1st Edition

Urban Sound Environment

By Jian Kang Copyright 2007
    304 Pages
    by CRC Press

    312 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Over the past two decades there have been many major new developments in the field of urban sound environment. Jian Kang introduces and examines these key developments, including:

    • the development of prediction methods for urban sound propagation

    • establishment and application of noise-mapping software

    • new noise control measures and design methods.

    Also covered is the new EU directive on noise and the substantial actions it has brought about across Europe.

    As the importance of soundscape, acoustic comfort and sound environment design have become widely recognized, Urban Sound Environments is a thoroughly useful book for students and practitioners in a wide range of fields, from urban planning and landscape through to architecture and acoustics.

    1. Fundamentals  2. Urban Sound Evaluation  3. Urban Soundscape  4. Mirco-Scale Acoustic Modelling  5. Macro-Scale Acoustic Modelling  6. Urban Noise Mitigation  7. Sound Environment in Urban Streets and Squares


    Jian Kang is Professor of Acoustics at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield. He has conducted research in environmental acoustics for 20 years. He has published 1 book, over 50 refereed journal papers and book chapters, and over 100 conference papers and technical reports.


    "Presents a thorough review of the current work on the urban sound environment and moves the whole discussion a step forward." – Raf Orlowski, Building Research & Information

    "Urban Sound Environment is a specialized, comprehensive and highly technical book. It is a very good reference for urban designers concerned with noise related issues. However, the level of utility of this book greatly depends on the technical abilities of the reader. Professionals with an engineering background can greatly benefit from the whole spectrum of topics in this book including simulation and modelling." – Australian Planner