256 Pages 60 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    256 Pages 60 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Upgrade Your French is the ideal guide for students looking to improve their written French rapidly.

    It offers a complete revision programme to improve your skills, focusing on three key strategies for improving your written French:

    • Eliminating common errors
    • Increasing and consolidating vocabulary
    • Using a wider range of expression and sentence structure

    This third edition includes enhanced coverage of the subjunctive and a new section on prepositions, new revision exercises at the end of each grammar and vocabulary unit (including translation sentences), and a companion website with further practice exercises for each chapter.

    This is the ideal book for all intermediate students looking for a simple way to improve their French fast.

    Day 1: Agreement of verb and subject

    Day 2: Reporting speech

    Day 3: The present tense

    Day 4: Statistics and numbers

    Day 5: Adjective agreements

    Day 6: Comparatives and superlatives

    Day 7: Alternatives to adverbs

    Day 8: Use of articles

    Day 9: Quantifiers

    Day 10: Use of tenses with si

    Day 11: False friends and Anglicized spelling

    Day 12: Past tenses

    Day 13: Expressions of time

    Day 14: Agreement of past participles

    Day 15: Pronominal verbs

    Day 16: The passive

    Day 17: Alternatives to the passive

    Day 18: Personal pronouns

    Day 19: The negative

    Day 20: Inversion of subject and verb

    Day 21: Relative pronouns

    Day 22: The infinitive and present participle

    Day 23: Logical connectors

    Day 24: Modal verbs

    Day 25: Sentence openings

    Day 26: Prepositions

    Day 27: Conjunctions

    Day 28: Highlighting and emphasis

    Day 29: Verb constructions

    Day 30: Accents, elision and capitalization

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    Margaret Jubb is Emeritus Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Aberdeen, UK.