1st Edition

Urban Geoscience AGID Special Publication nr.20

Edited By G.J.H. McCall, E.F.J. de Mulder, B.R. Marker Copyright 1996
    282 Pages
    by CRC Press

    With the escalating increase in global population and urbanisation extending to the growth of megacities in the 'Third World', existing cities and towns sprawling outwards more or less unchecked, and older cities decaying and changing their industrial base, geoscientists are being called on to tackle problems in the urban setting and also to consider problems raised by urbanisation and affecting areas outside the urban limits and even the environmental health of the globe in general. The increasing demand for geoscientific input to planning of urban land use, rectifying problems of decay and poor prior procedures, rehabilitating land after the closure of extractive and other industries, designing new constructions, and environmental assessment and monitoring, may well take up the employment-slack caused by the decline of traditional areas of geoscience employment.
    This book is targetted at the geoscientist, the engineer and the land-use planner, and scientists of other disciplines, since the problems of urban- isation can only be solved by a multidisciplinary approach. Topics include: Minerals; Soils; Water; Natural hazards; Man-made hazards; Urban development.


    G.J.H. McCall, E.F.J. de Mulder, B.R. Marker