1st Edition

Urban Sores On the Interaction between Segregation, Urban Decay and Deprived Neighbourhoods

By Hans Skifter Andersen Copyright 2003

    This title was first published in 2003. Most European cities have experienced problems in certain neighbourhoods that are termed deprived or excluded. Traditionally these were found in the oldest urban areas with lowest quality housing, but since the 1980s, such areas have emerged in housing estates built around the cities' edges. These neighbourhoods are marked by visible physical and social problems that disfigure the otherwise pleasant urban landscape, and can be seen as urban sores. This engaging and thought-provoking book provides a deeper understanding of why urban decay and deprived neighbourhoods appear in certain parts of cities, as well as how they affect residents and cities in general. Drawing on in-depth empirical research from Denmark, it compares this with other studies from Europe and the United States. The author combines theories and methodologies from the fields of geography (on segregation), economics (on processes of urban decay) and social research (on social exclusion and deprived neighbourhoods) to provide original, illuminating and invaluable insights.

    Contents: Introduction; Social segregation in cities; The appearance of urban decay and deprivation in Western cities; Explanations of decay in the urban housing market; Processes of social and physical decay in deprived urban neighbourhoods; Understanding deprived neighbourhoods - the connection between segregation and neighbourhood decay ; Efforts to combat urban decay; Bibliography; Index.


    Hans Skifter Andersen, Senior Researcher, Research leader at the Danish Building and Urban Research Institute

    ’This is an important book that brings to a wider readership original research on urban problems and regeneration in Denmark and places it in a wider European context. As such it is a valuable addition to our understanding of the nature of urban problems and policies in Western Europe. Its publication is particularly apposite given the growing interest within the EU in the development of an ’’EU Urban Policy’’. I would strongly advise anyone interested in urban problems and policies to read this book.’ Dr Rob Atkinson, University of the West of England, UK ’ ...the results are expertly set in the broader context of experience in western cities and will be of value to those interested in housing problems, social exclusion and area based policies.’ Geography ’...the book will be a great help in informing students about the complexity of ’’problem areas’’ in the urbanised environments of ’’Western’’ countries’ Urban Studies ’Urban Sores has its strength in its broad perspective...the purpose of Urban Sores is important...the conclusions both intersting and stimulating.’ Housing Studies ’...an interesting and well argued book...a stimulating publication that synthesises the wider literature with interesting empirical literature from Denmark. The author uses his considerable expertise on this issue to produce a well argued book which has strong messages for the future development of housing policies that seek to tackle issues of urban decay and segregation.’ European Spatial Research and Policy