1st Edition

Urban Planning and Real Estate Transformations for the Future A Built Environment Bricolage

By John Ratcliffe, Michael Stubbs Copyright 2023
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book presents fresh ways of thinking about the future for all those involved in conceiving, planning, designing, funding, constructing, occupying and managing the built environment, to face the challenges, and grasp the opportunities, that lie ahead over the next few decades. Four major themes form the basis of the volume:

    (1)  Future Awareness and a New Sense of Place.

    (2)  Global Governance and Anticipatory Leadership.

    (3) Innovation, Reform and Exemplars.

    (4) Urban Planning and Real Estate Transformations.

    Within these structural themes are a diverse range of 'Discourses' addressing many of the big questions and driving forces that face us, together with a proposed methodology (Strategic Foresight) and an array of practical illustrations viewing what can be done today – whether by organisations, individuals, cities or communities – to positively shape a preferred future and manipulate us towards achieving it. It will be important reading for students, practitioners, agencies and corporations across the built environment, especially in the fields of urban planning, real estate development, architecture, civil engineering and construction.


    Exordium (Spirit of the Work). Humankind 2050: Built Environment Challenges. A personal reflection by Prof John Ratcliffe

    THEME ONE: Future Awareness and a New Sense of Place

    Discourse 1: 'Imagine Ahead - Plan Backwards': The Art and Science of Strategic Foresight

    Discourse 2: The 'Big Questions': A Cosmos of Uncertainty

    Discourse 3: The Premium of Place

    Discourse 4: Cultural Heritage Futures

    Discourse 5: Post-pandemic: Disruptions, Aftershocks and Opportunities

    THEME TWO: Global Governance and Anticipatory Leadership

    Discourse 6: Can the World Be Governed?

    Discourse 7: A New Sense of the Commons.

    Discourse 8: The Pantheon of Public-Private Partnership.

    Discourse 9: Anticipatory Leadership and Fostering Deliberative Democracy

    Discourse 10: China and the World: A Changing Relationship

    THEME THREE: Innovation, Reform and Exemplars

    Discourse 11: Whither Work and the Workplace?

    Discourse 12: Reconceptualising Higher Education

    Discourse 13: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

    Discourse 14: Critical Infrastructure and Global Megaprojects

    Discourse 15: Health, Well-Being and Happiness

    THEME FOUR: Urban Planning and Real Estate Transformations

    Discourse 16: Smart Cities and Smart Property Markets

    Discourse 17: The 'Great Land Question'

    Discourse 18: Transforming the Professions of the Built Environment

    Discourse 19: Values and Valuation



    John Ratcliffe is Professor Emeritus at Dublin University of Technology. He practised as a chartered planning and development consultant for many years. John is now a Strategic Foresight consultant for the built environment.

    Michael Stubbs is a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. He specialises in planning work and is a visiting tutor at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London.