1st Edition

Use of Computers in the Coal Industry 1986

Edited By Y.J. Wang Copyright 1986

    This book is an outcome of the third conference on the use of computers in the coal industry in Morgantown. It presents valuable computer applications covering the most aspects of coal industry and covers following areas: mine management and economics; surface mining; coal preparation; and blasting.

    Mine management and economics 1. Coal quality and inventory tracking system at the Lee Ranch Mine 2. Quick-Calc, high technology and common sense for coal operations 3. Development of a total maintenance system on a personal computer Surface mining I 4. A micro-computer simulator for mountaintop removal mine planning and design 5. A review of on-board truck management systems 6. Optimization of bucket wheel excavator and pit parameters in application to overburden stripping Geology and exploration 7. West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey’s Coal Sourcing Program: Helping consumers find ‘The right coal’ 8. Expert reasoning models applied to mine geologic data Mine safety and ventilation 9. ADA (Accident Data Analysis): A tool to improve mine safety 10. Ventilation teaching and research using a computerized scale model 11. The nodal method for calculating ventilation network Information systems 12. Geographic information systems: A computer technology for the coal industry 13. Cooperative research in the development of a safety information system Surface mining II 14. Optimization of loading and hauling operations in surface mining 15. Computerized sizing of mobile bulk handlers Blasting 16. The use of computer blast simulations to evaluate the died of angled holes in cast blasting 17. Explosive casting blast round design Coal preparation 18. COALPROM — A coal preparation plant simulation 19. Optimization of coal or mineral circuits Ground control and rock mechanics 20. Computerized evaluation of the impact of ground control and economics on the extraction of coal mine pillars 21. Development and performance of a microcomputer-based digital data acquisition system for use in a rock mechanics laboratory 22. Practical application of MULSIM/BM for improved mine design Mining machinery and equipment 23. An intelligent remotely operated controller for mining machines 24. Computer modeling to evaluate the effect of cutting system changes on relative dust generation 25. Manufacturing support for the Petitto MULE Geotechnical applications 26. Computerized probabilistic stability analysis of coal refuse disposal facilities 27. The application of microcomputers in geotechnical analysis of coal mine excavations and layouts Exploration and reserve analysis 28. Development and use of program system ‘Explore’ in exploration, planning and exploitation of Ptolemais lignite open pit mines 29. Estimating the value of coal properties using Lotus 1—2-3 30. Enhanced optimum drilling location selection system Special topics 31. Fourier analysis: A computer based technique for particle shape characterization 32. Computer use in the undergraduate mining curriculum 33. Fractal analysis and fractal harmonics: New methods for mine dust shape measurement 34. An integer programming model of the coal mine assignment problem


    Y.J. Wang (Edited by)