1st Edition

Urban Habitat Constructions Under Catastrophic Events Proceedings of the COST C26 Action Final Conference

Edited By Federico Mazzolani Copyright 2010
    1068 Pages
    by CRC Press

    COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, allowing the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level. Part of COST was COST Action C26 ‘Urban Habitat Constructions Under Catastrophic Events’, which started in 2006 and held its final conference in Naples, Italy, on 16-18 September 2010. The main objective of COST Action C26 was to increase the knowledge of the behaviour of constructions in urban habitat under catastrophic events (earthquakes, fire, wind, impact, explosions etc.), in order to predict their response when both the applied loading and the inherent structural resistance are combined in such a way that the safety level reaches unacceptable values, leading in some cases to a premature collapse.

    Urban Habitat Constructions Under Catastrophic Events collects 151 papers from internationally recognized outstanding experts from 46 countries that were presented at the final conference: 82 contributions from COST experts and 69 from external authors. They are subdivided into 5 sections, which exactly correspond to the 5 Chapters of the Final Report of the COST Action C26 activity:

    (I) Characterization of catastrophic actions on constructions;

    (II) Analysis of behaviour of constructions under catastrophic events;

    (III) Evaluation of vulnerability of constructions;

    (IV) Protecting, strengthening and repairing;

    (V) Strategy and guidelines for damage prevention.

    Urban Habitat Constructions Under Catastrophic Events will be of interest to academics and engineers in civil and structural engineering, especially those involved in fire resistance, earthquake resistance, impact and explosion resistance, and resistance to Infrequent Loading Conditions.


    Multilevel seismic performance based design of structures considering the concepts of sustainability and robustness
    A.G. Ayala & S. López

    To challenging problems in fire protection of steel structures
    Guo-Qiang Li

    Volcanic hazards and risk in cities, with emphasis on lahars: A review
    J.C. Thouret & K.M. Martelli

    The development of protective structures for northern Ireland
    F.G. Hulton

    Performance based methodology for tracing the response of restrained steel beams exposed to fire
    V. Kodur & M. Dwaikat

    Modelling climate change impact on cultural heritage the European project climate for culture
    J. Leissner, R. Kilian, F. Antretter &A. Holm

    The development of analysis of glazed facades to resist blast effects
    C.M. Morison

    Lessons of the Mw=8.8 Chile 2010 earthquake
    G.R. Saragoni


    Characterization of catastrophic actions on construction

    Characterization and modelling of seismic action

    Development of design response spectra for Baghdad area
    I.S. AbdulMutalib

    Stresses characterization and quantification in masonry structures with bent axle: Methodological approach and first experiences
    M. Candela

    Selecting the appropriate probabilistic demand models using Bayesian statistics
    A. Deylami & M. Mahdavi Adeli

    Problems of seismic behaviour of buildings situated in urban habitats
    V. Gioncu & F.M. Mazzolani

    Analysis of different numerical procedures for determining the random and chaotic earthquake properties
    R. Magaña, A. Hermosillo & M. Pérez

    The Mw 6.3, 2009 L’Aquila earthquake: Linear and nonlinear site effects
    C. Nunziata, F. Vaccari & G.F. Panza

    Scenarios based earthquake hazard assessment
    F. Romanelli, A. Peresan, F. Vaccari & G.F. Panza

    Microzonation of landslide hazard triggered by earthquakes – Application of GIS methodology
    V. Sesov & J. Cvetanovska

    Modelling of explosion

    Determination of design loads from explosion and impact scenarios
    N. Gebbeken &T. Döge

    A feasibility study on modeling blast loading using ALE formulation
    L. Kwasniewski, M. Balcerzak & J.Wojciechowski

    Windows and glazing systems exposed to explosion loads: Part 1 – Lethality and hazard assessment
    A. Lööf, A. van Doormaal & M. Teich

    Windows and glazing systems exposed to explosion loads: Part 2 – Safety improvement strategies
    M. Teich, N. Gebbeken, A. Lööf &A. van Doormaal

    Dynamic testing of semi-rigid steel beam-column connections
    A. Tyas, J.A.Warren, J.B. Davison, E.P. Stoddart &A. Hindle

    Actions due to other natural catastrophes

    Landslides as a secondary event of earthquakes and eruptions
    E. Nigro & C. Faella

    Measurements of shear wave velocities for seismic and volcanic hazard assessment in urban areas
    C. Nunziata, G. De Nisco, M.R. Costanzo, F. Vaccari & G.F. Panza

    Tsunami impact evaluation for coastal areas
    T. Rossetto, T.O. Lloyd, C. Coelho, J.P. Carlier &W. Allsop

    Avalanche actions on constructions
    A. Talon, J.P. Muzeau & J.P. Carlier

    Analysis of behaviour of constructions under catastrophic events Analyses of structures under fire

    Partial interaction behaviour of composite steel-concrete members at elevated temperatures accounting for geometric nonlinearities
    P. Ansourian, G. Ranzi &A. Zona

    Thermal and thermo-mechanical behaviour of timber connections in fire
    M. Audebert, A. Bouchaïr, M. Taazount & D. Dhima

    Numerical assessment of structural assembly between steel beam and CFT columns under fire
    F.R. Carvalho Lopes, A. Santiago, L. Simões da Silva & J.G. Santos da Silva

    Numerical simulations of full-scale enclosure fires in a multilevel library
    P. Ciambelli, M.G. Meo, P. Russo & S. Vaccaro

    Assessment of the robustness of structures subjected to fire following earthquake through a performance-based approach
    B. Faggiano, D. De Gregorio & F.M. Mazzolani

    Fire resistance of self-compacting concrete beam-column sub-assemblage
    I.K. Fang, C.C. Lee, L.W. Chou, P.S. Chiu, T.W. Liu & J.M. Yeh

    The effect of different plaster types on critical limit for fire resistance used by horizontal load-bearing structures
    M. Hajpál &A. Somorjai

    The combined effect of high temperature and high loading rate on the fracture resistance of a grade S355J0 steel section
    A.J. Horn

    A study on the full scale fire test of medical modular block for the fire resistance performance evaluation
    K. Heung Youl, K. Hyung Jun, L. Jae Sung, K. Ki Hyuk & C. Bong Ho

    Numerical modeling of steel columns in fire
    L. Kwa´sniewski, P.A. Król & K. Ła˛cki

    An experimental study on the thermal property of concrete under the load ratio condition in tunnel fire
    Kyung suk Cho, K. Heung Youl, K. Hyung Jun, L. Jae Sung &Younghan Jung

    Finite element modelling of lap shear riveted connections in fire
    R. Marmo, M. D’Aniello, F. Portioli & R. Landolfo

    Application of FSE approach to the structural fire safety assessment of steel-concrete composite structures
    E. Nigro, A. Ferraro & G. Cefarelli

    Member, substructure and global structural fire analyses of steel-concrete composite frames
    E. Nigro, A. Ferraro & G. Cefarelli

    Thermo-mechanical analysis of composite slabs under fire conditions
    D. Pantousa & E. Mistakidis

    A comparative numerical simulation study on blast response of reinforced concrete slabs subjected to fire
    F. Pascualena, J. Vantomme, J.M. Ndambi & U. Nyström

    Evaluation of the residual strength of square CFT columns after a fire through structural performance evaluation test
    J. Sang-Keun, K. Sun-Hee, C. Sung-Mo,W. Yong-Ahn & K. Heung Youl

    Evaluation of the steel structure fire resistance of a shopping centre using structural fire engineering
    P. Vila Real & N. Lopes

    To the composite slab on beams with corrugated web exposed to fire
    F.Wald, T. Jána, P. Kyzlík & M. Strejˇcek

    Fire after earthquake
    R. Zaharia, D. Pintea & D. Dubina

    Analysis of steel-framed open car parks under localized fire
    R. Zanon, M. Sommavilla, O. Vassart, L.-G. Cajot, R. Zandonini & F. Gadotti

    Evaluation of structural response under exceptional seismic actions

    Micro and macro-finite element modeling of brick masonry panels subject to lateral loadings
    M. Annecchiarico, F. Portioli & R. Landolfo

    Seismic performance of RC frame buildings with masonry infill
    R. Apostolska, G. Necevska-Cvetanovska & J. Cvetanovska

    Modelling influence of paraseismic tremors on precast apartment buildings
    J. Bara´nski, P. Berkowski & G. Dmochowski

    The solid springer rule – behavior under dynamic stress
    M. Candela & R. Fonti

    Modelling issues of steel braces under extreme cyclic actions
    M. D’Aniello, F. Portioli & R. Landolfo

    Response of BRBs to catastrophic seismic actions: Experimental results
    G. Della Corte & F.M. Mazzolani

    Direct design approach for seismic resistant steel frame buildings under extreme loading
    F. Dinu, D. Dubina & G. De Matteis

    Application of high strength steel to seismic resistant multi-storey buildings
    D. Dubina, A. Stratan, F. Dinu, D. Grecea, N. Muntean & C. Vulcu

    Inelastic torsional response of an asymmetric-plan hospital building in Italy
    M. Ferraioli

    L’Aquila earthquake: A survey in the historical centre of Castelvecchio Subequo
    A. Formisano, P. Di Feo, M.R. Grippa & G. Florio

    Seismic response of sheathed cold-formed steel structures under catastrophic events
    L. Fiorino, O. Iuorio, V. Macillo & R. Landolfo

    First considerations on the February 27, 2010 Chilean earthquake
    M. Indirli, F.M. Mazzolani &A. Tralli

    Seismic responses of continuous twin I-girder bridge using three-dimensional modal pushover analysis procedure
    A.H. Nguyen, T. Hayashikawa & C. Chintanapakdee

    The influence of piers on the dynamic behavior of bridges subjected to earthquake acting in parallel to the deck
    I.G. Raftoyiannis, T.G. Konstantakopoulos & G.T. Michaltsos

    A model for limit state analysis of wooden structures
    F. Ramundo & M.R. Migliore

    Lateral capacity of steel structures designed according to EC8 under catastrophic seismic events
    S. Tortorelli, M. D’Aniello & R. Landolfo

    Seismic assessment of historical mosques under exceptional earthquakes: A case study in Skopje
    F. Portioli, O. Mammana, R. Landolfo & F.M. Mazzolani

    Experimental methodology for verification of effectiveness of innovative seismic strengthening techniques of historical monuments
    L. Krstevska, L. Tashkov, K. Gramatikov, F.M. Mazzolani & G. De Matteis

    In-situ experimental testing of four historical buildings damaged during the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake
    L. Krstevska, L. Tashkov, N. Naumovski, G. Florio, A. Formisano, A. Fornaro & R. Landolfo

    Ambient vibration tests on three religious buildings in Goriano Sicoli damaged during the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake
    L. Tashkov, L. Krstevska, N. Naumovski, G. De Matteis & G. Brando

    Seismic response analysis of multiple supported piping systems with friction characteristics
    T. Yamauchi, K. Tsuchikawa, A. Masuda &A. Sone

    Analysis of structures under impact and explosion

    Compressive behaviour of concrete at high strain rates
    M. Belaoura

    Numerical investigation of internal explosions in steel pipe
    P. Bonalumi, M. Colombo & M. di Prisco

    Experimental study of composite column and wall systems for impact resistance
    A. Britner, M. Gündel & R. Obiala

    Insulated concrete thin-shells under exceptional loads
    R.B. Esplin, J.P. South, G. Whipple & B. Davis

    Detailed micro-modelling of masonry under blast and earthquake loads
    T. Linse & N. Gebbeken

    Behaviour of deformable blast walls for protective structural design
    S.A. Kilic & P.D. Smith

    Simulation of pressures behind rigid blast walls
    S.A. Kilic & P.D. Smith

    Robust design – Alternate load path method as design strategy 487
    L. Roelle & U. Kuhlmann

    Tests and simplified numerical simulation of vehicle impact on guardrails with respect to normative regulations
    C. Seiler

    Behaviour and structural evaluation procedure of a precast R.C. multi-storey building subjected to blast loading
    D.V. Stoian, I.S. Pescari, S.C. Florut &V.A. Stoian

    Consequence of natural disasters on constructions

    Air fall deposits due to explosive eruptions: Action model and robustness assessment of the Vesuvian roofs
    D. De Gregorio, B. Faggiano, A. Formisano & F.M. Mazzolani

    Review of the impacts of volcanic ash fall on urban environments
    V. Sword-Daniels, T. Rossetto, J. Twigg, D. Johnston, T.Wilson, J. Cole, S. Loughlin & S. Sargeant

    Structural design of urban habitat construction against catastrophic wind actions
    T. Stathopoulos, I. Zisis & C.C. Baniotopoulos

    Minimizing the risks associated with fire and floods in illegal and unplanned settlements in a developing country
    B.W.J. van Rensburg

    Evaluation of vulnerability of constructions

    Vulnerability of existing buildings under fire

    Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis of water mist system performance for fire safety of a nineteenth century cast-iron structured building
    J. De la Quintana, J. Aurtenetxe, F. Morente & R. Ugartetxe

    Reflectometric interrogation technique for structural damage assessment using FBG-based fiber optic strain sensors
    Yu.N. Kulchin, O.B. Vitrik, A.V. Dyshlyuk, A.M. Shalagin, S.A. Babin &A.A. Vlasov

    Performance based evaluation and seismic risk analysis

    Development and validation of a procedure of seismic performance evaluation of structures
    A.G. Ayala, M. Mendoza & R. Apostolska

    A method for the evaluation of the seismic vulnerability of fortified structures
    A. Baratta, I. Corbi & S. Coppari

    Seismic vulnerability by extrinsic kinematics: The St. Mary’s Church, Naples, Italy
    A. Bianco & L. Picardi

    L’Aquila earthquake April 6th, 2009: The damage assessment methodologies
    R.P. Borg, M. Indirli, T. Rossetto & L.A. Kouris

    Seismic vulnerability of the “Quinto Orazio Flacco” school
    A. Fiore & P. Monaco

    Seismic vulnerability analysis of a masonry school in the Vesuvius area
    A. Formisano, F.M. Mazzolani & M. Indirli

    A quick methodology for seismic vulnerability assessment of historical masonry aggregates
    A. Formisano, F.M. Mazzolani, G. Florio & R. Landolfo

    Seismic vulnerability analysis of historical centres: A GIS application in Torre del Greco
    A. Formisano, F.M. Mazzolani, G. Florio, R. Landolfo, G. De Masi, G. Delli Priscoli & M. Indirli

    Evaluation of RVS method for pre-seismic assessment of structures utilizing post-earthquake damage investigations
    A.I. Karabinis &T.C. Rousakis

    Robust design of seismic up-grading of R.C. structures with innovative bracing systems
    J.-U. Sickert, M. Kaliske,W. Graf &A. Mandara

    Vulnerability and damageability of structures under impact and explosion

    Robustness analysis of bridge when exposed to train collision due to derailment
    I. Björnsson & S. Thelandersson

    Limitations of the tying force method for providing robustness in steel framed buildings
    M.P. Byfield & S. Paramasivam

    Effect of column loss on the robustness of a high rise steel building
    F. Dinu & D. Dubina

    On the catenary effect of steel buildings
    A. Formisano & F.M. Mazzolani

    Damage and blast response of a steel frame building
    J. Mediavilla, F. Soetens & J.W.P.M. Brekelmans

    Assesment of explosion effect in railway stations
    G. Solomos, F. Casadei, G. Giannopoulos & M. Larcher

    On modeling and progressive collapse of the building subjected to shock impact load
    J. Vaiciunas &V. Dorosevas

    Performance assessment under multiple hazards

    Extreme flood effects as a combination of river and sea action
    C. Coelho & J.P. Carlier

    Survey activity for the seismic and volcanic vulnerability assessment in the Vesuvian area: The golden mile villas
    L. Alterio, D. De Gregorio, B. Faggiano, P. Di Feo, G. Florio, A. Formisano, F.M. Mazzolani,F. Cacace, G. Zuccaro, R.P. Borg, C. Coelho, M. Indirli, L.A.

    Kouris &V. Sword-Daniels

    Survey activity for the seismic and volcanic vulnerability assessment in the Vesuvian area: The historical centre and the residential area in Torre del Greco
    D. De Gregorio, B. Faggiano, G. Florio, A. Formisano, T. De Lucia, G. Terracciano, F.M. Mazzolani, F. Cacace, G. Conti, G. De Luca, G. Fiorentino, C.

    Pennone,G. Zuccaro, R.P. Borg, C. Coelho, S. Gerasimidis & M. Indirli

    Volcanic actions and their consequences on structures
    B. Faggiano, E. Nigro, D. De Gregorio, G. Zuccaro & F. Cacace

    Survey activity for the seismic and volcanic vulnerability assessment in the Vesuvian area: Relevant masonry and reinforced concrete school buildings in

    Torre del Greco
    G. Florio, D. De Gregorio, A. Formisano, B. Faggiano, T. De Lucia, G. Terracciano, F.M. Mazzolani, F. Cacace, G. Conti, G. De Luca, G. Fiorentino, C.

    Pennone,G. Zuccaro, R.P. Borg, C. Coelho, S. Gerasimidis & M. Indirli

    The L’Aquila Earthquake, April 6th, 2009: A review of seismic damage mechanisms
    L.A. Kouris, R.P. Borg & M. Indirli

    The Vesuvius case study in the framework of the EU COST Action C26 activity
    F.M. Mazzolani & M. Indirli

    Survey activity for the volcanic vulnerability in the Vesuvian area: The ‘quick’methodology and the survey form
    F.M. Mazzolani, B. Faggiano, A. Formisano, D. De Gregorio, G. Zuccaro, M. Indirli & R.P. Borg

    A framework and guidelines for volcanic risk assessment
    H. Narasimhan, R.P. Borg, F. Cacace, G. Zuccaro, M.H. Faber, D. De Gregorio,B. Faggiano, A. Formisano, F.M. Mazzolani & M. Indirli

    Structural vulnerability assessment under natural hazards: A review
    D. Vamvatsikos, L.A. Kouris, G. Panagopoulos, A.J. Kappos, E. Nigro, T. Rossetto,T.O. Lloyd &T. Stathopoulos

    Seismic impact scenarios in the volcanic areas in Campania
    G. Zuccaro & F. Cacace

    Structural damage and vulnerability assessment for service life estimation through MEDEA tool
    G. Zuccaro & M.F. Leone

    Human and structural damage consequent to a Sub-Plinian like eruption at mount Vesuvius
    G. Zuccaro, F. Cacace & S. Nardone

    MEDEA: A multimedia and didactic handbook for structural damage and vulnerability assessment – L’Aquila Case Study
    G. Zuccaro, F. Cacace & M. Rauci

    Protecting, strengthening and repairing
    Fire damaged structures

    Examination, assessment and repair of RC structure damaged by fire
    M. Cvetkovska & Lj. Lazarov

    Concrete members reinforced with FRP bars in fire situation
    E. Nigro, G. Cefarelli, A. Bilotta, G. Manfredi & E. Cosenza

    Quick impact of protecting, strengthening and repairing and consequences of fire damaged structure – Hotel Union, Kosovo
    V. Nushi, Sh. Nixha & N. Kabashi

    Analytical evaluation of fire resistance of FRP and hybrid RC beams – Part II
    M.M. Rafi &A. Nadjai

    Experimental evaluation of fire resistance of FRP and hybrid RC beams – Part I
    M.M. Rafi &A. Nadjai

    Innovative seismic protection technologies and study cases

    A school building construction in steel under seismic events
    H.A. Arda Buyuktaskin

    Seismic protection of high-rise buildings by aluminum shear panels: A design application
    A. Basile, G. Brando, G. De Matteis & F.M. Mazzolani

    Numerical and experimental evaluation of q factors for RC MRF strengthened of steel BRB
    S. Bordea & D. Dubina

    Seismic isolation of buildings in Italy with double concave curved surface sliders
    M.G. Castellano & S. Infanti

    Mechanical behavior evaluation of pure aluminum by static and dynamic tests
    G. De Matteis, G. Brando & F.M. Mazzolani

    Evaluation of re-centring capability of dual frames with removable dissipative members: Case study for eccentrically braced frames with bolted links
    F. Dinu, D. Dubina &A. Stratan

    Behaviour model for post-tensioned bolted RC frame – steel brace connection
    A. Dogariu, S. Bordea & D. Dubina

    Base isolation seismic retrofit of a hospital building in Italy: Design and construction
    M. Ferraioli, A.M. Avossa & F. Formato

    Base isolation seismic retrofit of a hospital building in Italy: Performance under earthquake strong ground motions
    M. Ferraioli, R. Costanzo &A. Lavino

    Numerical investigation of old RC frames strengthened against earthquakes by high dissipation steel link elements
    K.A. Georgiadi-Stefanidi & E. Mistakidis

    Seismic vulnerability reduction of existing masonry buildings. Modelling of retrofitting techniques
    A. Gesualdo & M. Monaco

    Seismic retrofitting techniques for masonry arch bridges
    A. Gesualdo, M. Monaco & M.T. Savino

    Experimental investigations on steel shear walls as seismic retrofit measure for existing rc-buildings
    M. Gündel, D. Schmitt & B. Hoffmeister

    Optimizing the organization of infill walls in order to improve the earthquake response
    D. Güney, A.O. Kuru¸scu & M. Vatan

    Experimental investigation of old R/C frames strengthened against earthquakes by high dissipation steel link elements
    A.A. Karalis, K.C. Stylianidis &T.N. Salonikios

    Application of base isolation techniques for seismic protection of structures-study cases
    L. Krstevska, L. Tashkov, M. Garevski &V. Shendova

    Using newly developed visco-elastic damper for building seismic design
    B. Lim & H. Shen

    Application of smart strategies against severe dynamic actions
    A. Mandara, F. Ramundo & G. Spina

    Strength of solid and hollow-core FRP-confined concrete members: A novel model
    R. Modarelli

    Conservation and emergency: The façade of Saint Eusanio Martyr church collapsed after the Abruzzo earthquake
    M. Praticò, E. Di Fede, G. Mascarella

    An indigenous model of seismic retrofit of stone masonry structures
    M.M. Rafi, S.H. Lodi & S.F.A. Rafeeqi

    INERD software: A new design tool to improve the robustness of RCMRF under earthquake loading
    R. Zanon, M. Sommavilla, F. Labory, L.-G. Cajot, A. Plumier, H. Degée, K.Weynand & R. Oerder

    Protection of structures against impact and explosion Behaviour of high performance fibre reinforced cementitious composites under high dynamic loading and

    fire for safe tunnels
    E. Cadoni, A. Caverzan & M. di Prisco

    Elastic Systems for Dynamic Retrofitting (ESDR) of structures
    P. Casadei & E. Agneloni

    Numerical study of functionally-graded cementitious panels subjected to small projectile impact
    S.T. Quek, V.W.J. Lin, S.C. Lee & M. Maalej

    Identification of geometrical design criteria for reducing the vulnerability of urban area configurations to blast effects
    C. Pérez Jiménez, M. Minguez Fica & J. De la Quintana

    Effectiveness of seismic strengthening of monuments for their blast resistance
    V. Sendova, G. Jekic & L. Tashkov

    Strategy and guidelines for damage prevention

    Toward definition of the art’s rules for the recovering of historical centre after a seismic event 969
    V. Ceradini, M. Praticò & P. Terenzi

    Experimental evaluation of q factor for dual steel frames with dissipative shear walls
    F. Dinu, D. Dubina & C. Neagu

    Structural identification from environmental vibration testing of an asymmetric-plan hospital building in Italy
    M. Ferraioli, D. Abruzzese, L. Miccoli, A. Vari & G. Di Lauro

    Urban earthquake loss assessment by ELER
    U. Hancilar, C. Tuzun, C. Yenidogan & M. Erdik

    Tall buildings under long predominant period ground motions: Analysis vs. Romanian code provisions
    M. Iancovici & B. ¸Stefãnescu

    Multi-hazard maps for the Valparaiso area (Chile)
    M. Indirli, C. Puglisi, A. Screpanti & F. Romanelli

    Consequences on the urban environment in Greece related to the resent intense earthquake activity
    G.C. Manos & M. Demosthenous

    Earthquake disaster mitigation through experimental and analytical studies on southern Mexican adobe houses located in urban areas
    R.A. Matus, E.R. Guinto, S.S. Tizapa & J.L. Corona

    A comparative structural, architectural and cost-based analysis of seismic design principles applied in reinforced concrete residential buildings in Turkey
    C. Ozmen

    Comparison of damage assessment methodologies for different natural hazards
    T. Rossetto, A.J. Kappos, L.A. Kouris, M. Indirli, R.P. Borg, T.O. Lloyd &V. Sword-Daniels

    Impact of the L’Aquila 2009 earthquake on the small village of Poggio Picenze: Damage assessment and reconstruction planning
    V. Sepe, E. Spacone & C. Verazzo

    Regional earthquake shaking and loss assessment
    K. Sesetyan, M.B. Demircioglu, C. Zulfikar, Y. Kamer & M. Erdik

    Avalanche risk assessment in populated areas
    A. Talon, J.P. Muzeau & J.P. Carlier


    Federico M. Mazzolani