1st Edition

Urbanization and Urban Planning in Capitalist Society

Edited By Michael Dear, Allen J. Scott Copyright 1981
    654 Pages
    by Routledge

    654 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Originally published in 1981, Urbanization and Urban Planning in Capitalist Society, is a comprehensive collection of papers addressing urban crises. Through a synthesis of current discussions around various critical approaches to the urban question, the book defines a general theory of urbanization and urban planning in capitalist society. It examines the conceptual preliminaries necessary for the establishment of capitalist theory and provides a theoretical exposition of the fundamental logic of urbanization and urban planning. It also provides a detailed discussion of commodity production and its effects on urban development.


    Part I: The Urban Question

    1. Towards a Framework for Analysis, Michael Dear and Allen J. Scott

    Part II: Prolegomena to a Theory of Urbanization and Planning

    2. Capitalism, Accumulation and the Explanation of Urban Phenomena, Matthew Edel

    3. The State in Capitalism and the Capitalist State, Gordon Clark and Michael Dear

    4. Some Reflexions on Epistemology, Design and Planning Theory, Marc Los

    Part III: Urbanization and Planning in Capitalist Society

    5. The Urban Process Under Capitalism: A Framework for Analysis, David Harvey

    6. The Urban Land Question, Shoukry T. Roweis and Allen J. Scott

    7. Urban Planning in Early and Late Capitalistic Societies: Outline of a Theoretical Perspectives, Shoukry T. Roweis

    8. Notes on Comparative Urban Research, Michael Harloe

    Part IV: Commodity Production and Urban Development

    9. The UK Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industries: The Implications of the Crisis for the Restructuring of Capital and Locational Change, Doreen Massey

    10. Policies as Chameleons: An Interpretation of Regional Policy and Office Policy in Britain, C.G. Pickvance

    11. The Property Sector in the Late Capitalism: The Case of Britain, Martin Boddy

    12. The New International Division of Labour, Multinational Corporations and Urban Hierarchy, R.B. Cohen

    Part V: Reproduction and the Dynamics of Urban Life

    13. Community and Accumulation, John Mollenkopf

    14. Accumulation Versus Reproduction in the Inner City: The Recurrent Crisis of London Revisited, Damaris Rose

    15. A Theory of Suburbanization: Capitalism and the Construction of Urban Space in the United States, Richard A. Walker

    16. Capitalism and Conflict Around the Communal Living Space, Kevin R. Cox

    17. Homeownership and the Capitalist Social Order, J.A. Agnew

    18. Social and Spatial Reproduction of the Mentality Ill, Michael Dear

    Part VI: Urbanization and the Political Sphere

    19. The Analysis of State Intervention in the Nineteenth-Century Cities: The Case of Municipal Labour Policy in East London 1886-1914, N.H. Buck

    20. Amnesia, Integration and Repression: The Roots of Canadian Urban Political Culture, Harold Chorney

    22. The Apparatus of the State, the Reproduction of Capital and Urban Conflicts, Joachim Hirsch

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    Michael Dear, Allen Scott