1st Edition

Urban Theory New critical perspectives

Edited By Mark Jayne, Kevin Ward Copyright 2017
    376 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    376 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Urban Theory: New Critical Perspectives provides an introduction to innovative critical contributions to the field of urban studies. Chapters offer easily accessible and digestible reviews, and as a reference text Urban Theory is a comprehensive and integrated primer which covers topics necessary for a full understanding of recent theoretical engagements with cities.

    The introduction outlines the development of urban theory over the past two hundred years and discusses significant theoretical, methodological and empirical challenges facing the field of urban studies in the context of an increasing globally inter-connected world. The chapters explore twenty-four topics, which are new additions to the urban theoretical debate, highlighting their relationship to long established concerns that continue to have intellectual purchase, and which also engage with rich new and emerging avenues for debate. Each chapter considers the genealogy of the topic at hand and also includes case studies which explain key terms or provide empirical examples to guide the reader to a better understanding of how theory adds to our understanding of the complexities of urban life.

    This book offers a critical and assessable introduction to original and groundbreaking urban theory and will be essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students in human geography, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, economics, planning, political science and urban studies.

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    1 A twenty-first century introduction to urban theory

    Mark Jayne and Kevin Ward

    2 Affect

    Ben Anderson

    3 Architecture

    Richard Baxter

    4 Assemblages

    Ignatio Faria

    5 Bodies

    Robyn Longhurst

    6 Commons

    Andre Pusey and Paul Chatterton

    7 Community

    Deborah Martin 

    8 Comparison

    Jennifer Robinson

    9 Consumption

    Steve Miles

    10 Encounters

    Helen F. Wilson

    11 Entrepreneurialism

    David Wilson

    12 Gentrification

    Loretta Lees

    13 Governance

    Mark Davidson 

    14 Informalities

    Melanie Lombard and Paula Meth

    15 Learning

    Colin McFarlane

    16 Materialities

    Alan Latham

    17 Mobilities

    Ola Söderström

    18 Neo-liberalism

    Ugo Rossi

    19 Play

    Quentin Stevens

    20 Politics

    Andy Jonas

    21 Rhythm

    Tim Edensor

    22 Rights

    Joaquin Villanueva

    23 Sexuality

    Jon Binnie

    24 Suburban

    Roger Keil

    25 Sustainability

    Rob Krueger

    26 Afterword

    Mark Jayne and Kevin Ward




    Mark Jayne is Professor of Human Geography at Cardiff University, UK.

    Kevin Ward is Professor of Human Geography and Director of the Manchester Urban Institute at the University of Manchester, UK.

    "A marvelous volume – comprehensive and critical, and chock-full of conceptually and theoretically sophisticated essays superbly accessible to both postgraduate and undergraduate students alike. It presents what is often difficult material in a form much easier to understand, hence making Urban Theory: New Critical Perspectives an ideal tool for teaching and learning."

    David Imbroscio, Professor of Political Science and Urban and Public Affairs, University of Louisville, USA

    "This collection of essays provides an excellent introduction to a series of key debates in urban research. The contributions draw on a diverse range of literature and contemporary examples."

    Matthew Gandy, Professor of Geography, University of Cambridge, UK

    "Urban Theory: New Critical Perspectives is a clever, timely roadmap for the often varied terrain of contemporary urban theory. The range of topics is ambitiously eclectic, yet carefully organized and edited for coherence. This reader is a must for scholars and students of urban sociology, politics, planning and geography."

    Jason Hackworth, Professor, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto, Canada

    "This collection of insightful essays provides students of cities with an A-Z guide to some of the key concepts popularized in contemporary Anglophone critical urban theory as it seeks to make sense of global urbanization and urban life."

    Helga Leitner, Professor of Geography, Department of Geography, University of California, USA