1st Edition

Urinary Stones in Small Animal Medicine A Colour Handbook

By Albrecht Hesse, Reto Neiger Copyright 2009
    176 Pages 142 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    176 Pages 142 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    A compact, wide-ranging, illustrated guide, this handbook deals with all aspects of urolithiasis in dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs—from aetiology and pathogenesis to diagnosis, treatment, and the prevention of disease recurrence. The authors introduce readers to treatment protocols developed from their own research and experience, and incorporate international state-of-the-art knowledge of the disease. Topics include: epidemiology, risks in companion animal husbandry, species-specific differences, breed dispositions, genetic causes, relevant anatomical points, clinical diagnosis, stone composition, clinical pathology, and treatment protocols.

    Overview Of Urinary Stones
    Formation of urinary stones in various breeds of dog and cat in Europe and America
    Shape, colour, and composition of urinary stones in small animals
    Causes of urinary stone formation
    Theories on the crystallization of urinary components
    Urinary stone analysis
    General clinical diagnosis and treatment of urinary stones

    Urinary Stones In Dogs
    Struvite stones
    Calcium oxalate stones
    Calcium phosphate: carbonate apatite stones
    Calcium phosphate: brushite stones
    Ammonium urate stones
    Sodium urate, potassium urate, and uric acid stones
    Cystine stones
    Xanthine stones
    2.8-dihydroxyadenine stones
    Silicate stones
    Drug-induced urinary stones

    Urinary Stones In Cats
    Feline lower urinary tract disease
    Struvite stones (magnesium ammonium phosphate
    Calcium oxalate stones
    Calcium phosphate stones
    Urate stones
    Cystine stones
    Xanthine stones
    Silicate stones
    Drug-induced urinary stones
    Potassium magnesium pyrophosphate
    matrix stones
    blood clots

    Urinary Stones In Rabbits And Guinea Pigs
    Urinary stones in rabbits
    Urinary stones in guinea pigs

    Urinary stones in other animals
    Calcium content of foodstuffs
    Oxalate content of foodstuffs
    Purine content of foodstuffs
    Methionine content of foodstuffs


    Albrecht Hesse

    ...presents very detailed coverage of urolithiasis in dogs, cats and also rabbits and guinea pigs. It is notable for the numerous (and useful) colour illustrations and charts...The authors have included all aspects of the subject...The list of references is extensive and complete...a very valuable addition to the practice bookshelf
    Journal of Small Animal Practice

    Essential for anyone with an interest in this area

    ...contains a wealth of information...Clinical aspects are well documented...Diagrams are clear and concise...The text is well supported by more than 300 up-to-date references. There are fascinating appendices...anyone interested in the subject matter will find a huge amount of information in one place, which would be hard to beat.
    Veterinary Times