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Urban Futures

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Uncertainty is the "new normal" for cities of the future. At this juncture, our cities (both in the developed global North and in the developing and rapidly urbanizing global South) are at the crossroads of unprecedented challenges and cautious choices. Cities worldwide are also bound by the general guidelines of the Sustainable Development Goals guiding our collective urban futures. No matter how much we think of our urban futures as a "collective", questions of structural inequalities in economic opportunities, access to basic services, escalating vulnerabilities to climate change risks and justice compel us to look for grassroots, local responses and solutions. The Urban Futures series attempts to draw the contours of our collective urban futures, identifies and articulates the pressing challenges cities face globally. It provides a starting point to some of the responses that we could adopt for a better and a more inclusive future.

The series covers a wide range of interdisciplinary themes including urban design, urban digitization, governance and data city, technology, social inclusion, social infrastructure and public health, city life and public spaces, consumption and culture, urban planning, mobility, environment, public infrastructure, sustainable development, localization of SDGs, women and urban development, urban economy and work, and peri-urban development.


Binti Singh

KRVIA, Mumbai, India

[email protected]


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Emerging Work Trends in Urban India COVID-19 and Beyond

Emerging Work Trends in Urban India: COVID-19 and Beyond

1st Edition

By Nidhi Tandon, Pratyusha Basu, Omkumar Krishnan, Bhavani R.V.
September 25, 2023

This book offers an overview of India’s emerging digital economy and the resulting challenges and opportunities for urban workplaces. It examines contemporary economic and social transformations in India by focusing on how new technologies and policies are shaping urban work practices and patterns....

Resilience and Southern Urbanism Towards a New Paradigm

Resilience and Southern Urbanism: Towards a New Paradigm

1st Edition

Edited By Binti Singh, Manoj Parmar
September 25, 2023

This volume studies the urbanisation trends of medium-sized cities of India to develop a typology of urban resilience. It looks at historic second-tier cities like Nashik, Bhopal, Kolkata and Agra, which are laboratories of smart experiments and are subject to technological ubiquity, with rampant ...

Culture, Spaces, and People Urban Dynamics in Contemporary India

Culture, Spaces, and People: Urban Dynamics in Contemporary India

1st Edition

By Daksh Jain
June 23, 2023

This volume discusses the nuances of cultural phenomena in the transforming urban landscape of Indian cities. It focuses on the role of globalization, transitioning economic patterns, and national urban policies in changing their urban landscape. The volume argues that culture is an important ...

Negotiating Resilience with Hard and Soft City

Negotiating Resilience with Hard and Soft City

1st Edition

Edited By Binti Singh, Tania Berger, Manoj Parmar
March 16, 2023

This book explores how cities are shaped by the lived experiences of inhabitants and examines the ways they develop strategies to cope with daily and unexpected challenges. It argues that migration, livelihood, and public health challenges result from inadequacies in the hard city—urban assets, ...

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