6th Edition

Urban Social Geography An Introduction

By Paul Knox, Steven Pinch Copyright 2010

    The 6th edition of this highly respected text builds upon the successful structure, engaging writing style and clear presentation of previous editions. Examining urban social geography from a theoretical and historical perspective, it also explores how it has developed into the modern day. Taking account of recent critical work, whilst simultaneously presenting well established approaches to the subject, it ensures students are well-informed about all the issues. The result is a topical book that is clear and accessible for students

    Table of Contents

     1. Social Geography and The Sociospatial Dialectic

    2. The Changing Economic Context of City Life

    3. The Cultures of Cities   

    4. Patterns of Sociospatial Differentiation

    5. Spatial and Institutional Frameworks: Citizens, The State, And Civil Society

    6. Structures of Building Provision And The Social Production Of The Urban Environment

    7. The Social Dimensions of Modern Urbanism

    8. Segregation and Congregation

    9. Neighbourhood, Community, and The Social Construction Of Place

    10. Environment and Behaviour in Urban Settings

    11. Bodies, Sexuality and The City

    12. Residential Mobility and Neighbourhood Change

    13. Urban Change and Conflict

    14. Whither Urban Social Geography?: Recent Developments



    Paul Knox