1st Edition

VMware ESX Essentials in the Virtual Data Center

    238 Pages 76 B/W Illustrations
    by Auerbach Publications

    Flexible and efficient, VMware ESX is the tool of choice for enterprise data centers looking to make the most of the latest virtualization methods. However, to date, no single manual provides users with a systematic way to understand and take full advantage of all its features and options.

    Novel Solutions for Every Level of the IT Chain

    VMware ESX Essentials in the Virtual Data Center answers that need. Written by pioneers and established experts in the field of virtualization with years of hands-on experience, it details the product and outlines innovative ways to use virtualization within the organization. With novel solutions for every level of the IT chain, this text is a complete guide to the design, operation, and management of the ESX product.

    Featuring technical information, best practices, and technology breakdowns needed to answer real business challenges, this succinct volume –

    • Shows how to install ESX, either manually or using an automated method, detailing the various key performance optimizations that can make installation more efficient
    • Describes ways to further automate and enhance the ESX environment, and make it more extensible with APIs, SDKs, programming extensions, and VirtualCenter plug-ins
    • Explains the latest ESX features fully
    • Details the architecture and background of ESX through the use of diagrams


    Uses Real-World Experience to Slash Costs and Increase Efficiency

    This text covers VMware VI3, the most widely distributed server virtualization product on the market, from 3.0 to 3.5, and the most recently announced embedded version of ESXi. It will enable IT organizations to save hardware costs and make server deployments, provisioning, and management more efficient. Able to make use of the full benefits of virtualization, they will gain the flexibility to create solutions and the freedom that comes with not being locked into a single vendor’s hardware solution.

    BASIC CONCEPTS. Introduction to Virtualization. Types of Server Virtualization Technologies. Server Virtualization Concepts. IMPLEMENTING VMware ESX SERVER. The VMware ESX Server Platform, Installation Step-By-Step. Configuration. Creating a Virtual Machine. Advanced Platform Topics. VMware INFRASTRUCTURE AND THE VIRTUAL DATA CENTER.  Introduction. Creating a Virtual Data Center. Management.  


    David Marshall, Stephen S. Beaver, Jason W. McCarty