1st Edition

Urban and Regional Data Management UDMS Annual 2011

    Human activities as well as various natural phenomena change the environment and impact on the quality of life. Analysis of those dynamics is required for a better understanding of urban modifications, and to facilitate urban growth and development. Research related to the management of urban data has a long tradition. Through the years a variety of challenging research questions has been investigated related to the collection, storage, use and visualisation of the data representing the urban phenomena in a computer-based environment. The role of the citizens and their wellbeing has become a critical aspect in all research and development activities.

    Since 1971, the Urban Data Management Society (UDMS) has organized international symposia across Europe to promote the development of information systems at a local government level. Initially, the focus of these symposia was mostly on urban applications, but both regional and rural issues have grown in importance over the years. Nowadays, an important aim of UDMS is to provide a forum for people to discuss new approaches, to consider new technologies, and to share practical experiences in the field of urban data management.

    This book contains a selection of the best 19 out of 42 full papers that were submitted for UDMS 2011. The topics covered represent current trends in urban and regional data management. Urban and Regional Data Management 2011 is divided in four parts: (1) 3D modeling and applications; (2) Data management for local government; (3) Environmental monitoring and assessment; (4) Remote sensing for urban applications, and will proof to be a useful source of information for urban, regional and rural data-related professionals, such as scholars, GIS engineers, geomatic professionals, photogrammetrists, land surveyors, mapping specialists, urban planners and researchers, as well as for postgraduate students and lecturers.

    Introduction, S. Zlatanova, H. Ledoux, E.M. Fendel & M. Rumor

    Part I: 3D modelling and applications

    Modelling and validation of 3D cadastral objects, R.J. Thompson & P.J.M. van Oosterom

    An opportunity analysis on the future role of BIMs in urban data management, U. Isikdag, S. Zlatanova & J. Underwood

    Towards a 3D geographic information system for the exploration of urban rules: Application to the French local urban planning schemes, M. Brasebin, J. Perret & C. Haëck

    Extending OpenStreetMap to indoor environments: Bringing volunteered geographic information to the next level, M. Goetz & A. Zipf

    Towards a 3D geo-data model to support pedestrian routing in multimodal public transport travel advices, J. Schaap, S. Zlatanova & P.J.M. van Oosterom

    Towards a 3D network model for indoor navigation, L. Liu & S. Zlatanova

    Part II: Data management for local governments

    Data interoperability for spatial planning: A tentative common description of European datasets concerning land use, F. Camerata, S. Ombuen, F. Vico & T. Mildorf

    Fully automated generalisation of topographic data in current geo-information environments, J.E. Stoter, J. van Smaalen, R. Nijhuis, A. Dortland, J. Bulder & B. Bruns

    Volunteered geographic information in the context of local Spatial Data Infrastructures, T.S. Miranda, J. Lisboa-Filho, W.D. de Souza, O.C. da Silva & C.A. Davis Jr.

    Collaboration and participation: Exploratory research of web interaction, G. Corso Pereira & M.C.F. Rocha

    Towards connected governance, L. Schroeder, L. Hvingel, H.S. Hansen & B.H. Jensen

    Engaging with local communities: A review of three years of community mapping, C. Ellul, L. Francis & M. Haklay

    Part III: Environmental monitoring and assessment

    Specifying spatial attributes and relations in Urban Heat Islands: A generalizable model applied to Trento, Italy, D. Vettorato & D.C. Prosperi

    Sustainable urban growth for Athens, L. Mantelas, P. Prastacos & U. Mollay

    Urban forestry strategic fire protection via a susceptibility model, S. Canale, A. De Santis, D. Iacoviello, F. Pirri, S. Sagratella & P. Di Giacomo

    A decision-making support model for systemic vulnerability assessment in urbanized areas, A. Sole, R. Albano, S. Pascale, L. Giosa, F. Sdao & Å. Sivertun

    Part IV: Remote sensing for urban applications

    LiDAR VR generation with point-based rendering, M. Nakagawa

    Quasi-real-time 3D reconstruction from low-altitude aerial images, J. Roters, K. Hinrichs & F. Steinicke

    The vision of mapping the global urban footprint using the TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X mission, H. Taubenböck, A. Roth, T. Esch, A. Felbier, A. Müller & S. Dech

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    Sisi Zlatanova, Hugo Ledoux, Elfriede M. Fendel, Massimo Rumor

    "Given this eclectic collection of papers, the volume is recommended for acquisition by libraries in post-secondary and appropriate government institutions, and by those whose interests in urban planning and monitoring overlap with aspects of geomatics."
    —Gerald McGrath, Geomatica, Vol. 66, No. 1, 2012