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    Do you want to increase your chances of getting a top grade in your German exam? Upgrade your German offers a thirty-day revision programme that is guaranteed to improve your results. In the countdown to your exams, simply spend between 30 minutes and an hour a day with this book, and see your mark upgrade.

    This short revision guide focuses on three key strategies for improving your exam results: eliminating basic errors and slips of the pen; increasing and consolidating your vocabulary; and improving the style and quality of your German.

    Day 1 Key points: cases
    Day 2 Vocabulary: describing people
    Day 3 Key points: pronouns
    Day 4 Vocabulary: family and society
    Day 5 Key points: Nouns - genders and plurals
    Day 6 Vocabulary: Leisure
    Day 7 Key points: relative clauses
    Day 8 Vocabulary: film
    Day 9 Key points: verb forms
    Day 10 Style: Politeness
    Day 11 Key points: Adjective endings
    Day 12 Vocabulary: City life
    Day 13 Key points: Prepositions 1
    Day 14 Vocabulary: Europe
    Day 15 Key points: Prepositions 2
    Day 16 Vocabulary: Migration
    Day 17 Key points: verbs and prepositions
    Day 18 Vocabulary: Talking about academic subjects
    Day 19 Key points: Tenses and irregular verbs
    Day 20 Vocabulary: Education
    Day 21 Key points: time expressions
    Day 22 Vocabulary: History and dates
    Day 23 Key points: Word order and textual cohesion
    Day 24 Vocabulary: Literature
    Day 25 Key points: Passive
    Day 26 Style: Nominalization
    Day 27 Vocabulary: Environment
    Day 28 Key points: Conditionals
    Day 29 Style: Reported speech
    Day 30 Bumper self-test


    Annemarie Kunzl-Snodgrass and Silke Mentchen are both University Language Teaching Officers in German at the University of Cambridge.