The author presents an illustrated and practical guide to the wide range of urban habitats and the flora and fauna that live within them. The important conservation and management issues presently being faced within our towns and cities are examined.
    Topics of concern to the conservationalist or habitat manager are explored, including:
    * the impact and monitoring of pollution
    * the effects of invasive species
    * guidelines for the ecological management of sites to enhance their nature conservation value.
    Urban Habitats is richly illustrated, features up-to-date references and data, and proposes a series of projects.

    1. Introduction, Impacts of physical factors, Ecological aspects, Geographical influences 2. The Ecology of Urban Habitats, Terrestrial Urban Habitats, Aquatic Urban Habitats 3. Managment and Conservation, Pollution, Noxious Species, Habitat Management 4. Case Studies, Reclaiming Limestone Quarry Faces in Derbyshire, Ecological Parks in London, Habitat initiatives in Merseyside, The Forth and Clyde Canal in Glasgow, A Stormwater Retention Basin in the West Midlands, Coastal Habitats in Cardiff 5. Practical Work, Experimental Design, Health and Safety, Distribution of Pavement Plants, Flora of Urban Wasteland, Distribution fo Tar-spot Fungus on Sycamore Trees Colonisation of Stones by Invertebrate Animals, Distribution of Grey Squirrel Dreys, Vigilance Behaviour in Mallards


    Wheater, C. Philip