1st Edition

Urban Social Capital Civil Society and City Life

Edited By Joseph D. Lewandowski, Gregory W. Streich Copyright 2012
    ISBN 9781138269927
    368 Pages
    Published September 9, 2016 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781409412243
    368 Pages
    Published March 28, 2012 by Routledge

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    This volume presents a kaleidoscopic view of the norms and forms of contemporary city life, focusing especially on the processes of social capital (de)formation in the urban milieu. It brings together studies from highly diverse urban settings, such as squatter re-settlement projects in Kathmandu, urban funeral societies in Africa, an HIV/AIDS community in Los Angeles, the poor of Harare, pensioners in Shanghai, Maori gangs in Auckland, and a Roma boxing club in Prague, among others. Contributors draw on contemporary theory and research in social capital, political economy, urban planning and policy, social movements, civil society and democracy to explore how social norms, networks, connections and ties are created, deployed - and often frayed - under conditions of social complexity, inequality, cultural pluralism, and the ethno-racial diversity and division characteristic of urban contexts throughout the world. In this way, the volume engages in a genuinely globalized - and globalizing - discussion of contemporary urban social life and stands as a unique and timely interdisciplinary contribution to the ever-expanding literature devoted to social capital.

    Contents: Foreword, Eric M. Uslaner; Introduction: social capital and city life, Joseph D. Lewandowski and Gregory W. Streich; City seclusion and social exclusion: how and why economic disparities harm social capital, Alina R. Oxendine; Social capital, social exclusion and rehabilitation policy in the Hungarian urban context, Katalin Füzér and Judit Monostori; Cooperation and trust in urban residential communities, Annamária Orbán; Urban social poverty, Joseph D. Lewandowski; City life and film: narratives of urban social capital in Gran Torino, Gregory W. Streich; Staunch: Maori gangs in urban New Zealand, Rawiri Taonui and Greg Newbold; The care market: social capital and urban African funeral societies, Gift Dafuleya and Scelo Zibagwe; Social capital dynamics in the post-colonial Harare urbanscape, Innocent Chirisa; Urban development and social capital: lessons from Kathmandu, Urmi Sengupta and Sujeet Sharma; Disruptive social capital in Los Angeles: (un)healthy socio-spatial interactions among Filipino men living with HIV/AIDS, Lois M. Takahashi and Michelle G. Magalong; Gender relations, migration, and urban social capital in Hong Kong, Sam Wong; Discovering social capital among older adults in the urban communities of Shanghai, Chen Honglin and Wong Yu-Cheung; References; Index.


    Professor Joseph D. Lewandowski, Department of Philosophy & Dean of The Honors College and Professor Gregory W. Streich, Department of Government, International Studies, and Languages, both at The University of Central Missouri, USA

    'This is a book that adds major insights to our understanding of how social capital is constituted and transformed in the city. This in-depth and cross-cultural examination gives us unexpected findings about the diverse contradictions of urban social capital.' Saskia Sassen, Columbia University, USA 'Comprised of very interesting and original papers on dimensions of social capital in cities across the globe, from Kathmandu to Baltimore, Los Angeles to Shanghai, this volume makes a strong case that public policy must focus on constructing spaces that enhance cross-group interactions as well as improving income inequality and construct integrative spaces as quickly as possible. It discusses both positive and negative aspects of urban social capital using a variety of disciplinary lens and approaches, and contains an innovative use of both qualitative and quantitative data. The collection represents the next step in rigorous application of analysis to the concept of social capital in cities.' Amrita Daniere, University of Toronto, Canada

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