1st Edition

Urban and Regional Data Management UDMS Annual 2013

    The Urban Data Management Society has organised international symposia at various locations throughout Europe since 1971, and UDMS 2013 marks its second visit to London. From its outset, UDMS has highlighted changes and trends in urban data and urban data management. However, the rate of emergence of new data and new technologies has never been as rapid as it is now. Trends including smart cities, smart phones, social media, 3D modelling, volunteered geographic information, building information modelling and the internet of things all generate information about the urban environment and the people who live there. Additionally the volume of data generated in part through such techniques has in turn resulted in research into ‘big data’ – how best to handle the data, analyse it, visualise it in different contexts. Thus the challenges and opportunities facing those working with these new types of urban data are manifold. Given this, the general theme for UDMS 2013 was "Recent and Emerging Trends in the Management of New Urban Data."

    This book contains 20 papers selected from the long papers that were submitted for UDMS 2013. Each paper was reviewed by three independent academic reviewers from around the world, both for academic quality and for clarity in communication. The book is intended to be suitable for different readers – from city planners and architects to academics, students and policy makers and those involved in urban planning.

    C. Ellul, S. Zlatanova, M. Rumor & R. Laurini

    Part 1: Urban development

    Cost function for route accessibility with a focus on disabled people confined to a wheelchair: The TOURRENIA Project
    R. Demontis, E. Lorrai, L. Muscas, M. DeMarr & S. Estabrook

    Criteria of dwelling quality
    A. Sidelska & V. Parsova

    Offer prices, data mining and spatial econometrics: A complementary approach to study real estate market dynamics
    M. Argiolas

    Eras of electric vehicles: Electric mobility on the verge—Focus Attention Scale
    E.Y. ElBanhawy, R.C. Dalton & E.M. Thompson

    Part 2: Statistics and geo-visualisation

    A test to check the efficiency of visual representation of urban data
    R.M. Donolo, F. Favetta & R. Laurini

    Chorems: A new tool for territorial intelligence
    I. Cherni, S. Ouertani, S. Faiz, S. Servigne & R. Laurini

    Spatial point pattern analysis of lung cancer in an urban area: Izmir case
    S.P. Ozkan, C. Tarhan, S. Eser, C. Yakut & O. Saygin

    A qualitative data cube—building sites annoyance analysis use case
    F. Amanzougarene, K. Zeitouni & M. Chachoua

    Part 3: Smart cities and big data

    EdgeCrack: A parallel Divide-and-Conquer algorithm for building a topological data structure
    M. Meijers & H. Ledoux

    Making sense of smart city sensors
    H. Shahrokni & N. Brandt

    City as a social network—Brazilian examples
    G.C. Pereira, P.V. Florentino & M.C.F. Rocha

    Part 4: Remote sensing

    Monitoring peri-urban land use change with multi-temporal Landsat imagery
    S.O. Dekolo & D.N. Olayinka

    Analyzing urban sprawl applying spatial autocorrelation techniques to multi-temporal satellite data
    G. Calamita, A. Lanorte, R. Lasaponara, M. Danese, B. Murgante, G. Nolè & G.B. Las Casas

    Building extraction from high resolution multi-spectral satellite images
    B. Banerjee, K.M. Buddhiraju, S.V. Gadhiraju & L.N. Eeti

    Part 5: 3D Modelling and applications

    A schema-aware encoder for Putrajaya 3D
    C.B. Siew & A. Abdul Rahman

    Detecting shadow for direct radiation using CityGML models for photovoltaic potentiality analysis
    N. Alam, V. Coors & S. Zlatanova

    Geometric validation of 3D city models based on standardized quality criteria
    D. Wagner, N. Alam & V. Coors

    3D printing for urban planning: A physical enhancement of spatial perspective
    T. Ghawana & S. Zlatanova

    Part 6: Ontologies

    LARKS: An ontology-based algorithm for geographic web service discovery
    K. Rezeg, S. Servigne & M.T. Laskri

    Research on geo-ontologies at earthquake domain for disaster management on urban areas
    C. Aydın & V. Tecim

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    Claire Ellul, Sisi Zlatanova, Massimo Rumor, Robert Laurini