1st Edition

Urban Mobilities in the Global South

Edited By Tanu Priya Uteng, Karen Lucas Copyright 2018
    248 Pages
    by Routledge

    248 Pages 29 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The book considers urban mobilities and immobilities in the Global South through an exploration of the theoretical and methodological entry points that can be used to further the agenda of transport planning. Transport system improvements can (and do) have complex and unequal impacts on different sectors of society. Conventional approaches to analysing travel demand and transport system performance developed in the ‘Global North’ are typically ill-equipped to identify and understand the complexities and inequities in urban areas of the Global South. Using case studies from urban Africa and Asia, the book addresses the need to understand the ‘lived world’ of mobilities and use this knowledge to address issues that are central to our urban existence in the 21st century.

    Introduction Tanu Priya Uteng and Karen Lucas.

    1. Cycling for Social Justice in Democratizing Contexts: Rethinking "sustainable" mobilities Lake Sagaris and Anvita Arora

    2. Negotiating Access: Urban Planning Policy and The Social Production of Street Vendor Micro-Mobilities in Hanoi, Vietnam Noelani Eidse

    3. Exploring the Intersection between Physical and Virtual Mobilities in Urban South Africa: Reflections from Two Youth-Centered Studies Gina Porter, Kate Hampshire, Ariane DeLannoy, Nwabisa Gunguluza, Mac Mashiri and Andisiwe Bango

    4. Informal Mobilities and Elusive Subjects: Researching Urban Transport in the Global South Jennifer O’Brien and James Evans

    5. The Paratransit Puzzle: Mapping and Master Planning for Transportation in Maputo and Nairobi Jacqueline M Klopp, Clemence M Cavoli

    6. Exploring the Patterns of Time Use Allocation and Immobility Behaviours in the Bandung Metropolitan Area, Indonesia Yusak O. Susilo and Chengxi Liu

    7. Moving beyond Informality? Theory and Reality of Public Transport in Urban Africa Dirk Heinrichs, Daniel Ehebrecht and Barbara Lenz

    8. One Hundred Years of Movement Control: labour (im)mobility and the South African political economy Jesse Harber

    9. Constructing Wellbeing, Deconstructing Urban (im)Mobilities in Abuja, Nigeria Daniel Oviedo, Caren Levy and Julio D. Dávila

    10. Undertheorized Mobilities Fabiola Berdiel

    Epilogue - Creating Planning Knowledge through Dialogue Between Research and Practice Maja Karoline Rynning, Tanu Priya Uteng and Karen Lucas


    Dr Tanu Priya Uteng, Senior Researcher, Department of Mobility and Organisation, Institute of Transport Economics, Oslo

    Dr Karen Lucas, Director of Research and Innovation, Associate Professor of Transport Geography, Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), University of Leeds, UK

    "Urban Mobilities in the Global South is an edited volume that presents case studies and empirical examples of transport planning and practice in the global South. The editors’ objectives are to “create a knowledge-based starting point for more inclusive planning for sustainable mobilities in cities of the Global South, and for post-colonial cities worldwide” and to “further bolster the mobilities concept within this context” (pages 219 and 1). They also seek to highlight the fundamental differences of accessibility and mobility between the global North and developing post-colonial cities, and argue the crucial importance of “locally produced” knowledge and solutions (page 215)." - Hannah Keren Lee, E&U, International Institute for Environment and Development