1st Edition

Upgrade Your Spanish

By Abigail Lee Six Copyright 2001
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    Upgrade your Spanish is the ideal guide for students wanting a better grade in their Spanish exams. It offers a thirty day revision programme that is guaranteed to improve your results. In the countdown to exams, students should simply spend between 30 minutes to an hour a day with this book, and see their mark go up a grade!

    This short revision guide focuses on three key strategies for improving your exam results: 1) Eliminating basic errors and slips of the pen; 2) Increasing and consolidating your vocabulary; 3) Moving on from school-book Spanish.

    Day 1 Agreements
    Day 2 Describing people
    Day 3 Upgrade your style: easy but elegant constructions using the subjunctive
    Day 4 Accents for reasons other that stress rules
    Day 5 Vocabulary: politics
    current affairs
    Day 6 Regular verb forms
    Day 7 Vocabulary: the visual arts
    Day 8 Accents for reasons of stress rules
    Day 9 Vocabulary: literature
    Day 10 Ser and estar
    Day 11 Vocabulary: geography (including statistics)
    Day 12 Constructions of time (desde hace etc.)
    Day 13 Style: rhetorical signposts
    Day 14 Vocabulary: history (including dates)
    Day 15 Radical-changing verbs
    Day 16 Vocabulary: music
    Day 17 Verbs with unexpected dependent prepositions
    Day 18 Vocabulary: cinema
    Day 19 Patterns of irregularity in verbs
    Day 20 Vocabulary: education
    Day 21 Conditional sentences
    Day 22 Vocabulary: health
    Day 23 Style: dialogue and reported speech
    Day 24 Spelling changes
    Day 25 Vocabulary: science
    Day 26 Imperatives
    Day 27 Vocabulary: similes
    Day 28 Assorted minor points
    Day 29 Vocabulary: some useful set expressions for discursive writing
    Day 30 Medley of mixed exercises.


    Abigail Lee Six