1st Edition

Urbanization, Regional Development and Governance in China

By Jianfa Shen Copyright 2018
    184 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    198 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Rapid urbanization in China in recent decades and the challenges of social and regional integration and governance have been issues of major concern. This book explores the course of urbanization and development in China over recent decades. It considers a range of issues including urbanization, changing urban and regional systems, regional integration and governance. The book pays particular attention to the economic relations between Hong Kong and mainland China and how regional development, integration and governance unfold in the Hong Kong-Pearl River Delta region.



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    Chapter 1 Introduction

    Urbanization and development in China

    Urbanization and Hukou reform

    Urban and regional restructuring

    Regional development and governance

    Outline of the book

    Chapter 2 Scale, state and the urban transformation in post reform China


    Scale theory and sociospatial transformation

    Rescaling the central and local states

    Changing city scales and urban territorialisation


    Chapter 3 Dual-track urbanization in post reform China


    An interpretive framework of Chinese urbanization

    State-sponsored urbanization in the pre-reform period

    Dual-track urbanization in the post reform period

    Empirical analysis of dual-track urbanization in China


    Chapter 4 Spatial analysis of the urban system in Guangdong


    Expanding urbanization under the socialist market economy in post reform China

    Definition of city-size, data and methodology

    Differentials in the rank-size distribution of the urban system using population and economic indicators

    Urban hierarchy based on population size of cities

    Urban hierarchy based on economic indicator of cities

    A discussion on measuring urban hierarchy using different measures

    The role of economic development in the process of urbanization


    Chapter 5 Urban growth and sustainable development in Shenzhen city


    Urban economic growth

    Migration and population growth

    Impact on agriculture and environmental pollution


    Chapter 6 Economic relations between Hong Kong and mainland China


    Hong Kong’s ranking as a competitive center

    Economic integration before and after the handover in 1997

    Cross-boundary investment between Hong Kong and mainland China

    Trade between Hong Kong and mainland China

    Growth of Hong Kong’s logistics and tourism industries

    Challenges posed by changing economic relations


    Chapter 7 Cross-border urban governance in Hong Kong


    Conceptualizing cross-border urban governance in Hong Kong

    Cross-border urban governance in Hong Kong: From separation to tolerance before 1997

    Cross-border urban governance in Hong Kong: From protectionism to Free Trade Zone after 1997


    Chapter 8 Cross-boundary integration in Hong Kong and Shenzhen


    Borderland and integration of cross-border regions

    Urban economic integration: FDI and trade between Hong Kong and Shenzhen

    Institutional integration: inter-city cooperation led by city governments

    Lagged integration of cross-border communities: inadequate understanding and significant differences


    Chapter 9 Conclusion


    Scale, state and dual-track urbanization

    Urban system and sustainable urban development

    Regional development, integration and governance

    Prospectus of urbanization, regional development and governance in China




    Jianfa Shen is a Professor in the Department of Geography and Resource Management and Director of the Research Centre for Urban and Regional Development, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.