1st Edition

Urban Regeneration in Australia Policies, Processes and Projects of Contemporary Urban Change

Edited By Kristian Ruming Copyright 2018
    398 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    398 Pages 30 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Drawing together leading urban academics, this book provides the first detailed and cohesive exploration of contemporary urban regeneration in Australian cities. It explores the multiple aspects and processes of regeneration, including planning policy (strategic and regulatory), development financing, sustainability, remediation and transport.

    The book puts forward a unique and innovative ‘scaled’ analysis of urban regeneration, which positions urban regeneration as more than just large-scale redevelopment projects. It examines the processes of urban change which occur outside inner suburbs, which contribute to regenerating the city as a whole. The book moves beyond the planning and economic considerations of the regeneration process to describe the social and cultural aspects of regeneration. In doing so, it focuses on the management of higher-density environments, culture as a trigger for regeneration, and community opposition to the regeneration process.

    Urban Regeneration in Australia would benefit academics, students and professionals of urban geography and planning, as well as those with a particular interest in Australian urbanism.

    Chapter 1 Urban Regeneration and the Australian City

    Kristian Ruming

    Part One: Planning and Funding Urban Regeneration

    Chapter 2 Metropolitan Strategic Plans: establishing and delivering a vision for urban regeneration and renewal

    Kristian Ruming

    Chapter 3 Urban Regeneration and Planning Regulations

    Nicole Gurran and Peter Phibbs

    Chapter 4 Funding Large Scale Brownfield Regeneration Projects

    Glen Searle

    Chapter 5 Experiencing Density: The implications of strata titling for urban renewal in Australian cities

    Hazel Easthope and Bill Randolph

    Part Two: Inner City Regeneration

    Chapter 6 Barangaroo: Machiavellian megaproject or erosion of intent?

    Mike Harris

    Chapter 7 Murky waters: decision-making and accountability in Melbourne’s regeneration precincts

    Kate Shaw

    Chapter 8 Growth Plans and Growing Pains in Brisbane’s Sunbelt Metropolis

    Phil Heywood

    Chapter 9 Transforming Perth: The Evolution of Urban Regeneration in Perth, Western Australia, 1990-2016

    Paul J. Maginn

    Chapter10 Pushing the Boundaries of Sustainable Development: The Case of Central Park, Sydney

    Stuart White, Andrea Turner and Justine Saint Hilaire

    Chapter 11 Rethinking culture-led urban regeneration: The creative (re)assembling of inner-city Newcastle

    Natalie Gentle and Pauline McGuirk

    Part Three: Middle-ring and Suburban Regeneration

    Chapter 12 Greyfield Regeneration: a Precinct Approach for Urban Renewal in the Established Suburbs of Australia’s Cities

    Peter Newton and Stephen Glackin

    Chapter 13 Shopping Centre-led regeneration: Middle-ring town centres and suburban regeneration

    Kristian Ruming, Kathy Mee, Pauline McGuirk and Jill Sweeney

    Chapter 14 Incremental change with significant outcomes: regenerating the suburbs through Knockdown Rebuild

    Simon Pinnegar, Rob Freestone and Ilan Wiesel

    Chapter 15 Regenerating Australia’s Public Housing Estates

    Hal Pawson and Simon Pinnegar

    Chapter 16 Resisting Regeneration: community opposition and the politicisation of transport-led regeneration in Australian cities

    Crystal Legacy and Elizabeth Taylor

    Chapter 17 On the fringe of regeneration: what role for greenfield development and innovative urban futures?

    Kristian Ruming, Kathy Mee, Pauline McGuirk and Jill Sweeney


    Kristian Ruming is Associate Professor of Urban Geography at the Department of Geography and Planning, Macquarie University, Australia. His main research interests include urban regeneration and renewal, affordable and social-housing provision, urban governance, strategic planning, and planning system reform. Before joining Macquarie University, he was a research fellow at the City Future Research Centre, University of  New South Wales, Australia.