592 Pages 226 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    592 Pages 226 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This new edition of a well-established textbook covers the environmental and engineering aspects of the management of rainwater and wastewater in areas of human development. Urban Drainage deals comprehensively not only with the design of new systems, but also the analysis and upgrading of existing infrastructure. Keeping its balance of principles, practice and research, this new edition has significant new material on modelling, resilience, smart systems, and the global and local context. The two new authors bring further research and practice-based experience.

    This is an essential text for undergraduate and graduate students, lecturers and researchers in water engineering, environmental engineering, public health engineering, engineering hydrology, and related non-engineering disciplines. It also serves as a dependable reference for drainage engineers in water service providers, local authorities, and for consulting engineers. Extensive examples are used to support and demonstrate the key issues throughout the text.

    1. Introduction

    2. Water quality

    3. Wastewater

    4. Rainfall

    5. Stormwater

    6. System components and layout

    7. Hydraulics

    8. Hydraulic features

    9. Foul sewers

    10. Storm sewers

    11. Flooding

    12. Combined sewers and CSOs

    13. Storage

    14. Pumped systems

    15. Structural design and construction

    16. Sediments

    17. Operation and maintenance

    18. Rehabilitation

    19. Modelling in practice

    20. Innovations in modelling

    21. Stormwater management (SuDS)

    22. Smart systems

    23. Global issues

    24. Towards sustainable water management


    Professor David Butler is Co-director of the Centre for Water Systems at the University of Exeter, UK. Dr Christos Makropoulos is an assistant professor at the National Technical University of Athens and the Chief Information Officer of KWR Watercycle Research Institute in the Netherlands. Dr Chris Digman is a chartered civil engineer working for MWH in UK. He co-developed the first urban drainage research framework for the UK’s Environment Agency. Professor John Davies is Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering at Coventry University, UK.

    "Urban Drainage continues to evolve to reflect changing constraints and current approaches to best drainage practice so it remains the pre-eminent text on the subject. It provides exceptionally comprehensive coverage of all aspects of urban drainage which can’t be found elsewhere in a single text, including the basics of hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, design, modelling, construction, operation as well as important advice on how urban water management can become more sustainable and resilient.

    This is the book I always take off the shelf first when I have any query relating to urban drainage, and it just got even better."

    -- Richard Fenner, University of Cambridge

    "I read the entire book when it was in its first edition and found it to be a very useful reference that covered both combined and separate sewerage systems. Now in its fourth edition, I think this is a comprehensive textbook that I would recommend to anyone studying or practising in the field of urban drainage."

    -- Simon Beecham, University of South Australia

    "The greatest assets are the comprehensiveness and incorporation of the latest information. At the same time, this information is delivered in a very readable and succinct manner (500 + pages), without losing the rigour of discussion of fundamental concepts."

    -- Jiri Marsalek, Environment and Climate Change Canada

    "This is an excellent book covering a wide range of issues and examples relevant to urban drainage. I am particularly pleased to see that this new edition contains enhanced consideration of wider environmental issues relevant not only to urban drainage but to urban environments as a whole.... I consider this the best text available right now for UK drainage design and practice. "

    -- Rebecca Wade, Abertay University, UK