1st Edition

Urban Land and Property Markets in Germany

    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1993, Urban Land and Property Markets in Germany describes the complex network of regulations and practices governing the operation of the German markets. The book outlines the constitutional structure and framework of the social, economic and geographical context in which the markets operate. The main sections of the book address the legal structures of property, planning, and tax, the registration procedures and transaction charges, market processes, who does what, and what professional titles or other actors in the process to look out for. The book also looks at the development of land and property markets, as one of the most intractable problems faced by post-communist regimes of eastern Europe.


    Abbreviations and Acronyms

    Part I: Overview

    1. Basic Information

    2. The Policy Environment

    3. The Market Situation in the New East German States

    Part II: The Land Market

    4. The Planning and Legal Framework

    5. The Land-Market Process

    6. The Outcome of the Urban Land Market

    7. Case Studies of the Land Market

    Part III: The Urban Property Market

    8. The Framework of the Urban Property Market

    9. The Property-Market Process

    10. The Outcome of the Urban Property Market

    11. Case Studies of the Property Market

    Part IV: Evaluation

    12. Evaluation of the Functioning of the Market or Urban Land


    H Dieterich, Egbert Dransfeld, Winrich Voss