1st Edition

Urbanization and Migration in Three Continents

Edited By Alejandro Portes, Margarita Rodríguez Copyright 2024

    This book offers a systematic historical analysis of the relationships between migration and the development of cities, including their physical, economic, and cultural evolution.

    The volume results from a comparative project that examines the interface between migration and the development of cities throughout different periods including current conditions. Nine strategic sites are examined: Three cities in Europe, three in Latin America and three in North America. The editors contribute to the analysis by summarizing lessons from the cases discussed and by providing a glimpse at the relevance of the study of migration and cities historically.

    Urbanization and Migration in Three Continents will be a key resource for academics, researchers, and students of sociology, migration studies, race and ethnic studies, history, anthropology, urban studies, and economics. This book was originally published as a special issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies.



    Alejandro Portes and Margarita Rodríguez


    Cities and migration

    Alejandro Portes



    1. Buenos Aires: from successful city/nation-building to fragmented amalgamation

    Marcelo Cavarozzi


    2. Commentary: From global to regional? New realities of international migration to Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Emilio A. Parrado and Yasmin A. Mertehikian



    3. Migration and peripheral urbanization: the case of the metropolitan zone of the valley of Mexico

    Raúl Delgado Wise, Francisco Caballero Anguiano and Selene Gaspar Olvera


    4. Commentary: What is a city but its people?

    Rebecca A. Sharpless



    5. Migration and urban development in São Paulo

    Rosa Hassan De Ferrari, Anthony Ocepek, Rachel Travis and Ariel C. Armony


    6. Commentary: A city of contradictions

    Bryan R. Roberts

    Part II – EUROPE



    7. Destination Barcelona: migration processes in a historical and contemporary perspective

    Sònia Parella, Clara Piqueras and Carlota Solé

    8. Commentary: Understanding the case of Barcelona from the “Spanish model” of international migration

    Lorenzo Cachón




    9. London: diversity and renewal over two millennia

    Anthony Heatha and Yaojun Li

    10. Commentary: Migrants are the city

    Nina Glick Schiller



    11. Stockholm: social mechanisms of migrants’ emplacement in a segregated global city

    Johan Sandberg

    12. Commentary: Urban social mechanisms at work

    Thomas Faist




    13.  The trajectory of the colour line in a US immigrant gateway: hyperdiverse spatialization in Los Angeles

    Min Zhou and Nicholas V. DiRago

    14. Commentary: Race, place, and fate in the City of Angels

    Manuel Pastor



    15. Cross cultural urbanism: the case of Miami

    Adib Cure and Carie Penabad

    16. Commentary: Ethnic architecture and global cities

    Larry Liu



    17. Global commerce, immigration and diversity: a New York story

    Philip Kasinitz

    18. Commentary: America’s arrival city: how immigration made New York and how immigrant exclusion almost destroyed it

    Natasha Iskander


    From The Wealth of Nations to The Global City (over two hundred years of insights on the city and migration)

    Margarita Rodríguez


    Alejandro Portes is Professor of Law and Distinguished Scholar of Arts and Sciences University of Miami and Howard Harrison and Gabrielle S. Beck Professor of Sociology (Emeritus), Princeton University, USA. He has extensively published on the subjects of urbanization and migration.

    Margarita Rodríguez is Lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Criminology, University of Miami, USA. Her publications include a book as a single author, three co-edited volumes, articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters.