Update on Strabismus and Pediatric Ophthalmology Proceedings of the June, 1994 Joint ISA and AAPO&S Meeting, Vancouver, Canada  book cover
1st Edition

Update on Strabismus and Pediatric Ophthalmology Proceedings of the June, 1994 Joint ISA and AAPO&S Meeting, Vancouver, Canada

ISBN 9780849389610
Published February 22, 1995 by CRC Press
752 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book provides useful information on new observations and therapeutic approaches to common problems encountered in strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology. It also discusses the ocular findings in a number of rare conditions.
All aspects of pediatric ophthalmology are addressed. The book describes a new strabismic condition and provides updates on research in the development of normal and abnormal monocular and binocular vision, and in ocular motility. All different strabismus types and their characterizations are covered, as well as nystagmus and other ocular motor disorders. The latest advances in relevant surgical and pharmacological management are discussed. Recent research on diseases of the lacrimal system, the anterior segment, cataracts, posterior segment, and neuro-ophthalmology is extensively covered.
Update on Strabismus and Pediatric Ophthalmology presents the proceedings of the joint meeting of the VIIth Congress of the International Strabismological Association (ISA) and the 20th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPO&S). The meeting had more than 750 participants, making it the largest conference ever held in the field of strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology.

Table of Contents

Vision. Refraction. Amblyopia
Evaluating the Optical Status of the Human Eye, S.H. Hay, P. Reiner, and R. Bryant
Inter-Observer Variability of Cycloplegic Refraction in Children, S. Jamal and G.R. LaRoche
The Variability of Ophthalmological Parameters in Normal Children Age 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 Years, S. Lam, G.R. LaRoche, I. De Becker, H. Macpherson, and Members of the Vision Screening Group
Polaroid Photoscreening: A New Model and Interpretation Standards, H.L. Freedman and L. Griffin
The Results of Russel Corporation-Sponsored Eye Screenings in 14,000 Children, K.S. Morgan and J.C. Kennemer
Deficiencies of the Fixation Mechanism, J. Lang and P. Bischoff
Photopic Visual Field in 2-Month-Old Infants, A. Fea, M. Delpiano, A. Soldi, M. Musso, E. Miraglia, C. Martano, L. Mayer, and F. Vitale Brovarone
A Sweep VEP Test for Color Deficits in Infants and Children, T.D. France and J.N. Ver Hoeve
Changes in Corneal Topography after Strabismus Surgery in Children, X.-H. Wang, M.E. Wilson, and E.L.C. Bluestein
Longitudinal Changes of Refractive Error in Esotropic Operated and Unoperated Young Children, M. Spiritus, O. Kallay Jr., C. Denis, M. Van den Broeck, and D. Hoffmann
Focal Macular ERG in Amblyopia: With Special Reference to the Difference between Hypermetropic Anisometropia and Myopic Anisometropia, S. Awaya, H. Tanaka, Y. Miyake, T. Yagasaki, N. Nakamura, and Y. Suzuki
Efficiency of Preferential Looking Test and PVEP in Detecting Amblyopia in Infants with or without Mental Handicaps, M.S. Roy, M. Barsoum-Homsy, L.M. Khouri, and C. Tremblay
A Comparative Study of Near and Distant Visual Acuity in Amblyopic Eyes, W. Haase, B. Schmal, B. Damashke, and E. Meyer
Citicoline Improves Temporarily Visual Acuity of Amblyopic Patients outside the Plastic Period of the Visual System, E.C. Campos, C. Schiavi, P. Benedetti, and R. Bolzani
Steroid Injection vs. Conservative Treatment of Anisometropic Amblyopia in Juvenile Adnexal Hemangioma, M.V. Motwani, J.W. Simon, J.D. Pickering, R.A. Catalano, and P.L. Jenkins
Using an Occluder Contact Lens for Amblyopia Management, C.G. Summers, L.K. Davis, and J.E. Egbert
Binocular Vision
The Physiology of Suppression in Strabismus, R. Harrad, F. Sengpiel, and C. Blakemore
Neuroanatomic Abnormalities of Visual Cortex in Infantile Esotropia, L. Tychsen and A. Burkhalter
Fly Test Calibrated, W. de Decker, E. Dannheim, and R. Gockeln
Preliminary Evaluation of a Newly Designed Random-Dot Stereogram, L.L.-K. Lin, S.-F. Wu, and A.-H. Wang
Binocular Sensory Testing, B.W. Arthur
Cortical Binocular Recovery following Strabismus Surgery, L.W. Baitch and M.W. Preslan
The Relationship between the Angle of Strabismus and Degree of Binocularity in the Monofixation Syndrome, Y.-B. Roh and S.J. Isenberg
Observation of Retinal Correspondence in Esotropia, M. Mitta, F. Takahashi, K. Kani, and A. Inatomi
Distance Stereo Acuity Improvement in Intermittent Exotropic Patients following Surgery, T.D. O'Neal, A.L. Rosenbaum, and R.A. Stathacopoulos
Discussion of: Distance Stereo Acuity Improvement in Intermittent Exotropic Patients following Strabismus Surgery, D.L. Guyton
Abnormal Motion Perception in Early Onset Esotropia, S. Hague, J. Shallo-Hoffman, P. Fells, and M. Gresty
The Use of Bangerter Foils in the Management of Intractable Diplopia, A. McIntrye and P. Fells
Eye Muscles. Eye Movements. Nystagmus
The Ultrastructural Immunohistochemistry of Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy, A. Pappa, P.M.G. Munro, R.C. Howes, P. Fells, and S. Lightman
Electrophysiological, Biochemical, and Morphological Study in External Congenital Ophthalmoplegia, A. Magli, P. Vastarella, T. De Berardinis, F. D'Esposito, L. Santoro, A. Orsini, and R. Nucciotti
Observation of Extraocular Muscle Atrophy in Cases of Peripheral Nerve Palsy using MRI, Y. Aoki, Y. Nishida, T. Murata, and O. Hayashi
Cine Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Eye Movements, R. Harrad, M. Potts, R. Goddard, J. Kabala, and B. Hoh
Modified Periodontal Probe for Simplified Forced Duction Measurements, H.S. Metz and R. Yeaple
Variations in Medial Rectus Stretching in Esotropia, A. Péchereau, M.A. Quéré, and M. Weber
The Development of Eye Movements in Infancy, M. Jacobs, C. Harris, and D. Taylor
Saccadic Velocity Analysis in Patients with Divergence Paralysis, L. Lim, A.L. Rosenbaum, and J.L. Demer
Saccadic Velocity and Force Development in Duane's Retraction Syndrome Type I, S. Tian and G. Lennerstrand
Saccadic Adaptation following Adjustable Suture Surgery, R.W. Hertle, D.B. Granet, and M. Movaghar
Stability of the Eyes in Torsional Direction: Spontaneous Torsional Eye Movements Are Conjugate, L.J. van Rijn, J. van der Steen, and H. Collewijn
A Combination Horizontal/Vertical Prism Bar, U. Flüeler, K.M. Elhatton, and D.L. Gyuton
Iris Plane Parallel Measurement in the Hirschberg (Corneal Light Reflection) Test for Binocular Misalignment (Strabometry), P.E. Romano
Vergence Responses to a Base Out Prism, E. Cornell
Comparison of Three Standard Clinical Tests and a New Test for the Measurement of Torsional Diplopia, Z. Georgievski
OKN Asymmetry in Treated Esotropes, K.W. Wright, M. Borchert, A.A. Leverant, and J.-M. Hwang
Waveforms following Kestenbaum, H.P. Goldstein and R.D. Reinecke
Surgical Treatment of Exodeviations with Congenital Nystagmus: Problems Related to Deviations with Blocking Convergence and Pseudo-Latent Nystagmus, A. Spielmann and A.C. Spielmann
Nystagmus Dampening Surgery: Cosmetic or Functional? J.E. Egbert, J.H. Anderson, and C.G. Summers
Long-Term Evaluation of Extra Ocular Muscle Surgery for Congenital Nystagmus and Abnormal Head Posture, E. Schulz, E. Meyer, W. Haase, and J. Lithander
The Treatment of Congenital Nystagmus with Botox, J. Carruthers
Horizontal Strabismus
Accommodative Amplitude in Children Wearing Bifocals, G.K. von Noorden and R.H. Jenkins
Discussion of "Effect of Bifocals on Accommodative Range in Children" by G.K. von Noorden and R.H. Jenkins, M.X. Repka
Hyperopia in Infantile versus Acquired Esotropia: Implication for Glasses Prophylaxis to Prevent Acquired Esotropia, G.W. Cibis and M.A. Crandall
Progressive Increase in the Angle of Deviation in Congenital Esotropia, M.R. Ing
Ocular Deviation under Atropine Cycloplegia as a Predictor of the Accommodative Component of Esotropia, P. Nemet
Prism Adaptation in Variable Esotropia, S.A. Stewart, C.G. Summers, J.D. Lavoie, and J.E. Egbert
The Influence of the Prism Adaptation Test (PAT) on Surgery for Intermittent Exotropia, S. Véronneau-Troutman, E. Traykovski, and J. DeRosa
The Correlation between Axial Length and the Response to Strabismus Surgery, M. Gräf, T. Krzizok, and H. Kaufmann
Relating the Angular Correction to the Amount of Strabismus Surgery, W.E. Gillies, M.R. Rivers, and A.M.V. Brooks
Results of 8 to 9 mm Bilateral Lateral Muscle Recessions for Exotropia, J.E. Berland, M.E. Wilson, and R.A. Saunders
Large Bimedial Rectus Recession (6.5 mm or More) in the Management of Large Angle Esotropia, A.A. Assaf
Long-Term Effectiveness of Bilateral Medial Rectus Recession in Congenital Esotropia and Acquired Accommodative and Nonaccommodative Esotropia, D.V. Bautista, W.E. Scott, B. Zimmerman, and S. Sarin
Surgical Success in Patients with Acquired Esotropia and High Refractive Error, J. Rysenga, J.D. Baker, J.D. Roarty, J. Petrunak, and M. Schweers
Alignment Success following Medial Rectus Recessions in Normal and Delayed Children, J.D. Pickering, J.W. Simon, C.D. Ratliff, K.B. Melsopp, and L.L. Lininger
Predictive Factors for Exotropia following Esotropia Surgery, W.R. Lee, R.V. Keech, and J. Kim
Vertical Shift of the Medial Rectus Muscles in the Treatment of A-Pattern Esotropia-Analysis of Outcome, S.E. Brooks, G. DeB. Ribeiro, S.M. Archer, and M.A. Del Monte
Treatment for "A" or "V" Patterns by Slanting Muscle Insertion, B. Biedner and Y. Yassur
Unilateral Surgery for Exotropia with Convergence Weakness, S.P. Kraft, A.V. Levin, and R.W. Enzenauer
Anterior Tenonectomy in Horizontal Rectus Muscle Resection: Effect on the Post-Operative Appearance of the Conjunctiva, H. Van Hecke, M.T. Miller, P.K. Rabiah, and S. El-Naggar
Vertical Rectus Muscle Transposition in Complete VI Cranial Nerve Palsy, V. Sarnicola
Vertical Strabismus. Oblique Muscles
The Superior Rectus Contracture Syndrome, A. Jampolsky
Inferior Tranposition of the Horizontal Recti (Inverse Knapp Procedure) for the Treatment of Acquired Inferior Rectus Paresis, J.P. Burke and R.V. Keech
An MRI Study of Double Elevator Palsy, W. Cadera, J.N. Bloom, and S. Karlik
The Spectrum of Anatomic Variations in Congenital Superior Oblique Palsy, C.-Y. Lo and T. Maruo
Facial Asymmetry and Superior Oblique Tendon Laxity in Superior Oblique Palsy, E.A. Paysse, D.K. Coats, and D.A. Plager
Should Early Surgery Be Performed for Head Tilts to Prevent Facial Asymmetry? C.R. Goodman, E. Chabner, and D.L. Guyton
True versus Masquerading Superior Oblique Palsies: Muscle Mechanisms Revealed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging, J.L. Demer, J.M. Miller, E.Y. Koo, A.L. Rosenbaum, and J.B. Bateman
Superior Oblique Myokymia, J.-T.H.N. de Faber and R.L.J. van Rijn
The Use of the Computer-Assisted Lancaster Test in the Evaluation of a New Operation for Mild Superior Oblique Palsy, C. González, G. Cinciripini, and R. Sánchez
Unilateral Modified Harada-Ito Procedure for Excyclotorsion Secondary to Unilateral Superior Oblique Palsy, M.H. Younis, A. Vivian, and J.P. Lee
Effect of the Superior Oblique Silicone Expander for Superior Oblique Overaction, C. Park and S.-C. Park
Superior Oblique Tenotomy with Expander, D. Stager, G. Beauchamp, and M. Parks
Efficacy of Posterior Tenectomy of the Superior Oblique for A-Pattern Anisotropia, M.K. Monteiro de Carvalho, A. Simoes, F.D.C. Moreira, and N. Kara-José
Anterior Transportation of the Inferior Oblique in the Treatment of Fourth Nerve Palsy, C. González and G. Cinciripini
Surgical Procedure in Congenital Brown's Syndrome, H.J. Kaiser, H. Mühlendyck, and H. Thaller-Antlanger
Inferior Oblique Overaction in Congenital Esotropia: Fundus Excyclotorsion as a Predictive Sign, H.S. Eustis
Vertical Deviations Secondary to Inferior Oblique Inclusion in Previous Lateral Rectus Surgery, R.A. Cline
Nasal Myectomy of the Inferior Oblique, D.R. Stager
Dissociated Strabismus
Observation of Dissociated Vertical Deviation (DVD) by Infrared Fundus Haploscope, E. Ohmi, G. Ohmi, and S. Ohmi
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings of the Brainstem in Patients with Dissociated Vertical Deviation, A. Brown-Limon, R.R. Jasso, E. Limon de Brown, J.F. Burges, P.S. Lujambio, and T. Hernandez-Ordonez
Evaluation of Eye Movement Characteristics in the Patients with Dissociated Vertical Deviation using Scleral Search Coil, A. Izaki, M. Shimo-Oku, K. Koyama, and T. Kashihara
"A" and "V" Patterns in Untreated Infantile Esotropia and Their Association with DVD, C.L. Calcutt and A.D.N. Murray
Analysis of the Vertical Factor in Early Surgery of Early Onset Strabismus, V. Paris
Does Dissociated Strabismus Affect Surgical Outcome in Congenital Esotropia? W.O. Young, M.E. Wilson, and R.A. Saunders
Dissociated Horizontal Deviation, D. Romero-Apis
Dissociated Horizontal Deviation and Accommodative Esotropia: Treatment Options when an Eso- and an Exo-Deviation Coexist, M.E. Wilson, R.A. Saunders, and J.E. Berland
Ultrastructure of the Superior Oblique Tendon, E.M. Helveston, M. Oberlander, A. Evan, B. Connors, and J. Clendenon
Graduated Superior Oblique Surgery and DVD, B.P. Greaves and A. Chadwick
"A" Pattern Horizontal Strabismus, Dissociated Vertical Deviation, and Superior Oblique Overaction, D.K. Coats, E.A. Paysse, M. Sato, and E.M. Helveston
Surgical Treatment of Dissociated Vertical Deviation by Faden Operation, I.I. El Bably
Special Strabismus Surgery
20 Years Experience with the Faden Operation, H. Mühlendyck, J. Goerd, and S. Kellner
Posterior Fixation Sutures (Faden Procedure) for the Management of Convergence Excess Esotropia, A.J. Vivian, L. Kousoulides, P. Fells, and J.P. Lee
Posterior Fixation: Adjustable and without Posterior Sutures, A.B. Scott
Augmenting Surgery for Monocular Esotropia with a Medial Rectus Posterior Fixation Suture, F.J. Elsas
An Alternative of Faden Operations in Acquired Esodeviations with Variable Angle, L. De Clippeleir, R. Apers, L. Van Eeckhoutte, M. van Lammeren, H. Janssens, and L. Baekeland
One Stage Intraoperative Adjustable Suture Technique for Correction of Strabismus, J.S. Davis, A.W. Biglan, R. Day, and D. Landsittel
Effect of Adjustable Sutures in Recession of the Inferior Rectus Muscle in Thyroid Ophthalmopathy, M.S. Ruttum
Discussion of Paper by M.S. Ruttum, M.D., S.M. Archer
Strabismus Surgery in Patients with Moebius Syndrome, D.M. Laby, A.L. Rosenbaum, S.J. Isenberg, and B.W. Fleck
Transnasal Endoscopic Approach to the Medial Rectus to Recover Lost Muscles, C.A. McKeown, R.B. Metson, I.M. Dunya, J.W. Shore, and M.P. Joseph
Botulinum Toxin. Other Aspects of Strabismus Management
Botulinum Toxin in Esotropic Patients up to Three Years of Age, R. Gómez de Liano, J.M. Rodriquez, P. Gómez de Liano, and M.L. De Andres
Long Term Use of Botulinum Toxin for Adult Strabismus, J.P. Lee
Persisting Hypotropia following Botulinum Induced Protective Ptosis, P.L.O. Heyworth and J.P. Lee
Fluorescein Angiographic Evaluation of Anterior Ciliary Vessel Preservation, J. Olver and P. Fells
The First Textbook of Strabismus Surgery, J.L. Mims III and T. Boubel
A New Method for Doing Chart Reviews…without the Chart! V.C. Mansen, L.P. Rovick, and R.S. Freeman
Ocular Adnexa. Anterior Segment. Intraocular Pressure
Direct Visualization for Nasolacrimal Duct Intubation, S.K. McClatchey and M.S. Jaafar
A Manicure for Difficult Crawford Intubations, R.W. Arnold
Bilateral, Monocanalicular Crawford Loop: Simple Removal for Remote NLD Patients, R.W. Arnold
The Association of Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction with Ear Infections, C. Morse and D. Sprunger
Periocular Infection after Strabismus Surgery, J.D. Kivlin, M.E. Wilson, and Periocular Infection Study Group
The Autogenous Dermis-Fat Orbital Implant in Children, K.T. Mitchell, D.A. Hollsten, W.L. White, and M.A. O'Hara
Serious Ocular Alkali Burns from the Wood Ash of Fireplaces and Woodstoves, J.L. Zobal-Ratner, J.W. Simon, S. Follett, P. Zloty, M.W. Belin, and D. Turok
Idiopathic Tractional Corectopia, C.S. Atkinson, M.C. Brodsky, D.A. Hiles, and J.W. Simon
Enhancement of Perkins Tonometry using an External Cobalt Blue Light Source, J.E. Berland, T.P. Powers, R.A. Saunders, H. Rowe, M.E. Wilson, and W.C. Stewart
How Reliable Are Intraocular Pressure Measurements in Awake Infants and Children? H. Atilla and L. Tychsen
Pediatric Glaucoma-Angle Findings and Outcome, M.M. Hastings and J.M. Little
Gonitomy for Glaucoma Complication Chronic Anterior Uveitis Arysol, S. Niffenegger and D.S. Wilson
Biometry Technique for Introcular Lens Implantation in Children, J. Lawson, M. Restori, D. Taylor, and C. Lyons
Dimensions of the Pediatric Capsular Bag: Implications for Intraocular Lenses in Children, E.L.C. Bluestein, M.E. Wilson, and X.-H. Wang
Haptic Breakage after IOL Implantation during Infancy in a Non-Human Primate Model, S.R. Lambert and H. Grossniklaus
Pars Plana Vitrectomy and Capsulotomy in Pediatric Cataract Extraction with Intraocular Lens Implantation, T.H. Metz, M.A. O'Hara, and W.C. Bauman
Visual Rehabilitation after Cataract Extraction in Children using Intraocular Lenses, R.W. Hertle, G.E. Quinn, D.B. Schaffer, G.D. Markowitz, D.B. Granet, and J.A. Napolitano
Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lenses: Long-Term Results in Pediatric Cataract Patients, E.R. Crouch Jr., S.H. Pressman, and E.R. Crouch
Intraocular Lens Implantation in Children (Techniques and Results 1991-1993), K.M. Brady and D.A. Hiles
Review of Preceding Four Papers on Intraocular Lens Implantation in Children, J.D. Baker
Modified Indirect Ophthalmoscopy for Evaluation of the Pediatric Retina, D.K. Coats and E.A. Paysse
Can Non-Ophthalmologists Screen for Retinopathy of Prematurity? R.A. Saunders, E.L.C. Bleustein, J.E. Berland, M.L. Donahue, and M.E. Wilson
Complications of Zone One Retinopathy of Prematurity Treatment, J.W. McManaway III, R. DeMaio, and G.W. Blankenship
ROP in Discordant Twins, R.R. Fellows, M.L. McGregor, and D.L. Bremer
Measurement of Low Vision in Advanced Cicatricial Retinopathy of Prematurity, P.J. Droste and M.T. Trese
Molecular Diagnosis of Inherited Retinal Degeneration in Asymptomatic Children, A.V. Drack, B.E. Nichols, V.C. Sheffield, and E.M. Stone
An ERG, VEP, and Eye Movement Assessment of Children with Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, T. Lavy, C.M. Harris, F. Shawkat, D. Thompson, and A. Kriss
Photoaversion in Leber's Congenital Amaurosis, E.I. Traboulsi and I.H. Maumenee
Causes of the Strabismus and Diplopia after the Retinal Surgery, J.-M. Hwang and K.W. Wright
Retinal Re-Detachment after Strabismus Surgery, N. Sondhi and E.M. Helveston
Management of Experimental Globe Perforation during Strabismus Surgery, D. Sprunger, S. Klapper, J. Bonnin, and J. Minturn
Electroretinography as a Tool in Distinguishing Bardet-Biedl and Alstrom Syndromes in Early Childhood, A.V. Whittington, S.R. Lambert, W.B. Dasher, and A.V. Drack
Discussion of the Paper "Can Non-Ophthalmologists Screen for Retinopathy of Prematurity?" E.A. Palmer
Syndromes. Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmology
Ocular Findings in Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome: Results of the First International Symposium, C.M. Ohnsman and M.J. Burke
Craniosynostosis Syndromes in British Columbia, J. Carruthers and D. Berg
Congenital Ocular Synkinesis (Aberrant Innervation)-New Concepts, H.L. Freedman and B.J. Kushner
Strabismus Associated with Marcus Gunn Synkinesis, C. Lyons, P. Fells, and R. Collin
Strabismus Associated with Meningomyelocele, A.W. Biglan
Intracranial Pathology in Children Presenting as Concomitant Strabismus, C. Timms and D. Taylor
Cerebellar Astrocytoma Presenting as Acquired Comitant Esotropia at Age 18 and 27 Months, M.S. Jaafar, M.L.Z. Collins, and A.I. Rabinowitz
Outcome of Sixth Nerve Palsy in Young Children, M. Aroichane and M.X. Repka
Prevalence of Intracranial Lesions in Children Presenting with Disconjugate Nystagmus (Spasmus Nutans), K.A. Arnoldi and L. Tychsen
Epiretinal Membrane: An Unusual Complication of Childhood Optic Neuritis, M.X. Repka
Delayed Visual Maturation, F. Lods and C. Gramet
Ophthalmological Examination of Brain Damaged Children, M. de Bideron
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