsaturated silty soil having a low matric suction
    T. Nishimura & J. Koseki

    The relationship between the elastic and shear modulus of unsaturated soils
    W.T. Oh & S.K. Vanapalli

    Shear strength of a pyroclastic unsaturated soil from suction-controlled direct shear tests
    R. Papa & M.V. Nicotera

    Experimental study of the collapsible behavior of a tropical unsaturated soil
    R.A. Rodrigues & O.M. Vilar

    Swelling pressure evolution in compacted bentonite: Experiments and modelling 
    M. Sánchez, M.V. Villar, R. Gómez-Espina, A. Lloret & A. Gens

    Constant volume triaxial compression tests on unsaturated soil prepared from slurry 
    M. Shimizu & J. Terakata

    Assessment of the cv coefficient for unsaturated Warsaw Clay
    Z. Skutnik, M. Lendo-Siwicka & K. Garbulewski

    Laboratory investigations on static liquefaction potential of pyroclastic soils involved in rainfall-induced landslides of the flow-type
    G. Sorbino, G. Migliaro & V. Foresta

    Desorption and consolidation behaviour of initially saturated clays
    S. Tripathy, R. Bag & H.R. Thomas

    Compressive strength of unsaturated fissured clays
    L.E. Vallejo

    Effect of suction and plasticity on the shear strength of sand/silt mixtures
    M.V. Villar, P.L. Martín, R. Gómez-Espina & A. Lloret

    Experimental study on K0 coefficient of Ningming unsaturated expansive soil
    H.P. Yang, J. Xiao, G.F. Zhang & R. Zhang

    Experimental investigation of stress increment direction dependency of plastic flow in unsaturated soils
    S. Zargarbashi & N. Khalili

    Water retention and hydraulic behaviour

    Laboratory determination of Soil-Water Characteristic Curves for cracked soil
    M.M. Abbaszadeh, S. Houston, C. Zapata, W. Houston, B. Welfert & K. Walsh

    The void ratio dependency of the retention behaviour for a compacted clay 
    C. Airò Farulla, A. Battiato & A. Ferrari

    Comparison between the in situ and laboratory water retention curves for a silty sand 
    A. Askarinejad, F. Casini, P. Kienzler & S.M. Springman

    On the inverse problem solution for laboratory determination of unsaturated water hydraulic conductivities 
    K.V. Bicalho, J.-M. Fleureau, Y.-J. Cui & C. Romanel

    Water retention curve and shrinkage of a waste from the paper industry 
    J.C.O. Bizarreta & T.M.P. de Campos

    Soil-water characteristic curves obtained through the wetting paths for a tropical soil profile 
    B.H. Bonder & M.G. Miguel

    An investigation on the effect of initial water content and dry density on drying soil-water characteristic curve of a cohesionless soil 
    M. Chetia & S. Sreedeep

    A transfer function of a soil water characteristic curve model for sands
    E. Imre, K. Rajkai, R. Genovese & C. Jommi

    Prediction of soil-water characteristic curve using neural network
    A. Johari & A.A. Javadi

    Hysteresis between wetting and drying diffusivity parameters
    D. Mabirizi & R. Bulut

    A simple method to consider water density changes in the calculation of the degree of saturation of swelling clays
    D. Marcial

    Hydromechanical behaviour of a natural sand using different suction controlled techniques
    H. Nowamooz, M.I. Arsenie, C. Chazallon & F. Masrouri

    Investigations on water retention behaviour of deformable soils 
    S. Salager, A. Ferrari, M. Nuth & L. Laloui

    Study on the soil-water characteristic curve including stresses of an unsaturated soil 
    C.-N. Shen, X.-W. Fang, Z.-H. Chen & Z.-B. Zhou

    Unsaturated hydraulic characteristics of soil with significant oversize particles 
    S. Somasundaram, T. Shenthan, C. Benson & S. Nannapaneni

    Unsaturated hydraulic properties of fine-grained soil from the blanket layer of old railway lines in France 
    V.N. Trinh, A.-M. Tang, Y.-J. Cui, J.C. Dupla, J. Canou, N. Calon, A. Robinet, L. Lambert & O. Schoen

    Soil-Water Characteristic Curve (SWCC) and volumetric deformation law for a plastic clay under high suction 
    M. Vázquez, P. Durand & J.L. Justo

    Atmospheric drying and laboratory wetting of stockpiled product coal 
    D.J. Williams

    A study of the water retention characteristics and volume change of lime-treated London Clay 
    X. Zhang, M. Mavroulidou, M.J. Gunn & Z. Cabarkapa

    Comparison of four methods for determining the soil water retention curve 
    M. Zielinski, P. Sentenac, A. Atique, M. Sánchez & E. Romero

    Thermal and chemical effects

    Hydro-mechanical behavior of pre-heated bentonite 
    Y.F. Arifin & T. Schanz

    Lime stabilisation of pyroclastic soils 
    M. Cecconi, V. Pane, F. Marmottini, G. Russo, P. Croce & S. dal Vecchio

    Effect of temperature on collapse potential of kaolin clay 
    A. Haghighi, G. Medero, P. Woodward & L. Laloui

    Influence of freeze-thaw action on mechanical behavior of unsaturated crushable volcanic soil 
    T. Ishikawa, S. Miura & K. Itou

    Influence of temperature on the water retention capacity of soils analysis using solution thermodynamics 
    A.C. Jacinto, A. Ledesma, M.V. Villar & R. Gómez-Espina

    Influence of temperature rise under undrained condition on the shear behavior of unsaturated sandy soil considering solubility of gaseous components
    Y. Katsuno, M. Iwabuchi, K. Ozawa, R. Uzuoka & M. Kazama

    Thermal pulse effects on the stiffness degradation of unsaturated clayey materials 
    A. Lima, J.A. Pineda & E. Romero

    Effects of a microbiological compound for the stabilisation of compacted soils on their microstructure and hydro-mechanical behaviour
    L. Morales, E. Garzón, E. Romero & C. Jommi

    Influence analysis of the contaminants fluid in a compacted soil collapse
    E.Q. Motta & S.R.M. Ferreira

    Thermal damage in unsaturated geomaterials
    M.M. Kharazi, C. Arson & B. Gatmiri

    Thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of an expansive bentonite/silt mixture using different suction controlled techniques 
    H. Nowamooz, R. Gómez-Espina, M.V. Villar & F. Masrouri

    Direct measurement of thermal expansion in unsaturated soils 
    X. Pintado & A. Lloret

    Determining the thermal conductivity as a function of water content for a soil with different percentages of gravels 
    C.M. Rubio, R. Josa, D.R. Cobos, C.S. Campbell & F. Ferrer

    Temperature effects on soil-water retention properties of densely compacted GMZ01 bentonite 
    W.M. Ye, M. Wan, B. Chen, Y.-J. Cui & J. Wang

    Testing techniques: Laboratory, in situ and centrifuge

    Evaluation of filter paper calibrations for indirect determination of soil suctions of unsaturated soils 
    K.V. Bicalho, F.A.M. Marinho, J.-M. Fleureau & A. Gomes Correia

    Useful laboratory guidelines for unsaturated soils research 
    J.L. Boyd & V. Sivakumar

    Centrifuge modeling applied to swelling soils 
    B. Caicedo & C. Segura

    Centrifuge modeling of soil atmosphere interaction 
    B. Caicedo, J. Tristancho & L. Thorel

    Physical modelling on unsaturated soils using centrifuge 
    B. Caicedo, J. Tristancho & L. Thorel

    Commentaries on the consolidation-swell test 
    K.C. Chao, J.D. Nelson, D.D. Overton & E.J. Nelson

    Detecting water content changes in sand samples by means of Electrical Resistivity Tomography 
    R.M. Cosentini, G. Della Vecchia, S. Foti & G. Musso

    Calibration of a TDR probe in an expansive soil 
    S. Fityus & K. Rajkai

    Effective thermal conductivity of partially saturated soils
    S.S. Hamuda, M. Rouainia & B.G. Clarke

    A new unsaturated direct shear apparatus for measuring shear strength of unsaturated soils Part 1: Apparatus features and test procedures 
    E. Hefzi, S.S. Yasrebi & A. Mirzaii

    Constitutive modeling of unsaturated soil behavior using a refined suction-controlled true triaxial cell: Preliminary observations 
    L.R. Hoyos, D.D. Pérez-Ruiz & A.J. Puppala

    Modeling unsaturated soil response under large deformations using a novel suction-controlled ring shear device 
    L.R. Hoyos, C.L. Velosa & A.J. Puppala

    Small-strain stiffness of compacted silty sand using a proximitor-based suction-controlled resonant column device 
    L.R. Hoyos, E.A. Suescún, J.A. Pineda & A.J. Puppala

    Efficient measurement of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity using a wetting front advancing method
    X. Li, L.M. Zhang & D.G. Fredlund

    Advances in tensiometer-based suction control systems 
    S.D.N. Lourenço, D. Gallipoli, D.G. Toll, C.E. Augarde & F.D. Evans

    A new permeameter for the determination of the unsaturated coefficient of permeability 
    M.P.H. Moncada & T.M.P. de Campos

    Suction measurements on a natural unsaturated soil: A reappraisal of the filter paper method
    J.A. Muñoz-Castelblanco, J.-M. Pereira, P. Delage & Y.-J. Cui

    The use of filter paper method for field suction investigation 
    M.G.G. Nacinovic, C.F. Mahler, R.L.S. Izzo, P.F.S. Brandt & A.S. Avelar

    The challenges of performing laboratory controlled cone penetration tests in unsaturated soils 
    M. Pournaghiazar, A.R. Russell & N. Khalili

    Characterization of unsaturated zone susceptible to landslides in tropical volcanic residual soil with in-situ tests 
    P.P. Rahardjo & R. Karlinasari

    Analysis of a drawdown test displaying the use of transparent soil in unsaturated flow applications 
    G. Siemens, S. Peters & W.A. Take

    Calibration of Smart Irrigation Sensor (SIS-UMS) for the blanket layer soil from old railway lines 
    V.N. Trinh, A.-M. Tang, Y.-J. Cui, J.C. Dupla, J. Canou, N. Calon, A. Robinet, L. Lambert & O. Schoen

    Wave velocity analysis of state parameter changes in multi-phase granular materials
    F. Wuttke, M. Asslan & T. Schanz

    A novel non-contacting laser displacement transducer technique for volume change measurements of unsaturated soils 
    X. Zhang, M. Mavroulidou, M.J. Gunn, Z. Cabarkapa & J. Sutton
    VOLUME 2


    Fundamentals and constitutive modelling

    Mechanical model for partially saturated sandy soils: Application to liquefaction 
    H.B. Bian, T. Nishimura & I. Shahrour

    Saturation induced instability on bonded geomaterials 
    G. Buscarnera & R. Nova

    On the definition of constitutive models for compacted soft rocks 
    R. Cardoso & E.E. Alonso

    Effect of anisotropy on the prediction of unsaturated soil response under triaxial and oedometric conditions 
    F. D’Onza, D. Gallipoli & S. Wheeler

    Modelling criteria for a microbiologically stabilised compacted soil in the framework of elastoplasticity 
    G. Della Vecchia, L. Morales, E. Garzón, C. Jommi & E. Romero

    Some remarks on the hydro-mechanical constitutive modelling of natural and compacted Boom clay 
    G. Della Vecchia, C. Jommi, A. Lima & E. Romero

    Soil water characteristic curves and adsorption potential
    S. Frydman & R. Baker

    Numerical simulations of the thermomechanical behavior of clays on volumetric and deviatoric paths
    M.S. Ghembaza, Z. Bellia & H. Trouzine

    Parameter calibration for hydro-mechanical modelling using numerical simulations of test results
    R. Gómez, E. Romero, A. Lloret, J. Suriol & C. Jommi

    Evaluation of a constitutive model for unsaturated soils: Stress variables and numerical implementation
    N.A. González & A. Gens

    Prediction of the behaviour of unsaturated soils using evolutionary polynomial regression: An incremental approach
    A.A. Javadi, A. Johari, A. Ahangar-Asr, A. Faramarzi & D.G. Toll

    A fully coupled hysteretic finite element model for hydro-mechanical analysis of unsaturated soils
    N. Khalili, S. Zargarbashi & M.A. Habte

    A simple elasto-plastic model for unsaturated soils and interpretations of collapse and compaction behaviours
    M. Kikumoto, H. Kyokawa, T. Nakai & H.M. Shahin

    An introduction of jumped kinematic hardening rule to elastoplastic model for unsaturated geo-materials
    Y. Kohgo

    An effective stress based model for the dependency of a water retention curve on void ratio
    D. Mašín

    Rotational multiple yield surface framework and the prediction of stress-strain response for saturated and unsaturated soils
    M.J. Md Noor & I.B. Mohamed Jais

    Laboratory modelling: Settlement due to groundwater fluctuation in partially saturated soil
    M.J. Md Noor, I.B. Mohamed Jais & J.D. Nyuin

    Hydraulic hysteresis coupled to volume change effects in unsaturated soil behavior
    M. Morvan, H. Wong & D. Branque

    Mapping soil-water profile utilizing non-linear neural network based model
    M. Mukhlisin, A. El-Shafie & M. Raihan Taha

    A fundamental interpretation of the critical state strength of unsaturated soils
    E.J. Murray & V. Sivakumar

    Determination of the effective stress parameter: A pore network study
    E. Nikooee, G. Habibagahi & A. Ghahramani

    Assessment of volumetric collapse using probabilistic approach 
    I. Otálvaro Calle, M.P. Cordão-Neto & G.M. Medero

    Is the degree of saturation a good candidate for Bishop’s  parameter? 
    J.-M. Pereira, O. Coussy, E.E. Alonso, J. Vaunat & S. Olivella

    On the time-dependent behaviour of unsaturated geomaterials 
    J.-M. Pereira & V. De Gennaro

    A porous model based on porosimetry to simulate retention curves
    E. Rojas, G. Gallegos & J. Leal

    Modeling the tensile strength of soils 
    E. Rojas, D. Hurtado, M.L. Pérez-Rea & A. Zepeda

    Modelling the unsaturated behaviour of structured soils 
    M. Rouainia & J.-M. Pereira

    Fractals, double porosity and the soil-water characteristic curve
    A.R. Russell

    Constitutive model developments for compacted unsaturated fine grained soils based on porosimetry
    R. Salgueiro, S. Olivella & J. Suriol

    Hydro-mechanical coupling for unsaturated soils 
    D. Sheng & A.N. Zhou

    Simulation of static compaction with unsaturated soil/water coupled F.E. analysis 
    M. Shibata, K. Kawai, S. Kanazawa, A. Iizuka, S. Tachibana, S. Ohno & M. Honda

    Elastoplastic modelling of hydraulic and mechanical behaviour of expansive soils 
    D.A. Sun & W.J. Sun

    A constitutive model for cemented unsaturated soils and weak rocks
    R. Tamagnini, M. Mavroulidou & M.J. Gunn

    Constitutive model of unsaturated structured soils under cyclic loading 
    C. Yang, M.S. Huang & Y.-J. Cui

    Hydraulic conductivity function for unsaturated cracked soil 
    L.M. Zhang, J.H. Li & D.G. Fredlund

    Parameter identification in BBM using a parallel asynchronous differential evolution algorithm 
    Y. Zhang, X.-T. Feng, D. Gallipoli & C. Augarde

    Use of results from undrained tests for the constitutive modeling of unsaturated soils 
    X. Zhang

    Analytical and numerical modelling

    A driver for the integration of coupled hydro-mechanical constitutive laws for unsaturated soils 
    F. Cattaneo, G. Della Vecchia & C. Jommi

    Numerical simulation of volume change of a swelling soil in the northeast of Brazil 
    L.M. Costa, S.R.M. Ferreira, L. do N. Guimarães & I.D.S. Pontes Filho

    A new analytical solution for one dimensional transient flow in unsaturated soils
    H. Farshbab Aghjani & A. Soroush

    Effect of mesh resolution on long-term water balance calculations
    M.D. Fredlund, R. Thode & R.G. Nelson

    Fully coupled analysis of unsaturated porous media using a meshfree method
    A. Khoshghalb & N. Khalili

    Two-dimensional fundamental solution for dynamic behaviour analysis of unsaturated soils
    P. Maghoul, B. Gatmiri & D. Duhamel

    Drying shrinkage and cracking initiation in clays: Main modeling concepts and application to the ventilation of a tunnel
    H. Peron, J. Eichenberger & L. Laloui

    Behaviour of an unsaturated soil column under loading and watering
    F. Salehnia & B. Gatmiri

    Comparison of the nonlinear elastic and elastoplastic models in THM response of unsaturated soils
    F. Salehnia & B. Gatmiri

    Explicit stress integration with reduced drift for Barcelona Basic Model
    W.T. Sołowski, D. Sheng & S.W. Sloan

    Active earth force in ‘cohesionless’ unsaturated soils using bound theorems of plasticity 
    S.A. Stanier & A. Tarantino

    Implicit integration of a constitutive model for partly saturated structured porous materials 
    R. Tamagnini, M. Mavroulidou & M.J. Gunn

    Numerical simulation of an unsaturated slope failure during an earthquake 
    R. Uzuoka, K. Maruyama, T. Mori, M. Kazama, T. Unno & N. Sento

    Engineering applications and case histories

    Soil-atmosphere interaction

    Influences of the soil-atmosphere interface interactions on the soil water content and temperature profiles
    K.V. Bicalho, G.P.D. Vivacqua & Y.-J. Cui

    An experimental root barrier to protect the foundations of a building from the desiccating effects of tree roots
    G.E. Blight

    Soil heat and evaporation from soil
    G.E. Blight

    A prototype soil column to calibrate numerical models accounting for soil—atmosphere interaction
    M. Caruso & C. Jommi

    Use of satellite observations for estimating the degree of saturation of superficial soils 
    L. Montrasio, R. Valentino & C. Quintavalla
    Study of stratification resistant to salt damage 
    S. Nomura, K. Kawai, S. Kanazawa, A. Iizuka, S. Ohno, P. Thirapong & S. Tachibana

    An environmental chamber for studying the soil-atmosphere interaction 
    A.-N. Ta, A.-M. Tang, Y.-J. Cui & J. Thiriat


    Settlement prediction of cyclically loaded footings resting on partially saturated sand by means of a kinematic hardening model
    A. Becker

    Performance and design of foundations on unsaturated expansive soil
    J.T. Bryant & M.A. Haque

    Identification, characterization and analysis of deep foundation in collapsible soil—Regional Prison of Eunápolis, Bahia/Brazil
    R.Q. Coutinho, B.P.F. Castro & K.C.A. Dourado

    Pile horizontal bearing capacity in tropical soil under distinct moisture contents
    M.A. de Almeida, M.G. Miguel & S.H.C. Teixeira

    The effect of ripping clay soil on swell behaviour
    S. Fityus, O. Buzzi, M. Holt & T. Gunther

    Comparison of bearing capacity of unsaturated sand using Cone Penetration Tests (CPT) and Plate Load Tests (PLT) 
    F.M.O. Mohamed, S.K. Vanapalli & M. Saatcioglu

    Water content profiles for design of foundations on expansive soils
    D.D. Overton, K.C. Chao & J.D. Nelson

    Bearing capacity of a strip footing on an unsaturated sand 
    T. Schanz, Y. Lins & S.K. Vanapalli

    A simple technique for estimating the 1-D heave in expansive soils
    S.K. Vanapalli, L. Lu & W.T. Oh

    A technique for estimating the shaft resistance of test piles in unsaturated soils
    S.K. Vanapalli, K.D. Eigenbrod, Z.N. Taylan, C. Catana, W.T. Oh & E. Garven

    Bearing capacity of an unsaturated sand from model footing tests 
    S.K. Vanapalli, R. Sun & X. Li

    Interpretation of the bearing capacity of unsaturated soils extending the effective and the total stress approaches 
    S.K. Vanapalli & W.T. Oh

    Three dimensional numerical simulation of a residential building on expansive soil subject to a leaking underground 
    X. Zhang


    Stochastic modelling of unsaturated slope stability 
    P. Arnold & M.A. Hicks

    Influence of seasonable water pressure variations on unsaturated slopes stability
    F.A.J. Franch & M.M. Futai

    Shear and soil-water retention behaviour of a variably saturated residual soil and its implication on slope stability
    A. Jotisankasa & J. Tapparnich
    Back-analysis of infiltration characteristic of a saprolitic hillslope by considering permeability heterogeneity
    A.K. Leung & C.W.W. Ng

    The significance of curved shear strength envelope in modelling rainfall induced shallow failure of slopes
    M.J. Md Noor & B.A. Hadi

    The influence on the slope stability of the initial degree of saturation of a fill ground
    T. Mori, R. Uzuoka & M. Kazama

    Test site experience on mechanisms triggering mudflows in unsaturated pyroclastic soils in southern Italy
    M. Pirone, R. Papa & M.V. Nicotera

    Performance of an instrumented slope under a capillary barrier system
    H. Rahardjo, C.J. Hua, E.C. Leong & V.A. Santoso

    Matric suction in unsaturated pyroclastic slopes
    A. Scotto di Santolo & A. Evangelista

    Analysis of influencing factors in strengthening expansive soil slope with the coverage of geo-membrane 
    J.P. Yuan, J.H. Wu & Z.Z. Yin


    Investigation of the water flow in an embankment built of organic soil: Experimental results and large scale field test 
    E. Birle, M. Boso & D. Heyer

    Suction changes during the construction of an embankment from A10 Motorway in Portugal
    R. Cardoso, E. Maranha das Neves & P. Almeida Santos

    Influences of spatially varying porosity on unsaturated flow through earth structures
    T.M.H. Le, D. Gallipoli, S. Wheeler & M. Sánchez

    Improvement and controlling deformation of the expansive soil ground
    L. Miao, F. Wang & Y. Cui

    Failure of peat dykes by drought
    D. Nterekas, J.P. Oostveen, F.A.J.M. Mathijssen, R.B.J. Brinkgreve, M.A. Hicks & F. Molenkamp

    Numerical analysis of the behaviour of embankments constructed with expansive soils
    J.I. Ortega, A. Lloret, S. Olivella & E. Romero

    Banking simulation with a constitutive model for unsaturated soil 
    M. Tanaka, K. Kawai, S. Kanazawa, A. Iizuka, S. Tachibana, S. Ohno & T. Takeyama


    Water migration in pavement subgrade
    E.J. Nelson & D.D. Overton

    Geoenvironmental applications

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