1st Edition

Urban Process and Power

By Peter Ambrose Copyright 1994

    Urban Process and Power has two chief aims. Firstly, it analyses and explains a century of the production and reproduction of the urban environment in which most of us live. Secondly, the book focuses on recent changes in the control of these processes and the ideology that has brought these changes about. Immense disparities exist between the "best" and the "worst" urban areas in Britain. Why do these differences arise and how are they perpetuated? The author argues that the growth of such inequality is linked to questions of accountability and the increasing erosion of a democratic principle in the urban process.

    Part I: URBAN: Why and How Do Urban Areas Vary? 1. `Human Nature' and the Urban Environment 2. Three Urban Environments Compared Part II: PROCESS: How the Built Environment is Fashioned 3. The System Generating New Built Environment 4. Profit-seeking Development - As Investment 5. Profit-seeking Development - For Sale 6. Non-profit-seeking Development - Statutory 7. Non-profit-seeking Development - Voluntary Part III: POWER: New Ideologies and Their Effects 8. The Dominant 'Neo-liberal' Ideologies of the 1980s/90s 9. The Impact of 'Neo-liberal' Policies on the Built Environment Part IV: LESSONS: The Widening of Perspectives 10. How it Works Elsewhere 11. Ways Ahead?


    Peter Ambrose

    `Ambrose describes wtih admirable lucidity the mechanics of development in Britain ... an interesting book, particularly for those seeking an overview of housing development in Britain in the 1980s and 1990s.' - Planning Perspectives